Thursday, April 23, 2009

Martsman Scribbler Podcast

Martsman - Scribbler Podcast

Kid606 - Evasion [Tigerbeat6]
Bop - Random Thoughts [Med School]
Deep Blue - Soho Code [Offshore]
Angelzero - Recess (Martsman Remix) [Warm Comms.]
Interrupt - Cleaning Blower [Souther Sessions]
Felix K - Titan [Hidden Hawaii]
Escher - Subtleties [???]
Digital & Spirit - Mission Accomplished [Razors Edge]
Marstman - Some Minimal Business (LXC Remix) [Subtle Audio]
Dissident - Society of Silver Skeletons [Hotshore]
Current Value - Knifesharping [Position Chrome]
Sileni - Pressing Buttons [Subtle Audio]
Q-Project - Capricorn 16 [CIA]
Hokusai - Red Lights [Source Direct]


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

EHL Spring Mixing

EHL - Studio Mix For Shakedown

Polar – High Voltage [Warm Communications]
Commix, Nu:Tone & Logistics – Soundbyte [Hospital]
Sinistarr – Corporate [Offshore]
ASC – Kinetik [???]
ASC – Mirror Image [???]
KDC – The Iron Gate [Eternia Music]
S.P.Y – Abducted [???]
Martsman – Aeiro [Breakin]
Angelzero – Recess [Warm Communications]
Probe 7 – Groove NRG [Partisan]

SoundCloud Download

Monday, April 13, 2009

All DJ Trax Mix

DJ Trax - Artist Mix

1. SunLight [Audio Buffet]
2. Tommorows New Dawn (Exclusive Instrumental Mix) [Crisis]
3. The Drummer Is The Heatbeat [Outsider Music]
4. Depths [Offset]
5. This One [Subvert Central]
6. My Response [???]
7. Lost My Tears [Defcom]
8. Creation [???]
9. Lay Back [Outsider Music]
10.Warmth [Paradox Music]


For more info, check DJ Trax's Blog.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

ASC Global Connections

ASC - Global Connections 4/6/09

1. Instra:mental feat. dBridge - Detuned [Darkestral]
2. Aperture - Second Chance [Warm Communications]
3. Alix Perez feat. Kemo - I’m Free [Shogun Audio]
4. ASC - Can You See [???]
5. Hobzee & Zyon Base - 221 [Nu Directions]
6. Cern - Timeslip [Samurai]
7. ASC - Starkwood [???]
8. ASC - The Narrows [???]
9. Data - Splice [Metalheadz]
10. Resound - Secrets (Sabre Remix) [Translation]
11. Cloak & Dagger - Fuseg [???]
12. Method One - The 47 [???]
13. Loxy & Isotone - Shodan [Cylon]
14. Resound - DSP [Translation]
15. ASC - Isolate [???]
16. Odyssia - No Answers [???]
17. ASC - Gestures [???]
18. Kharm & Lm1 - Inversion (Naibu Remix) [Levitated]
19. Lm1 - Renewal [???]
20. Instra:mental feat. dBridge - Translucent [Darkestral]
21. Hiten - Nuisance [Samurai]
22. June Miller - Converge [Horizons]
23. Seba - Riga [Hospital]
24. Bop - Deep Inside [???]
25. Dak - Ovi A (Reopened) [Lightless]

Visit ASC's Online Home to download this mix!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Haze The Day That Never Comes

DJ Haze - The Day That Never Comes

1. Antibreak - From The Wreckage [???]
2. Dirrrty B - Forever On My Mind [???]
3. Krone & Xonora - Tales From Java
4. Bop - Skepticos (Mav Remix) [Kos. Mos]
5. Isotone & Loxy - Ancients [Cyclon]
6. Edward Oberon - Fatal Hour [Soundtrax]
7. ASC - Afterhours [???]
8. Method One - Ghost Notes 09 (VIP) [???]
9. Saburuko - Cairo [Future Thinkin]
10. Hobzee & Zyon Base - Ways Of The World [Red Mist]
11. Inside Man - Network 09 [???]
12. Kantyze - Jughead [???]
13. Isotone - Blakey [???]
14. Sunchase - Violet [Drone Audio]
15. Electrosoul System - Full Moon [???]


Red for more info.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Bunch of Cuts New London Residency

I don't normally write about out-of-town events, but this got my eye twitching about what could become the next great club night overseas. Something you wouldn't dare miss if you were in the area, that and, boasts a brilliant core of artists and is an essential online source for cutting edge drum and bass. Take note!

