Friday, December 22, 2006

Phone Cam Photo Essay

Well, the year is ending and i had to replace my sidekick already. Only had it for 11 months before it seazed up on me. Luckily i was under the year warranty and i got a new one hassel free. Although it seems this one may be jinxed..for some reason the camera on it will not view or shoot shots. Very frustrating, even if it such low quality. So i thought i'd post all my worthy pics that i've snapped over this one year period, and everyone could take a look back on some intresting points in camera/phone time. I guess we'll go from most recent taken and backwards. njoi.

Andy Catacomb mixing at UofT Radio

Andy Catacomb mixing at UofT Radio

Wing Mower sunk in soil. NOT BY ME.

Jude An I at Wedding. Matching dress and tie. ;]

Judy. Nacho time at pub.

Community garden car on Kennsington.

View from CN Tower

Todd and Cassius at 2 weeks old.

Faceplant. Srix and Martjin Noisia.

AL RAD. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martjin Noisia breakfast burger.

Judy. Hoegaarden. World Cup Quarter's - Portugal vs. Netherlands

Nephew - Quinn at 6 months.


Etobicoke bridge on Lake Ontario

Driving the loader at work. Snapped myself in mirror.

Thomson tee'ing off. Yes that is his actual stance.

Breakfast at our favorite pub.


Nacho Crew. Lenice, Josh Spherix, Larry Catacomb.

2 Dummies.

The Dummy.

York University roof top.

The best buds almost throw down.

Bermuda. @ Horseshoe Beach.

Bermuda - Cottage.

Bermuda - Cottage.

Bermuda - Nolan and Hammock.

Bermuda - Hotel Terrace.

Nephew - Nolan. 3 Years Old.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Camino Blue - Ten Short Stories

Another proper record label coming out of Germany and focusing on some next level techmospheric sounds, Camino Blue announces a new album project featuring the talents of P.B.K., Electrosoul System, Mav and Future Engineers to name a few. 'Ten Short Stories' will see release on CD in early 2007 and should be availabe worldwide with the help of S.T. Holdings. Check the audio previews below.

P.B.K. - Space Age
Electrosoul System - Lightsphere
Cord - Mental Science
Mark J - Eclectic Destination
Modemellow - Plasma Surface
B. Fuse - Time Of Passion
Future Engineers - Stasis [Andy Bubbles VIP]
Electrosoul System - Brainscan
Mav - Northern Light
Pariah - Trajectories

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Edison Gem - Things Change - Info Update

Edison Gem, or more commonly known as, Orion & Jadis, have just announced that their long awaited, debut CD album is finally complete. 'Things Change' has taken the duo nearly a year longer than expected to finish, but they are more than happy with the results and say that the extra time taken was 100% neccesary.
Audio previews for three tracks, 'Should've Known Better' 'Never Bring Me Down' and 'Keep My Distance', have just recently been uploaded to their myspace, and we can;t forget about the stellar title track, 'Things Change'. The album is due out in early Spring 2007 and you better believe it's going to be something sick!

And don't forget, Edison Gem is on iTunes. Check it out and support good music.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Dick In A Box

Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake SNL Digital Short from this past Saturday night.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Phace On BBC Radio 1

Mary Anne Hobbs hosts the Experimental show on BBC Radio 1, every Thursday 9-11pm EST / Friday 2-4am GMT. Her shows are brilliant as she plays a wide variety of cutting edge and unconventional beats each and every week. Her most recent show was something special as it featured 3 exclusive mixes from 3 vastly diffrent drum and bass artists spanning some "radically differing textures." Dj Hidden was first up in the guest spot, followed by Benny Page, and saving the best for the last, Phace closed the show in a smashing way. The following set was ripped by Zinch and it is the defining proof that PHACE IS THE FUTURE, NOW!

