Thursday, December 27, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

Phace & Misanthrop On Rollerz FreshFM

Phace & Misanthrop Live on Rollerz FreshFM

1. Chook - Trainspot (Misanthrop remix)
2. Misanthrop - Hyzer
3. Mayhem & Phace - Lovesexpain
4. Noisia & Phace - Outsource (Misanthrop remix)
5. Proktah - Labyrinth (Phace remix)
6. Phace - Krunk Time
7. Apex - Nowhere To Run
8. Break - Submerged (Teebee & Calyx remix)
9. Phace & Misanthrop - Off Center
10. Misanthrop - Evacuate + Interview
11. Noisia & Phace - Thrillseekers [Flesh edit]
12. Phace & Rawtekk - Life Goes On
13. Noisia & Phace - Cannonball
14. Phace - Brainwave VIP
15. Mayhem - Injection
16. Phace - Zeitgeist
17. Spor - Resolute
18. Noisia & Phace - Levitation
19. Phace - Hot Rock VIP


Thanks to biene for cutting the set out of the original show. :)

Covert Operations Web v.5 Live

Just relaunched, Covert Operations v.5

With a ton of goods to come in the new year, lets not forget how hot Cov Ops was in 07!

ASC & Mav - Too Deep For Ya / Sceptical [COV024]
Future Engineers / Mav & Implex - Time Zero / Chasm (Future Engineers Re-set) [COV025]
ASC & Subwave / Nuance - Storm System / Tread [COV026]

This year also saw the debut of Cov Ops LTD.
ASC - Datastream / Aftershock / Starbeams [CVL001]
also seeing light,
Mav - Tiem & Space / Ghost Rider (feat. Twister) / Written In The Stars

Volume 2 of the new age, 'Global Connections' series was released. Featuring choice cuts from Altair, Electrosoul System, ASC, Probe-One, Ruxpin and more. This CD album can be found exclusively and only at the Covert Operations Store. mp3's aswell.

So take some time to browse the new site, I know a lot of time was spent on the new design [hats off to ASC!]. Don't forget to add Cov Ops on Myspace aswell!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Knowledge Mag Dec. 07 - Triple Vision Showcase CD

This issue's FREE cover CD is Mixed by Triple Vision founder, DJ Dreazz.

1. Redeyes & Switch - Backwards (CLS 003)
2. Loxy - Lion (CLS 006)
3. Autumn - It's Always aboot The Girl (Lomax remix) (CLS 001)
4. Icicle & Switch - In Ur Head (FOKUZ 028)
5. Icicle - Magnetism (FOKUZLP 002)
6. Lynx - Counterpoint (FOKUZLP 003)
7. CLS & Wax - Feeling Good (FOKUZ 032)
8. Cern - Black Magic (CITRUSLP 003)
9. Zyon Base - Snow Country (FOKUZ 027)
10. Autumn - Cutaway (CLS 004)
11. Matt-U - Iron Skies (Loxy remix) (FOKUZ 029)
12. Mindscape & Chris SU ft. Rymetyme - Planet X (CITRUSLP 002S2)
13. N-Phonix - Ill Sequence (FOKUZLTD 014)
14. Rawtekk - Seduce (DISTURBD 010)
15. Psidream - Evil Genius (SYNDROMELP 007)
16. Catacomb - Doomriders (SYNDROME 006)
17. Sunchase - Password (CITRUS 032)
18. Mindscape - No Escape (Noisia Remix) (CITRUSLP 002)
19. Enei - Parallel (FOKUZLTD 016)
20. Spinor - Savage (CITRUSLP 001)
21. Teknik , Menace & Trei - Between The Eyes (CITRUS 031)
22. T. Snake & D.Wolf - Mole Station 5 (CITRUS 031)
23. Subtone & Stalker (ft. Fictional) - Neotokyo (DISTRURBD 009)
24. Corrupt Souls - Skyclad (DISTRURBD 007)
25. Rawtekk - Respond (CITRUS 033)
26. Desimal - Arcana (CITRUS 022)

Such a badass mix!
Continuing with the quality that is ever present in the Triple Vision Music Group, Marco drops a blinding mix of select cuts from the TVMG inhouse labels. This mix is definitely in contention to battle ASC and Stakka & Skynet for best Knowledge Mag CD, EVER!

Oh, and the issue ain't too bad either if you fancy some reading. Dom & Roland is the December cover story, and features for the month include not only TVMG, but, Black Sun Empire, The Upbeats and a catch up with the original Bad Company collective to discuss the timely re-release of 'Inside The Machine: Redux'.

The 'Silver Issue' is on sale now! Pick it up at your local newspaper and magazine outlet.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Dissident - Universe Eat Universe - Video

Fall of 2005, now defunct Gamma Ray Music announced plans to release the debut album of rising Russian star, Dissident. 'Escapism' was to be released first as a 3 plate vinyl LP, with a CD release following, containing some non-dnb material. As you can see from the DOA thread, the buzz was abound and it looked like it was to be a successful venture.