We Fear Silence present A Bunch of Cuts

Friday 17th April @ The Arches, London Bridge

Calibre, Marcus Intalex, D-Bridge, Appleblim, Klute, Doc Scott, Peverelist, Survival and more...

Friday 17th April sees an exciting new drum & bass night launch onto the London scene as part of the We Fear Silence project. A Bunch of Cuts was formed in late 2007 by a hugely talented group of producers and DJs. Initially an online music store, the aim was to provide a platform to present music past and present from all the artists' labels. And as collectives go, you can't get a more talented bunch than this: Calibre, Doc Scott, Klute, D-Bridge and Marcus Intalex. Now starting an exclusive residency at The Arches in London Bridge, you can expect some of the freshest and most exciting sounds to be giving the venue’s excellent new NEXO GEO soundsystem a run for its money.

Calibre has carved out a niche for himself making sublime soulful drum & bass, which draws on elements of dub, techno, jazz, soul, funk and more, incorporating his own live instruments and vocals. Last year he released his third artist album plus a retrospective compilation 'Shelflife', and he’s now following this up with 'Shelflife 2' due out next month. The compilation is a two CD journey through hidden gems from Calibre's back catalogue taking in some new material along the way. The fact that his back catalogue is strong enough to support a second retrospective release is testament to Calibre's unique talent as a producer.

He'll be joined behind the decks in the main room by four more ABoC residents. Exit Records boss D-Bridge, who's recently been injecting a breath of fresh air onto dancefloors with his collaborations with Instra:mental and Martyn. Doc Scott helped Goldie set up Metalheadz, now runs his own 31 Records imprint and continues to release forward-thinking and experimental music. Klute, who after releasing the acclaimed 'Emperors New Clothes' is now working on his 6th studio album. And finally, Marcus Intalex, the man behind the Soul:r and Revolve:r labels, and whose work as MIST (with ST Files) and Mist:cal (together with Calibre) has had a strong influence on other producers, drawing on elements of techno and dub at a time when drum & bass was dominated by darker sounds.

With residents like these, guests aren't strictly necessary, but ABoC have upped the ante by inviting two more of the scene's leading spinners to play - Survival and Break. Survival has been on the scene since the inception of drum & bass, initially releasing under the monikers Aukustic Research and Banaczech on high profile labels such as Vinyl Addiction and Partisan Recordings. It wasn’t until 2005 that he began DJing and recording as a solo artist as Survival. Releases on Shogun Audio, Creative Source and Quarentine, plus collaborations with Break, Silent Witness, Sabre and more, have put his name at the forefront of deep and organic sounding drum & bass. His self-titles debut album, released on D Bridge's Exit Recordings, is due out in April. Prolific young producer Break has built his reputation on crisp breaks, interesting percussion and deep sub-bass – with releases on Metalheadz, Commercial Suicide and more.

Room two promises to be equally exciting, as Appleblim's Applepips label will be in residence. Appleblim started attracting attention when he set up the innovative Skull Disco label with Sam Shackleton, releasing tracks that blurred the boundaries between dubstep and techno, and suddenly both genres became a whole lot more interesting. Now he's formed his own Apple Pips label, with the intention of pushing this new sound, and the dark, intimate confines of Room 2 of The Arches is the perfect place to showcase some the genre’s most forward thinking artists. He'll be joined on the night by sometime collaborator Peverelist, plus Geiom, Brackles, and Greena.

With two rooms of some of the most innovative talent from the drum & bass and dubstep scenes, bass will be still be resounding around London Bridge well into Saturday morning…

We Fear Silence presents A Bunch of Cuts
Friday 17th April 2009
10pm - 6am

Room 1 - A Bunch of Cuts: Marcus Intalex, Calibre, D Bridge, Doc Scott, Klute plus guests, Break, Survival
MCs: SP:MC, Justyce, DRS
Room 2 – Apple Pips: Appleblim (2hrs), Peverelist, Geiom, Brackles, Greena

Tickets available from Ticketweb

£11 students / £13 advance / MOTD
Tel number: Venue: 020 7403 9643 Ticketweb: 08700 600 100

The Arches, 51-53, Southwark Street, London Bridge, London, SE1 1RU.
Tube Station: London Bridge
Capacity: 1,000

Genotype From The Deep

Genotype - Deeper Sessions, Deeper Damage Mix

1. Deep Night Shift [???]
2. Time, Space, Matter [???]
3. The Beginning Of The End [Mindtech]
4. The Virus Of Life [???]
5. Galaxy Dust [???]
6. Deep Day Of The Week [???]
7. Interferance [???]
8. Dream Myself Away [???]
9. 808 Cowbell [???]
10. Mystery Street [???]
11. Living Creation [Broken Audio]
12. The Ball Drops [???]
13. Soul Shift [???]
14. Synth Steppa [???]

