Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Electrosoul System on podcast tip

Electrosoul System - Mixmag.info Podcast

1 Black Rain - Uptempo (Strobe remix) [Scale]
2 Aaron Jay & Lynx - Wait For Me [31 Records]
3 Electrosoul System - Traffic [Unreleased]
4 Dissident - Pseudo [TAM Records]
5 Oak - Morning Structure [Brand Nu]
6 Mykra - Chimes [Fokuz]
7 Electrosoul System - Deep Blue [Soundtrax]
8 Electrosoul System - Nine Planets [Kos.Mos.Music]
9 Bop - Skeptikos [Kos.Mos.Music]
10 Future Engineers - Bionics (Electrosoul System space trip mix) [Kos.Mos.Music]

DNBShare Download

Monday, December 08, 2008

More Fanu For You

Here it is in all is 'preview' glory, the new Fanu longplayer entitled, 'Homefree'.

And I Find Her There
Where It Rains Blood
Bringing Out The Evil
Burning The Bridge
Cry 4 U (feat. Swervez/BBA)
End Of An Era
For Those Who Dream (Vector Burn Remix)
Silentium - Hangman's Lullaby (Fanu Remix)
Killer Boys and Black Balloons
The New Law - Showdown (feat. Fanu)
Sleeping Beauty
You May Fall But Don't Hide Your Face
Vector Burn - 1000 Thrones (Fanu Remix)

With a tentative release planned for early 2009, the album will see an all formats release, 3 x 12'' Vinyl / CD / mp3's.

In 'Homefree', Janne says this album has been a detailed culmination of dedication, determination and perseverance to the fullest,

"Making music's never been the easiest job for me, and I throw a lot of the songs I try to write into the bin, and I must say writing this album's been a pretty damn long road as well, but here it finally is.
I'm more proud of this album than any other Fanu music package ever released before."

and from following the early workings on part of this project, it's nice to see that after 2 years of tracking down Vector Burn the effort will finally be rewarded with this release.

Well done Fanu!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Break + DOA = $$$

Mayday has done a lengthy article/interview piece over at DOA on one of dnb's most prized talents in the game. Make a point of checking it out today!

Break - DOA Mix

1 Sabre - Try Your Luck [???]
2 Break - Hooked Up [Symmetry]
3 Proxima & Nymfo - HardDrive [???]
4 Whizz & Daze - Transit Zone [???]
5 Break - Adrenaline [Symmetry]
6 Spinline - Razzia [X-Tinction Agenda]
7 Nico, Fierce & Break - Draw [Quarantine]
8 Dose & Menace - Pick Up [Samurai]
9 Break - Is This What You Want? [Symmetry]
10 Vicious Circle - Access All Areas [Critical]
11 Spectrasoul - Tectonic [???]
12 Break - Traits [Symmetry]
13 Loxy & Cern - Juggernaught [Revolution]
14 Break - Evil Twin [Symmetry]
15 Break - Wine [???]
16 Break - Let It Lie [Revolution]
17 Klute - Trust Me [???]
18 Nymfo - Follow The Signs [???]
19 Break Feat. Kyo - Last Chance [Symmetry]
20 Total Science - S.O.S. [???]
21 Break - In Between [Symmetry]

READ the Article + DOWNLOAD the Mix

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Fanu Christmas

"This is the first mix of the three "Xmas mixes" Imma do for the beat lovers.
This one's with downbeat / hiphop.
The next one's about old jungle, and the one after that has new jungle; coming this week - or next, at the latest."

1 - Silent Wolf - Stay or Leave [Dub]
2 - De La Soul - Sunshine [Tommy Boy]
3 - DJ Krush - Le Temps feat. DJ Cam [Mo Wax]
4 - FSOL - Woodland [Jumpin' Pumpin']
5 - Galliano - Slack Hands [Talkin' Loud]
6 - Gravediggaz - Diary of A Madman [Island]
7 - Welder - Find You Here [Cyberset]
8 - Bonobo - Days To Come [Ninja Tune]
9 - DJ Krush - Jugoya [Mo Wax]
10 - Tek 9 - Sweet Dreams and Goodnight [SSR]
11 - The Roots - What They Do [Geffen]
12 - Amon Tobin - Keep Your Distance [Ninja Tune]
13 - FSOL - Amoeba [Astralwerks]
14 - The Herbaliser - Scratchy Noise [Ninja Tune]
15 - The Pharcyde - 4 Better or 4 Worse [Delicious Vinyl]
16 - UNKLE - Guns Blazing [Mo Wax]
17 - Danny Breaks - Windscreen Wiper [Alphabet Zoo]
18 - De La Soul - Squat! [Tommy Boy]
19 - Welder - Rain [Cyberset]
20 - Blu Mar Ten - Dolce Vita [Exceptional]
21 - Fanu - Dreams Are Like Water [Lightless]


"So here it is, the 2nd mix of my three "Xmas mixes".
Some old dopeness - lots of breaks, beats, and drums in this one.
Should perfect for the dark nights!"