Phace - Distortion [SUBTITLES]
Phace - Reservoir [SUBTITLES]
Phace - Rational [SUBTITLES]
Phace - Psycho [SUBTITLES]
Phace - Finger Food [SUBTITLES]
Phace - Tranquilizer [SUBTITLES]
Phace - Open Your Eyes [SUBTITLES]
Phace & Noisia - Crevice [SUBTITLES]
Phace & Noisia - The Feed [SUBTITLES]

192kbps - 22:34

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Catacomb Dates, Tunes and More

As I type, Andy Catacomb is enroute from Newark, New Jersey to Portland, Oregon for a weekend of gigs on the west coast. First show, Friday December 15th, in Portland. Second show, Saturday the 16th in Seattle. No stranger's to the west, this is Catacomb's 3rd appearance 'West-Siiiiiide'.

Also, if you didnt know, the boys have a handful of shows coming up in the early new year, and this includes their first ever European Tour. The following is Catacomb's tour dates for January to April in 2007.

  • January 24th - Pittsburg, PA

  • February 10th - Rotterdam, Holland

  • February 17th - Switzerland

  • April 20th - Calgary, Canada

  • April 21st - Vancouver, Canada

  • Also watch for some dates at the annual WMC in Miami.

    You also may be intrested to know what's coming next from the Catacomb as far as releases go in 2007. Well take note of the following release schedule. All tunes completed. signed, sealed, delivered.

  • Catacomb - Root Vein [Cyanide]

  • Catacomb - Gut Wrench [PRSPCT EP001]

  • Catacomb - The Zodiac [Syndrome Audio 004]

  • Catacomb - Out Alive [Aesthetics]

  • Catacomb - Time Will Crawl [Full Force]

  • N.phect - Shiftfunk (Catacomb Remix) [Microb]

  • Robot death squad - Supercharger (Catacomb Remix) [Flatline Audio]

  • And I'm sure their will be more news to announce, as one of the labels has BIG plans for a Catacomb project in the very near future. Watch this space for more info...

    And finally, an interesting thread, concerning Catacomb and their lack of bookings in their hometown yet their increase in headlining gigs worldwide (as brought up by someone other then the Catacomb crew), popped up on yesterday. You may want to check it out and just see what the general opinion of the Toronto forum crew is.

    Wednesday, December 13, 2006

    ICR - Stumbled Upon Me

    From the brilliant mind of ICR, comes Stumbled Upon Me, his 2nd CD album, released on Fragments out of Ukraine. 'Stumbled Upon Me' features 12 unreleased tracks, some old and never heard before, some new, but all in the usual ICR favour which you might know well for now. Set to drop in January of 2007. Audio clips found below.

    Touch The Sky
    Snowdrop [Remix]
    Second Chances
    Distant Grace
    On Your Side
    The Blues
    Four Some
    Fading Aquarius
    Stumbling Hungarian 7000 Miles From The Caribbean
    Every End

    Now, as mentioned before, this is his second cd release album, his first 'Daytrip' on Covert Operations, was nothing short of amazing. He has also released 3 acclaimed free 'diary' style albums that are an absolute must own. The Public Diary of Zoltan Gal was the first, Soulshine done with Matt U was the second, and thirdly was Empty Pages.

    ICR, a steady, cutting edge artist with the passion to create.

    Tuesday, December 12, 2006

    Method Of Defiance - Inamorta

    Method Of Defiance is bassist/producer Bill Laswell, sound destroyer Submerged, and drummer Guy Licata. As a programmer, DJ, and founder of hugely influential drum and bass labels Ohm Resistance and Obliterati, Submerged is a known force in the world of drum and bass. A respected veteran of the DJ circuit, and a collaborator with many of drum and bass's most recognized artists, his labels have been described as "the US's finest talent incubators". Guy Licata is a drummer unlike any other. He describes his style as "reverse engineering" taking programmed breaks and learning them piece by piece. A teacher at NYC's Drummer's Collective, and performing member of abstract hip hop group APSCI, Guy's skills have made him one of the most currently sought after drummers in New York City. And of course, the legend, Bill Laswell. Bill has been one of largest forces responsible for shaping modern music into what it is today. His artistic breakthrough in producing "Rockit" for Herbie Hancock's Future Shock album, has been cited by many as influencing the explosion of hip-hop and turntablism. Laswell has remixed the works of Bob Marley, Miles Davis, and Carlos Santana as well as collaborated with hundreds of musicians like Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, Mick Jagger and many more. Laswell continues to hybridize music styles with his latest project METHOD OF DEFIANCE.