DNBShare Download

It's been sometime since we've heard from Genotype, and it looks safe to say he's back with a vengeance, showcasing a wealth of new beats in this new mix, edging on the deeper minimal/experimental vibe. (and we're quite happy to hear it)

Monday, April 06, 2009

Bop - Med School Micromix

Bop - Med School Micromix

1. Tears Of A Lonely Metaphysician [00:00-02:15]
2. Lost In This World [02:15-03:46]
3. Zakoulki Soznaniya [03:46-04:31]
4. Chaosmos [04:31-05:39]
5. Forms, Ideas & Chips [05:39-06:46]
6. Enjoy The Moment [06:46-08:39]
7. Ataraxia [08:39-10:10]
8. Random Thoughts [10:10-10:55]
9. Nothing Makes Any Sense [10:55-12:03]
10. Song About My Dog [12:03-13:10]
11. Clear Your Mind [13:10-14:11]
12. Rovor [14:11-16:15]


And be sure to hop over to the new online home that Med School has created for it's newest exclusive artist,

Website created by

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Paul Reset April Mix

Paul Reset - April Mix

Uman - Monetary Slave [???]
Flame - Macross [???]
Alteria Motive - Survivors (Genotype Remix) [Broken Audio]
Gremlinz - Sometimes I Get Depressed [???]
Seba & Paradox - Time Starts Now [Horizons]
Ash - Bashment [Broken Audio]
Graphic - I Am Metal (Martyn Remix) [Offshore]
Alix Perez - Melanie [Shogun]
Jean Doe - Nuance [Nerve]
Mayhem - Injection [Project 51]
D-struct - Conduit [???]
Concord Dawn, Psidream & Pacific - Bloody Fives [Nightfall]
Ram Trilogy - Asylum [Audio Porn]
The Clique - The Spot [Big Riddim]
Loxy, Gremlinz, Matt U, Munk & Spinline - The Justice League [Mac II]
Morphy - Hermies [Nerve]
Tech Itch & Kemal - The Calling (Evol Intent & Ewun Remix) [Big Riddim]
Soundphreakers - Just (The Infekted Remix) - [Special Records]


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Layer 3

Autonomic Podcast Layer 3 is now alive! Download the .zip file or subscirbe in iTunes

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Camino Blue Podcast

Camino Blue / Drone Audio Podcast
Hosted and mixed by P.B.K., guest mix by Modemellow

1. Future Sound of London - Mouth Muse [EBV]
2. Bop & Dephecta - Endless Searching [???]
3. Blu Mar Ten - Above Words [Blu Mar Ten]
4. Cutworks & Mendelayev - Across the Space [Kos.Mos]
5. Electrosoul System - Underwater [???]
6. Sonic Saturation - Storm [???]
7. Sunchase - Violet - Drone Audio
8. Modemellow - Untitled [???]
9. ?
10. Razor Point - Poison Kisses [Drone Audio]
11. Ill Logic & Raf [???]
12. Reguez - Safe Haven (Ulterior Motive Remix) [Drone Audio]

Download mp3 / Subscribe iTunes

Camino Blog for more info.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009

SpectraSoul Reprise Mix

SpectraSoul - Reprise Agency Mix - March 09

1. Data – Termite [???]
2. Instra:Mental – Thugtronik [Exit]
3. Break – Symmetrics [Symmetry]
4. Triad – Fiasco [???]
5. SpectraSoul – Guardian (Know You Want Me) [Metalheadz]
6. Logistics – Murderation [Hospital]
7. Lynx & Kemo Ft. Alix Perez – Dangerous [Soul:r]
8. SpectraSoul – Stutter [???]
9. Sidechain – Grotesque [???]
>>Break – Authentic [Quarantine]
10. Alix Perez Ft. Kemo – I’m Free [Shogun Audio]


More info

Seaux damn fresh!

Steal Of A Deal

Covert Operations has an amazing deal going at the moment. For the extreme low price of £1, you can buy the latest installment of the well respected Global Connections series (now on volume 6)!

I shit you not, ASC and the team are selling this album, ten tracks, for 1 British Pound!

Hit the Cov Ops Store and capitalize on this one of a kind deal. Get some and big up ASC!