Well, needless to say, that project fell through and Gamma Ray has since went tits up.

Now,the good people at Subtle Audio are giving this track a proper release. Heads can grab it first from the Subtle Shop [Available December 18th] almost a month before its worldwide release.

Video by Dissident and Slava Makeychik.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - Far East - Video

Celebrating their 25th release, the Defcom Records crew unveils a mesmerizing visual treat to accompany the treachorously sinister track, 'Far East'.

Project by Formwandler Productions out of Germany.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Catacomb November News Update

Lots of breaking news to pass on so listen up!
Larry has been in high demand and extremely busy over the last 2 months. Locked in the studio and focussed on production, djing has taken a back seat for the time being. He did however manage to make it out for the historic 10 year anniversary event where he played a prime time slot at 1:20-1:45pm. A live recording of the entire event should surface in a matter of days, so hold tight for that.
Now, let's get to the details.

Firstly, if you didn't know, Disturbed Recordings has been resurrected and has seen 3 new releases over the last 3 months. Their latest [DSTRBD011] features Catacomb - 'Euroballs' b/w Rregula & Dementia - 'City Of Dogs'

Next up, Cyanide Recordings has snatched up another Catacomb gem. This time, the rugged, high energy rocker 'Desert Storm' will share duties with a track by Kiwi futurists, Cern. Catalogue number not known at this time.

Over at the Syndrome Audio camp, a bunch of tunes have seen release over the last month. Rise From Ruin 12'', Syndrome Down LP featuring 'Foul Matter', and the soon to be Between The Bars EP, featuring Catacomb and Bulletproof.

PRSPCT Recordings has just seen the release of the Future Filth Ep, featuring the massively infectious 'Gut Wrench'. PRSPCT has also just signed 2 monsterous collabs featuring the Montreal fam, Subtone & Stalker. The 12'' will feature 'Battle Axe' and 'Overfiend'. No audio online atm.

Symptom is the new offshoot lable of Syndrome Audio, out of Holland. The first release see's Catacomb teaming up with Cern for the split 12, 'Bloodmuscle' b/w 'Shuddervision'.

And finally, Flatline Audio has signed 4 tracks for a forthcoming EP in the new year. 'Wipe Your Species' is an early highlight off the unfinished pack, and has become big favorite in Ed Rush's latest sets. Another collab with Kiwi Dave, aka Subtone, 'Stone Rose' also makes note. No audio online atm.

And now you're up to date.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Upbeats - Thinking Cap - Video

MOFRESH delivers a visually haunting interpretation of The Upbeats monstrously epic, 'Thinking Cap', featuring Georgie.

Their highly anticipated album, 'Nobody's Out There', is set to drop next week [November 12th] on Bad Taste Recordings.

For more info on the album, check the DOA thread. For more info on MOFRESH, check out their YouTube Page.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Martsman Remix Of Recess


Berlin's man of the hour and experimental scientist extrordinaire, Martsman, has just completed his remix to the original brilliance of Angelzero's 'Recess'.

Full of intelligent breaks, lush exotic atmospheres and edgy basslines, this gem is an instant eye opener and the next installment from US based Warm Communications. (<-- Audio for remix found here.) The flip features a twisted, glitched out ride to the farside in the ever intriguing 'Bluetone'. Both pieces highly original and essential.

Release details soon to follow, for now keep an eye on the DOA thread and show some love.

Big up EHL and Warm Comms!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Telemetrik - My Light Year

I have a strong feeling the new Telemetrik album will be one of if not THEE highlight of the year for drum and bass.

'My Lightyear' is due out later this year on Black Sun Empire Recordings. The 12'' sampler drops soon and features the monsterly epic 'Cosmos' and the brooding moody stepper, 'R.U.R.', an old collab with former partner Impulse, from Corrupt Souls fame.

Marcio is on some next level shit and again, this should be one of the brightest highlights for drum and bass this year and beyond. For more info, keep an eye on the Virb and Myspace pages, aswell as the DOA thread.


Saturday, October 06, 2007

Boston Recap

We took a little weekend getaway to Boston, MA last weekend. The weather was perfect, edging on the warm side for the begining of Fall, and it was not hard to fall in love with the city at all. We caught a Red Sox game on the Friday night. It just so happened that they clinched the Eastern Division title (their first since '95) that game and the city just erupted! People poured out into the streets to get their party on and celebrate the feat. Shit was hype! Gotta say, there is no other place like Fenway Park. You're in that stadium, and you're just surrounded by the passion, the history, the mystique. It's the mecha of Baseball. It's just surreal.

Boston is my kinda city and I can't wait to return.

Enjoy some pics!

Day 1

We satyed at the Boston Marriot Cambridge, right down the street from M.I.T., which features The Ray and Maria Stata Center, designed by Frank Gehry.

Let's Go Red Sox !

Day 2

Dinner at 33

Day 3

Harvard University

And a 2 hour delay to catch a 1 hour flight home...