Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Chook - Trainspot - Video

The good people at Full Force Recordings have just uploaded their first music video to YouTube. Chook's infectious nuero roller, 'Trainspot' is available now on promo and is sure to sell out fast. Check it!

Over the years, Full Force has become somewhat of a cult classic. Coming from out of nowhere [literally! .. Luxembourg] they have quickly spawned into a 'buy on sight' imprint. Now known for housing some of the best new breakout talents in the game, [relative unknowns to the average fan] these guys are pushing the limits and bending the bar on nuerofunk and tech. They are set to celebrate their 10th release with a massive Ep including the likes of State Of Mind, Mayhem, Phace, Aqua-tek and Chook. Exciting and inspiring.


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Quadrant In Rinse

Quadrant is featured in this month's Rinse Magazine. A good read about the boys, gives a full info update on their current status and the expected forthcomings from their studio. [Love the new collabs with Cease!]

It should however be noted that this article has been tamed and edited down. It's obvious Rinse does not want to cross any lines or partake in controversial media, since some of their biggest contacts/clients got a verbal lashing in the original script. While I understand their position in this matter, and Jeremy Stacy delivered a great article, I would've liked to seen them go against the grain and publish something a little different [controversial] outside of the normal, everyday dnb story the public has grown so familiar with. I know for a fact they had all the info in their hands...

Read up kids!

Circa Survive - On Letting Go

'On Letting Go', the highly anticipated sophomore album from epic experimental rockers, Circa Survive, is now streaming on their myspace page. The 12 track LP is released worldwide this coming Tuesday and should be available in all local stores, or can be purchased online from MerchNow.
Strongly recommend these guys. I posted about them back in October 06 and 'Juturna' continues to be one of my favorite albums from this genre. Take the time to check these guys. They played at Coachella this year and are about to embark on a massive US tour this summer. Blowin up!


Covert Operations celebrates it's quarter mark release with an outstanding single from the legendary production duo, Future Engineers. (I finished the write 2 weeks ago and it slipped my mind to put it up.)

Covert Operations 025
A.) Future Engineers - Time-Zero
AA.) Mav & Implex - Chasm [Future Engineers Re-set]

Future Engineers - Time-Zero
Hot wired and storming back into the scene, Future Engineers deliver a massive sonic charged roller to the Cov Ops catalogue. Creating an atmosphere full of electric vibes and intricate programming, this track creeps along with an infectious groove and devious bassline. Truly something for the deep space cadets, sit back and strap yourselves in, the epic voyage is about to begin.

Mav & Implex - Chasm [Future Engineers Re-set]
Taking this one into another dimension, Future Engineers rework 'Chasm' into massive sci-funk dancefloor destroyer. An intriguing vocal confession guides the way to the mystery while the atmosphere charges up like power plant, sending shivers down the spine. Strong, hard driving beats combined with large slicing synths, deep end stabs and a massive intoxicating bassline set this one off like blast of dynamite Instant rewind material.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Some audio recommendations for this holiday monday...

Polarity - Pleasurable Tales

01.) Schiller - Stille
02.) Tipper - Middle of Nowhere
03.) Schiller - Ive Seen it all
04.) Sia - Breathe Me (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)
05.) Sade - No Ordinary Love
06.) equal_ - Intersection
07.) Ulrich Schnauss - Monday Paracetamol
08.) Massive Attack - Sly
09.) Tycho - Dictaphones Lament
10.) Kate Havnevik - Nowhere Warm


Mayhem - Live At FUZZ 7 Year Anniversary

01. Calyx & Teebee - Enygma
02. Noisia - Facade VIP
03. Break - Not Enough
04. Dose - Lost Inside
05. Chook - Descend
06. Bulletproof & State of Mind - Nowhere to Run (
07. ?
08. Calyx & Teebee - Confessions
09. Break - Submerged (Calyx & Teebee remix)
10. ?
11. Noisia - Block Control VIP (?)
12. Evol Intent & Arsenic - Untitled
13. Demo - Backlash
14. Ewun - Screw Up
15. Evol Intent - Untitled
16. Evol Intent - Era of Diversion
17. Calyx & Teebee - Telepathy
18. Dom & Gridlok - London's Burning
19. Evol Intent & Ewun - 8 Bit Bitch (Spor remix)
20. ?
21. Phace, Misanthrop & MC Mecha - Off Center
22. Psidream, Optiv & Axiom - Break In
23. Calyx & Teebee - Make Your Choice
24. Misanthrop - Waste Express
25. ?
26. ?
27. Noisia, Mayhem & Verse - Choke / Resurrection mashup
28. ?
29. Calyx & Teebee - Warrior
30. Demo & Cease - Ladies Night (vip?)
31. Noisia, Mayhem & KRS-1 - Exodus
>> Evol Intent - Street Knowledge

and be sure to check out Strength DNB

Welder - 30 Minute Mix For Memekast

01. Welder - Isle Of Skye
02. Welder - Purple and Orange
03. Welder - Distance
04. Welder - Ants Are Small
05. Welder - Find You Here
06. Welder - The Heart