Layer 2

The February edition of the Autonomic Podcast is now live (though the update is seen first at the NonPlus+ Blog). Tracklist still to come, though the early line see's influences showcased.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Two Fingers For Free

Two Fingers is a new collaboraive effort between Amon Tobin and Doubleclick. Their album is set to drop in April and to keep the heads at bay for the time being, they're setting some tracks free that didn't ultimately make the cut, all in a series leading up to the album's release. First up,

1.) Two Fingers vs Spank Rock - Backyard Betty

2.) Two Fingers vs. Missy Elliot - Best Best

3.) Two Fingers vs. Kelis - Bossy

4.) Two Fingers vs. J-88 - The Look of Love

5.) Two Fingers vs. Kool Keith - Drugs

6.) Two Fingers vs. Busta Rhymes - Don't Touch Me(Throw Da Water On 'Em)

7.) Two Fingers vs. Ciara (feat Chamillioaire) - Get Up

Stay tuned for more... (This post will be updated with new releases as they come)

And check Two Fingers in studio with Sway recording 'What You Know'.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Teknik Podcast Round One

Teknik Podcast - Round One

SPMC, Jubei & Daqwan - Payload [Coded Music]
Teknik - Old Haunt [Resolute Music]
Nymfo & Cern - Proton Pack [???]
Phobia - The Bumps [???]
Q-Project - 24/7 [Machine Funk]
State Of Mind - Wakeup Call (Mindscape Remix)[SOM]
Ed Rush & Optical - Titanium [Virus]
Psidream & Pacific - Runway (Dose & Menace Remix) [SMPTM]
The Upbeats - Funk Industry [???]
Menace & Nymfo - Drunk Funk [???]
Bulletproof, Teknik & Dose - Oddball [Cyanide]
Mindscape & Hydro - Skid Row [Commercial Suicide]
Subtone - Unsolved [Resolute Music]
Sidechain - Grotesque [Triple Vision]
Menace - Thinking Aloud [SMPTM]
Phace & Noisia - Sore Point [Neosignal]
Tiki Taane - Wotcha Got (Teknik Remix *Instrumental) [Tiki]
Ed Rush & Optical - Chubrub [Virus]
Gridlok & Mayhem - Meant To Be [Project 51]
Bulletproof, Teknik & Nymfo - Three Of A Kind [Cyanide]
Dose & Menace - Pick Up [Samurai Music]
Trei - Justify [Commercial Suicide]


Get your healthy dose of funk, served up Kiwi style!

Monday, February 16, 2009

ESB - All Amit Special

Was fortunate to catch this set live this past Friday, for those who didn't the archive is now up!

ESB - Detuned Radio - All Amit Special

Amit - Pirates [Metalheadz] [2004]
Amit & Outrage - Unholy [Commercial Suicide] [2006]
Amit - Myth [Inneractive] [2003]
Amit - Suicide Bomber [Commercial Suicide] [2007]
Amit - Immigrants [Bingo] [2005]
Amit - Erazer [L-plates] [2002]
Amit - Immortal [Commercial Suicide] [2006]
Amit - The Tube (Outrage Remix) [Inneractive] [2006]
Amit - Re order [Commercial suicide] [2005]
Amit - Gatecrasher [Metalheadz] [2004]
Amit - Changing Lanes [Function] [2004]
Amit - Live In India [Commercial Suicide] [2006]
Amit & Klute - Kunt Kicker [Commercial Suicide] [2006]
Amit - Swastika [Commericial Suicide] [2006]
Amit - Second Cut [Bingo] [2005]
Amit - Sound Warrior [Commercial Suicide] [2004]
Amit - Changes [Function] [2004]
Amit - Roots [Commercial Suicide] [2003]
Amit - Snakepit [L-plates] [2003]
Amit - Too Many Freedoms [Commercial Suicide] [2006]
Amit - The Tube [Inneractive] [2003]
Amit - Village Folk [Commercial Suicide] [2004]
Amit - Propaganda [Commercial Suicide] [2008]
Amit - Motherland [Commercial Suicide] [2004]
Amit - Lost Voices [Commercial Suicide] [2004]

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And for us fortunate residents of Toronto, Amit will playing this coming Saturday, February 21st at El Mocambo on Spadina. Fuck YES!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Engage Brainfunk Mix Part Three