    Robert Soares speaks: "A dark, hypnotic recording with historic musicans vs. cutting edge drum & bass artists from the U.K., Europe and the U.S. The drum breaks were collected raw and guided to be heavyweight/down to earth, unmixed, and played over to musicans who added virtuosic instrumentation 'live on the spot' in interaction with the dynamics of the breakbeats. It was later produced and mastered in NYC."

    This is truly exciting stuff. Even if you're not a fan of drum and bass, you've got to marvel and appreciate the boundaries this project is crossing. Some legandary talents coming together to see one vision succeed. Check the audio clips for yourself!

    1. MOD (ft. Submerged and Pharaoh Sanders) - TA 'WIL

    2. MOD (ft. Paradox, Toshinori Kondo, Buckethead, Bernie Worrel) - HUMANOID

    3. MOD (ft. Black Sun Empire , Graham Haynes, Pete Cosey) - HIDDEN KILLER

    4. MOD (ft. D-Star, Byard Lancaster, Pete Cosey) - AMENTA

    5. MOD (ft. Paradox, Herbie Hancock) - PANEPHA

    6. MOD (ft. Amit, Toshinori Kondo, Buckethead) - BABYLON DECODER

    7. MOD (ft. SPL, Masada String Trio, John Zorn) - AIBI VIRUS

    8. MOD (ft. Outrage, Craig Taborn) - ANTI-JAZZ GLITCH

    9. MOD (ft. Fanu, Graham Haynes, Byard Lancaster) - BLACK WATER

    10. MOD (ft. Evol Intent, Dave Liebman) - PATTERN ENGINE

    11. MOD (ft. Karsh Kale, Nil Peter Molnaer) - AETHER

    12. MOD (ft. Corrupt Souls) - REMAINS

    Saturday, December 09, 2006

    Mayhem And Projects

    Atlants's first son, Mayhem, has jumped into the Downtempo ring. Thermoptics was recently created by Anthony and is to serve as his new outfit for all DT projects. This guy is really starting to show his depth and range in quality production. Whether it's Drum & Bass [Discography] or Breaks [Hostage, a collab effort with Knick from Evol Intent fame.] and now Downtempo, the man provides a solid output of high quality beats.

    A busy fucker too. I wonder how he has time for sleep. I mean, in between his new family life, running Shadow Law Recordings and 404Audio, producing tunes, touring around the world, organizing 'Transit' [Atlanta's longest running Drum & Bass night @ The Mark] and starting to set up '404Audio The Shop', the man is a machine!

    Tuesday, December 05, 2006

    ASC Online Home

    The old boy has gone and revamped his personal site, and its looking bloody brilliant. A definite bookmark as you're gonna wanna check back and see what he's been up to. One of the most gifted and prolific producers of our generation. His music is timeless and stretches far into so many other dimensions, you never even knew it. So, do yourself a favour, take 5 minutes out of your day and check out the NEW ASC Online Home, you won't regret it. Thank me now. :)

    Monday, December 04, 2006

    Implex - Dnbnation Mix Volume 3

    Finally we have a promo mix goin on! Our previous mix schedule seemed to be doomed from the start, with the Nocturnal boys supposed to drop a mix for us for the relaunch, and that fell through due to studio access. >:( Then the Catacomb was suppose to come through with Womb To The Tomb Part 2, and that fell through unfourtunately. >:( (although it is coming, just not at time we first expected) SO, our good friend Cyril, aka Implex, stepped up and delivered a mix for us with some of the most upfront, cutting edge beats of the now. Starts off big and on the funk tip, blends into the tech realm, then ends things in fine fashion with some deep-end dubbed out beats. NJOI