Calyx & Teebee - ATM Mag Mix - May 2007

01.Break - Submerged (Calyx & Teebee rmx)
02.Verse & SP - Surrender
>>Calyx & Control - Set Me Free
03.Nphect - Credo
04.Spor - Knock You Down VIP
05.Calyx & Teebee - All That Remains
06.Noisia & Mayhem ft KRS-1 - Exodus
07.Calyx & Teebee - Telepathy
08.Phace - Brainwave VIP
09.Spor - Supernova
10.Audio - Missing
11.Spor - Molehill
12.Lomax & Kasra - The Warrior
13.Calyx & Teebee - Warrior
14.Break - Where Are You
15.Phace - Krunk Time
>>Calyx & Teebee - Find Yourself
16.Electro Soul System - The Vision
17.Break - Let It Happen
18.Break - Chaos Theory
19.Phace - Reservoir
20.Calyx & Teebee - The Shape Of Things To Come
21.Spor - The Resistance
22.Break - The Drone
23.Calyx & Teebee - The Quest
24.Misanthrop - Viperfish
25.EBK - 1000 Years
26.Noisia & Teebee - Shower For An Hour
27.Konflict - The Beckoning
28.Calyx & Teebee - Cyclone


Squire - Live On Radio Cafe, Budapest

01. Bloc Party - The Prayer (Break & Silent Witness remix)
02. Silent Witness & Break - Visions
03. Survival - Sidewinder
04. Break - Evil Twin
05. Break - Come & Get It
06. Tactile - Techion
07. Break - The Drone


Monday, May 14, 2007

New Warm Comms Sleeve Art

Check out the new sleeve art done by Khoma.
Starting with WARM012, all releases will feature this art. Look for it and buy on sight!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Unprofessional And Irresponsible = Typical Twat Of DNB

Andy linked me to this thread yesterday. It had been a while since I'd been on DSCI4, so I was surprised to see him sending me a I knew something was up. Turns out this little drum and bass label out of Puerto Rico, Darkitek Recordings, is putting out their 2nd release.

Now this is interesting because, this is the label that released Catacomb's track 'Sadist', featuring Identity, [It's actually a full Catacomb remix of an Identity track, but due to copyrights of original track on another label, some things had to be altered.] but they have NOT yet paid rightfully owed money for the tune. Yet, here they are some how managing to put out a second release.

Wait a minute...WTF?

Now lets asses the situation for a moment. This is quite the norm in bigtime drum and bass. Sometimes labels will offer a deal to put out an artist's music, as they know their affiliation is a credit to an artists rep. Like, Dj "BLAHBLAHBLAH" is signed to "LARGE AND IN CHARGE RECORDINGS", we should book him for our event! [like omg!]

Sometimes an artist gets fucked around by big time labels and is forced into receiving zero money for their music due to improper and unprofessional business tactics. For example, Psidream has had numerous releases on legendary imprint Renegade Hardware, he was even contacted and "commissioned" to do a remix, yet the man has never see a single cent. And at the time of his signings, he was told he would be payed. But here he was, getting passed around from agent to agent at the Hardware offices with no result at all. He was then told to contact their accountant who handles all finances, so emails were sent out, and oddly enough, never returned.
Just like that! Like, "Thanks for giving us your work, see you never again."


(Psidream has since said he will never release on Renegade Hardware again)

So here's this little unknown label, out of little old Puerto Rico, run by some little no name guy [DJ Cell], who doesn't have a clue how to run a music label, or a fucking respectable small business, trying to pull the same shit as the big boys.

Go fuck yourself!

Firstly, you should pay Andrew for all the advice and knowledge he shared with you about how things work, and who to get in touch with while trying to start up your little label. That much, at least, he is owed. You didn't have a clue what you were doing, and here was one of your artists [someone who you had only just contacted weeks before, I might mention] taking time out of his day and busy schedule, to lend you crucial information and advice about the industry, contacts, graphic designers and general insight on how other labels are doing things these days.