Engage - Brainfunk Mix Part 3

1. Infected Mushroom - I Wish (Engage bootleg) [???]
2. Hudozhnik - Isla Tortuga [???]
3. Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl (Receptor bootleg) [???]
4. Engage - Resonant [Aesthetics]
5. Noisia vs Foo Fighters (Nize5ive mashup) [???]
6. Vicious Circle - Bleak [DSCI4]
7. Nize5ive & Pitch’n’Sulphur - Execution [Assimilate]
8. Misha - Bugs 2 (Engage Remix) [???]
9. Budoka - Under Water [.Shadybrain]
10. Receptor & Engage - Bio [???]
11. Dynafect & Implex - Nisyrum (Engage Remix) [???]
12. Misha - Hallucinogens [???]
13. Flame - Fucking Robot [???]
14. Paperclip - Advanced Option [Trust In Music]
15. nPhonix - Dead End [Contaminated]
16. Engage - Shock [???]
17. Paperclip - Infinite Drift [???]
18. Engage - Bregna (eng version) [???]
19. Dementia & Misha - No U Turn [Icarus Audio]
20. Aeph - Dynamo [???]
21. Menace - Resistance [Icarus Audio]
22. Engage - Helium [???]

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Friday, February 06, 2009

Mary Anne Hobbs XLR8R Podcast

Mary Anne Hobbs - Live in San Francisco 1/29/09

1 Durrty Goodz vs Taz Buckfaster - Destruction [???]
2 Joker & Ginz - Purple City [???]
3 Martyn - Elden St [3024]
4 LD and Benga - Yes Yes [???]
5 Reso - Octacon [???]
6 Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - Six Degrees [???]
7 2000F & JKamata - You Don't Know What Love Is [Hyperdub]
8 DJ Pinch - Teleport [Planet Mu]
9 Kode 9 & LD - 2 Bad [???]
10 Zed Bias feat. Ghost 1 & Jay Electronica - The Cauldron [Sidestepper]
11 Boxcutter - Sidetrak (from the upcoming Arecibo Message LP) [Planet Mu]
12 Pangaea - Memories [???]
13 Joker - Digidesign [Hyperdub]
14 RSD - Forward Youth [Tectonic]
15 Goth Trad - Cut End [Deep Medi]
16 Gatekeeper feat. Grilza & Dread MC - Ignite [???]

Download mp3 / Read Article

and check MAH videolog, West Coast Rocks from LA and San Fran.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Eskmo Ancestor Mix

Eskmo - Ancestor Mix

(Intro) Animal Collective - Daily Routine [Domino]
Eskmo - Harmony [Ancestor]
Eskmo - Trudge [Studio Rockers]
Eskmo - Hyprecolor [Ancestor]
Eskmo - Process [Studio Rockers]
J. Rodgers - Meditation Point (Eskmo Remix) [Blipswitch Digital]
Eskmo - Amphibian VIP Mix [Ancestor]
DJ Quest & Eskmo - Speakers Corner (Eskmo & Antiserum Remix) [Cyberfunk]
Eskmo - Ocean Lazer [Sonic Dragon]
COTK - We Are The Glitch (Eskmo Remix) [Blipswitch Digital]
Sub Swara - Constructing The Absence [Low Motion]
Eskmo & Antiserum - Monstahs [Full Melt]
Jason Sparks - One Eyed Man (Eskmo Remix) [Contraboss]
Bar9 - Murda Sound (Eskmo Remix) [Z Audio]
Primus - My Name Is Mud (Eskmo Remix [???]
Eskmo - Angus Dei [Ancestor]
Afghan Headspin - MSG (Eskmo Remix) [???]
DJ Quest & Mutiny - ? (Eskmo Remix) [???]
Eskmo - San Francisco [Ancestor]
(Outro) Animal Collective - Daily Routine [Domino]


Also touring the UK and Europe in late March and April, to book Eskmo contact mattd [@] twuagency .co .uk

Darkestral For Days

Instra:mental and Darkestral Recordings, if you haven't heard the names as of yet, listen up. These artists, and their label, have quickly become a big part in a core of similar individuals, responsible for restoring the faith and musicality back into drum and bass.

Deep, honest, reflective emotions ring clear and evident upon listening to the tracks they breed. A welcomed breath of fresh air, gives us old geezers something to smile about and trust in the fact that there still are "musicians" alive and kicking, turning out unique ideas/sounds in this split world of soulless noise and over engineered producers.

The next release scheduled on Darkesrtal is the extended player entitled, 'Sepia Tones'. Already recieving a wealth of good press and forum feedback, I couldn't describe the pack any better than the boys did themselves...