    [Covert Operations / Fokuz / Vibez]

    Dnbnation Mix Volume 3
    1. D. Wolf & T. Snake - Sump Boy [???]
    2. Catacomb & Dementia - The Lost Boys [Citrus]
    3. Spor - Knock You Down [Lifted]
    4. Rawtekk - Open Borders [Citrus]
    5. Dom & Roland - Trauma (Psidream remix) [Renegade Hardware]
    6. Mayhem, Generic & Subtone - Untitled [???]
    7. Destination Unknown & Implex - Mechanical Heroes [T-Free]
    8. Motion - Mescaline [Covert Operations]
    9. Desimal - Zero Searcher [???]
    10. Catacomb - Puncture [???]
    11. Noisia & Phace - Outsource (Misanthrop Remix) [Syndrome Audio]
    12. Raiden (feat. GG Allin) - I Hate You Motherfuckers [Freak]
    13. Identity & Kano - Implant [???]
    14. The Sect - In The Shadows (Sunchase Remix) [???]
    15. Proket - Locomotive [Sinuous]
    16. Masheen & Kano - The Void [???]
    17. Cell D & M-Tech -Position [???]
    18. Ewun - Screw Up [Lifted]
    19. Amit - I'll Hunt You [Commercial Suicide]
    20. Amit - Too Many Freedoms [Commerical Suicide]
    21. Voja & Implex - Petit Beurre [Vibez]

    Grab it here.

    Sunday, December 03, 2006

    Soul:ution Radio Volume 3 Featuring SKC

    SKC was the featured guest on Marcus Intalex's monthly radio show, Soul:ution Radio, for Red Bull Music Acedemy this past Friday. Some choice audio, ripped by Domain. This one is a definite must.

    Soul:ution Radio Volume 3 [12/01/06] Mix Feat. SKC

    SKC - Tearjerker - Commercial Suicide
    DJ Switch - Hilltop View - Soul:r
    Breakage - Clartendon - Digital Soundboy
    Goldie - Letting Go (Rufige Cru VIP) - Metalheadz
    Break - Yes - Commercial suicide
    Sabre - Point Blank Range - Bassbin
    Steve Survival - Alpine - Dispatch
    Lynx and Maple - Shaku - Dub
    SKC - Time Stands Still - Commercial Suicide

    In the mix: SKC
    SKC - Worthwhile - Commercial Suicide
    Nu:Tone - Mrs Jones - Hospital Dub
    SKC - Inka (Remix) - Unknown
    Dis - Orange Fall - Unknown
    SKC - Headquarter - Commercial Suicide
    Tactile & Hydro & Munk - Existenz - Unknown
    Amit - Suicide Bomber - Commercial Suicide Dub
    Mathematics - Navajo - Cia DK
    SKC - Heartbreak - Commercial Suicide
    Tactile - Weed Is Life - Unknown
    DJ Bal - I Saw You Blink - Unknown
    SKC - Time Stands Still - Commercial Suicide
    End of Mix

    Calibre - Gibbe Dub - Signature
    Nookie - Unknown - Dub
    Furney - Sweet Dreams - Dub
    Rufige Cru - Vanilla - Metalheadz
    Heist - Sprout (Breakage Remix) - Dub

    SendSpace Download Link
    ( I will most likely be uploading this to the DNBN server once the SendSpace link expires. )


    Yes Yes. As you will notice, the blog has been switched/upgraded to Blogger Beta. I've been holding off for some time, didn;t know exactly what I wanted to do with this space, if it was going to be a serious joint or just a secondary spot. But I think I;ve come to terms with it and I want it to grow and become something a bit more. (lil shout out to khal for giving me some guidance.) I hope all of you reading this are into this page and check back often enough. I do try to keep things freshly pressed and on cutting edge. Anyways, I;ll just end with a thanks for your time and a please stay tuned. Got some new ideas that I;d like to see develop here, looking forward to sharing with you. ezez