Take pride in your work and what your "label" is going to represent. [It is, after all, ONLY your first release.] Have some fucking common sense to come across as a professional trying to run a respectable outlet, and handle the business side of things. This way, little 'cheapskate' scum like you can say, at least, you've covered your ass.

Think about it.

Secondly, this is not the first time this issue has been brought up. These 2 have talked about money many times before and for over a year now. Yet a deal has never come to be. So this type of interaction and altercation was overdue, and in my eyes, a long time coming. Andrew has nothing to lose and he don't give a shit about impressing anyone. So he makes a one line comment, and this guy threatens him?


This guy seriously just uttered a death threat on a public message board?! "I dont want a take a flight to canada to destroy your ass bitch dont make me do that stupid action ok." And then follows up with this post.. "^^^ RIP" in Andy's direction.


This guy is fucking idiot!

He's trying to positively promote a release by some no name artists on his small time drum and bass label and he's openly threatening a well known producer from the same community he covets support and praise? Someone who has a distinguished and honest rep, who has traveled all over North American and Europe, and has many friends in high places of the music industry... [?]

Not a smart move, bud.

Why don't you sit down, shut the fuck up, and let someone like Cyber Nut Trix handle the PR for your small time label. You suck at life and deserve to rot in the gutter.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Welder - Vines and Stream

Welder is the moniker of Brendan Angelides [a.k.a. Eskmo] out of San Francisco, California, used as an outlet for his Downtempo / IDM projects.

About a month ago, Brendan passed me his debut 12 track downtempo album, Vines and Stream, and I've been rinsing the shit out of it ever since. It has quickly become a seasonal favorite, as the vibes surrounding it are so rich and uplifting, it's a warm welcomed soundtrack to the days of spring. Stand out tracks include the opener 'Rain', 'And We're Dying', 'Isle Of Skye' and the massive hypnotic roller, 'Purple and Orange'.

Strongly recommend this one if you're a fan of the genre.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Time For Change.

Today is day of change.

As of today, I am no longer involved with I have rendered control of all operations to Kevin Kace, and he will continue on as site admin and chief editor. Dan Syntech remains as web developer.

This is something I have been thinking about extensively for the last couple of months, and it has finally come to be. Many thoughts and actions have factored into my decision and I am 100% confident that I'm doing a good thing for myself.

Over the last 9 months, we saw an amazing relaunch of the site that held so much potential to take things to the next level, and sadly, in my opinion, failed miserably. Numerous project fall outs over the 9 months added a great deal of frustration and led me to see people in a new light. My passion and motivation to follow the scene and update the site regularly started to decline, to the point where I didn't care anymore. My love for drum and bass, the scene and the people, faded away like dim sunlight in a dark cellar. My support system [team] was starting to crumble and disband, and ultimately left me exposed on an unwanted solo mission. It all happened and now the time has come.

I should note, the project lineup we had was sick. [All projects were set up by me and confirmed by each individual involved]

  • First up, to go along with the relaunch, was to be a Nocturnal Dnbnation Mix...but that fell through. :-/

  • Next, was to be the Catacomb Womb To The Tomb Mix Part 2...but that fell through. :-/

  • Next up was to be an interview with Spor, done by Khal, but Spor couldn't finish the interview. :-/

  • Next was to be a video interview of Nphect done by close friend Rusher...but that fell through. :-/

  • Next was to be an interview, done by Khal, of Chris Renegade and mix to go along with...but that fell through. :-/

  • We did however see 2 tight mixes go live, Implex's Dnbnation Mix Part 3 and I.N.I's Beast Of The East Mix. But with all those other projects not seeing the light of day...a real shame to say the least.

    [and tbh, I was really thrown off by the Lifted crew. I thought they wanted max exposure and we were willing to give them a lot. (2 interviews in 4 months time) But they couldn't seem to finish their homework... oh well.] :-/

    My total love for dnb has really changed and honestly, there's really only a handfull of artists that intrest and excite me. Producers like ASC, Quadrant, Phace, Noisia, Misanthrop, Teebee, Calyx, Nphect, Break, ICR, Klute, Fanu and Amit are, in my books, artists on the cutting edge and doing something extraordinary with their music. Something different. Something unique. And it's them that keeps the love alive.

    So I'm a free soul now. No ties holding me down. [and that's a great feeling!]
    I will continue to work for Toronto Jungle doing the news updates, aswell as Covert Operations and Warm Communications in the PR department, and of course focus on keeping 'Science & Progress' alive. [Don't forget Virb!]

    Catch you later kids.