Featuring the much talked of 'Photograph' by Instra:mental (currently residing as the closing track on the Commix Fabric Mix cd, and garnering reviews that place it among the finer tracks of said release), 'The Dead Zone', a dystopian future vision worthy of any respectable science fiction movie soundtrack, and then the two synergistic partnerships with another of dnb's other renegade thinkers, D-Bridge .. 'Translucent' is a psychedlic rush of beatific bliss and close relative to the 'Photograph' essence whilst rounding off with 'Detuned' where the machines start to think for themselves and spew out further pre-echoes of a edgier forthcoming time...


Also set to spark, a new imprint aiming to expose the "deep space anti-gravity soundtrack beats", Darkestral Excursions. This label see's it's inaugural release christened by none other than, Sabre, who has steadily made a mark for himself in the world of forward thinking drum and bass. This plate is no different, as he takes a trip off the map and explores the edge of deep-end experimental soundscapes. An absolute must!

Friday, January 30, 2009

M83 & The Los Angeles Philharmonic

Wow, this sounds amazing!

"M83 have announced a co-headlining performance with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra in Los Angeles in March.

The musicians are set to perform at Los Angeles' Walt Disney Concert Hall on March 7. This will be M83's debut performance with an orchestra, and at the Disney Hall.

The concert will pair M83 mastermind Anthony Gonzalez in a programme that features three sets: the Los Angeles Philharmonic performing orchestral pieces chosen in collaboration with M83; M83 performing solo material; and the Philharmonic performing a selection of songs with M83, featuring orchestral arrangements by Sean O’Loughlin."

SICK! Currently supporting The Killers on tour in the states, he'll kick in to spring with this gig at The Walt Disney Concert Hall. (Tickets on sale Friday morning @ 10am)

Cali crew, do NOT miss this!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


(Click the HQ icon in lower right corner for full effect of trailer)

Coraline, from Henry Selick, director of The Nightmare Before Christmas, and based on the award winning childrens book by Neil Gaiman, "the fairytale nightmare handmade in 3D". For the technicians, it's "the first stop-motion animation to be shot stereoscopically with a dual digital camera rig for digital 3D exhibition."

Dark, trippy and out in theatres February 6th. Can't wait!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Autonomic Podcast

The first in a monthly series of blinding beats, Instra:mental and dBridge team to bring the first layer to life in the Autonomic Podcast, an absolute must on all levels!

1 Jimmy Edgar - Jefferson Interception [Warp]
2 Jimmy Edgar - Heart Beat Sexual [Warp]
3 ?
4 dBridge & Instra:mental - Translucent [Darkestral]
5 Abstract Elements - Throb [Exit]
6 Eveson - X Rated [Progress]
? (Tease)
7 Instra:mental - No Future [NonPlus+]
8 Bop - Ataraxia [???]
9 Instra:mental - Thugtronik [Exit]
10 Instra:mental - Photograph [Darkestral]
11 System - Thought Reform [???]
12 June Miller - Poison The Well [Cylon]
13 Consequence 'Fog' [Exit]
? (Tease)
14 Plus Ultra - ? [???]
15 Blu Mar Ten - Above Words [???]
16 dBridge - Wonder Where [NonPlus+]
17 Autechre - Krib [Warp]
18 ?
19 Rainstick Orchestra - Electric Counterpoint Fast [Ninja Tune]
20 Autechre - Tankakern [Warp]
21 Alex Smoke - Make My Day [Soma Quality]
22 Black Pocket - Field [Exit]
23 J Dilla - B.B.E. (Big Booty Express) [BBE]
24 Michael Stearns - Angels, Bells and Pastorale [Sonic Atmospheres]
25 The Cure - Fear Of Ghosts [Elektra]

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sub - Id

Plain Audio, the little known drum and bass imprint out of Germany that has evolved into a full on arsenal of electronic beats, has this blinding new 3 track single from Austrian drum devil, Sub. Sinister vibes, stunning atmospheric soundscapes and tidy drum edits make for an impressive release.

*Key side note* mastered by Subvert Central's own mastering extraordinaire, Macc.

Did i mention it's FREE?!!!

Check It.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Oak - Mongoose

Oak - Mongoose

Now I thought this was slated for a release somewhere, but as it turns out, the Russian newcomer has offered it up for free! He did at once have a myspace page aswell, but it seems to have been deleted for some reason.

For those of you unfamiliar with this new name and what he produces, think along the lines of ASC, Future Engineers, Electrosoul System and Mav to name a few. Either way, this is a download on sight! Trust.