Thursday, June 29, 2006

Noisia Review

What a night! (and a well traveled day aswell.)

Met up with 'The Fuss' about 2pm. Grabbed some grub and coffee's while deciding what to do with the day. Ended up making a trip to Niagra Falls. Marty had never been there and was pschyed to see it, so we headed on down the Q. Ended up hitting some major traffic fuck ups, had to make a couple detours but eventually made it there. Kinda bleh outside when we got there. Grey skys + the misting, but whatevs. We reached.

Had to rip back to Toronto to meet up with Andyslim, Jen, Kace and Marmalade at Everest on Queen for 8, but some torrential rains from out of fucking nowhere slowed the drive waaaaaaaaaay down. i mean, it was regoddamndiculous how hard it was coming down at times :O Anyways, dinner + drinks all good. Headed to Marm's in need of a burner. Jeremy Upbeats had just bounced a new mixdown of a recent collab with Noisia to Marty's email [yousendit link] so that had to be checked, then burned. Then it was off to the club.

Footwork is such a slick venue. Nice layout, real clean, big sound, and cheap drinks! w00t. Mystical Influence opened, wasnt paying to much attention but heard a couple Bad Robot tunes go down. [John Tan wants to know where to apply for a scouting job with the Leafs, so anyone reading this knows who to talk to, or where he can send his resume, hit him up! :P] Marty stepped up at midnight and rocked the party LARGE! Opened with the new Block Control VIP [some hard&heavy guitar riffs and Eminem lyrics]. Other tracks spotted on the night: Omissions [so sick!], Hollywood [Grid & El Hron], Brainstitch (Break Remix) [OMFG so sick!], Destroyed [Audio is really stepping things up this year], Winter War [BSE collab is killer on a system], Hideous [sounded so thick], Exodus [IN-FUCKING-SANE], Breezeblock [such a fresh mash up, styles fo miles.] and ended with the Noisia Masochist Remix [prolly never coming out, but holy shit what a heavy tune] A real treat to hear all those gems in one set. Toronto was in need of something like that, fuck it, I WAS IN NEED OF SOMETHING LIKE THAT. lol. D Syfa closed the night out with some sick older tracks. Hearing 'Back to you' was coo. Oh, and there was a crazy mc battle at the very end of the night..funnyfunnyshit. Marty b2b Illfingaz b2b Toxic. Priceless.

We then headed back to the crew's pad we chilled at on Tuesday night. Good good people. The Chess matches were going down and getting heated, lol Marty cleaned up taking 4 games to none. Time to shut'er down. 5am drive home, felt weird cause thats when I'm heading in to work..gotta love holidays. out.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Noisia is coming to town...

This Wednesday, Martijn in town to play a gig @ FootWork. Been a year since he was here last, so looking forward to kicking it with him before the show and witnessing the severe slaying that the city is in line for! Watch for pictures and a detailed review of the show on here. [hoping to keep the drinking at a as i can recall the tunes played. lol ]

Also, checks the Noisia interview thats floating around now. Some funny funny bits..great for a laugh.

Noisia Website // Noisia on Myspace

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Loft Update ---> Pics!

Finally got back into the loft to take some pics and some measurements.
So fuckign excited..end of July can not come soon enough!
Here we go...

Front Hall
Looking through the kitchen
Going up..
Master Bedroom
Looking over bedroom wall
Top to Bottom
Rooftop Patio View


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Quadra - Based On A True Story

Finally. The loooooooong awaited debut album by the Vancouver based duo Quadra, see's the light of day. Marc Soo and Matt Cox originally started out on the journey to explore the vast pallete of music and what became of an experiment led to a discovery that is finally being published for the world to see. " 'Based On A True Story' is a rich, ten page chronicle of yearning restraint and brutal elegance. Creating an ever changing atmosphere that closely matches the one outside [Vancouver, B.C., Canada], the songs on the album weave a gorgeously warm and melodic story, while it's dynamics are counterbalanced by the obsessive worship of low-end friction and understated detail."

I've had an advanced copy for a while now and i must say it is every bit of amazing as one could expect. Brilliant downtempo tracks with soothing strings and keys, add in some essential deep rolling basslines and the album is just a thing of beauty. Strongly recommended.

Dont forget to checks the CBC archive of their live preformance from November 2004. I was fortunate to catch it live while it was streaming and the beats just took off. Total journey off into the deep end.

Quadra @ Myspace