1 - J Majik - Tranquil [Metalheadz]
2 - 4Hero - Journey To The Light [Reinforced]
3 - Tek 9 - The Beast Within [SSR]
4 - Sounds Of Life - A Spice of Jazz [Certificate18]
5 - Jonny L - Uneasy [XL]
6 - Paradox - A Certain Sound [Renegade]
7 - Photek - Hybrid [Science]
8 - Decoder - Vapour Dub [Hardleaders]
9 - Facs - Kromedome [Droppin Science]
10 - Asylum - Da Bass II Dark [Metalheadz]
11 - DJ Swift - 2nd Strike [True Playaz]
12 - Intense - Contact [Vibe'z]
13 - Remarc - 2:01 [Planet Mu]
14 - Acetate - Cold Steel Pressure [Flex]
15 - Dillinja - Armoured D [Metalheadz]
16 - Jonny L - PBX [XL]
17 - Paradox - Furtive Drummers [Reinforced]
18 - Higher Sense - Cold Fresh Air [Moving Shadow]


"Soooooo, here's the third and the last mix of the three Xmas mixes.
Definitely new school this time.
A few dubs, some Lightless biz...lots of good beats, breaks, and fat bass as usual."

1 - Cryo - Girls and Their Demons [Covert Operations]
2 - Naibu - It Took A Long Time [Creative Source]
3 - Sight Unseen [???]
4 - Minotaur - Worlds Beyond [Med School]
5 - Randomer - Ball or Fire [???]
6 - Stranjah - G-Money [Lightless]
7 - Martsman - Halow [Med School]
8 - Randomer - Siren Song [???]
9 - Buzz & Fushara - Trigger For Chance [???]
10 - Fanu - For Those Who Dream (Vector Burn Remix) [Lightless]
11 - Alpha Omega - Poltergeist (Fanu Remix) [Lightless]
12 - Seba & Krazy - Imperial Moment [Metalheadz]
13 - ASC - Smartbomb [Vampire]
14 - Grand Masterz - The Dreamer (Teebee's Part II) [Vampire]
15 - Grand Masterz - Shadow Technique [Vampire]
16 - Chris Inperspective - Right About Me [INP:Digital]
17 - Social Engineer - Her Sense [???]
18 - Fracture & Neptune - Boogalou [13 Music]
19 - Polar - Almost and Beyond [Warm Communications]


Monday, December 01, 2008

Rusher Rockin Classics

Rusher's mixes are always badass. Heavy selection, seamless mixing and a rockin vibe. His latest draws on influences of the past, tunes that inspired and shaped his style. Get some!

01. Teebee - Human Reptile [Subtitles]
02. Matrix - Apache [Virus]
03. Rob F & Impulse - Recall [Subtitles]
04. Kraken - Dominion [Zero G]
05. Kemal - Pace [Cryptic Audio]
06. Ram Trilogy - Flip The Traps [Ram]
07. Moth - Sugar Crashing (Kemal & Rob Data Remix) [Terraformat]
08. Stakka & Skynet - Decoy [Underfire]
09. Marcus Intalex & S.T. Files - Dreamworld [31 Records]
10. Kemal & Rob Data - The Mummy [Negative]
11. Stakka & Skynet feat. DJ Red - 9000 Series [Underfire]
12. Konflict - Celestial [Renegade Hardware]
13. Stakka & Skynet - Logistics [Audio Blueprint]
14. Konflict - Maelstrom [Renegade Hardware]
15. Teebee - Bioform [Certificate 18]
16. Stakka & Skynet - RF Frequency [Audio Blueprint]
17. Teebee - Meet Your Maker [Subtitles]


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Amit's Back!

Amit - Reprise Agency Podcast 007

Download (tracklist to follow..)


Monday, November 24, 2008

Martsman Guest Mix

Martsman - Kongkretebass Podcast #72

1. Commix - Bear Music [Hospital]
2. Breakage - The Shroud [Digital Soundbwoy]
>> Sileni - Twitchy Droid Leg [Offshore]
3. Lxc - Eitherwave (No Drums) [???]
4. Martsman - Bluetone [Warm Communications]
5. Martsman - Antifunk [Counter Intelligence]
6. Martsman - Apathetic Robot Squad [Med School]
7. Nucleus - Flim Flam [Reinforced]
8. Mendelayev - I’m Zombie [Alphacut]
9. Squarepusher - North Circular [Rephlex]
10. C12 - Judy (Hooked On Coke) (Jonathan Moore Remix) [Kult]
11. Commix, Nu:tone & Logistics - Soundbyte [Hospital]
12. Martsman - Trueschool Drumkit Wonder [Med School]
13. Martsman - Klikoucha [Offshore]
14. Randomer - Down In The Woods [Alphacut]
15. Sileni - Bingggg [???]
16. Martsman - Sir Gordon Jumpmeister III [Med School]
17. Martsman - Halow [Med School]
18. Martsman - Modem Mating Call [???]

Send Space Download

* I'm not even going to post the original download link, as it took over 1 hour to complete.*

New Fanu Album Details

"14 tracks.
DnB, downtempo, even a dubstep piece.
Vocals, remix work (Vector Burn, The New Law, Silentium).
Shitloads of samples, breaks, atmos, and emotional resonance."

Keep an eye on the Fanu website, as that's where audio clips will surface first. (or you'll read about it here at SCI & PRO)

Final album mixdown will be completed by the end of the year, which signals an early 2009 release. 3 x 12'' + CD + mp3's.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Loveshack Blap!

Dan Marshall finally brings pleasure to the people after a year long tease and releases his B52's Loveshack relick.

Download .zip (320)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Roy Batty Is Still Alive

The Finnish Assassin pays homage to the 1982 cult classic, Blade Runner.

Fanu - Roy Batty Is Still Alive | Mirror

Friday, November 14, 2008

Solar Empire

With the over abundance of new music circulating my head these days, I almost forgot about the stellar release of Solar Empire's debut album, The Secrets Of Time.

The release of the ASC : Ezeekil collaborative effort has been a long time coming, originally signed 2 years ago to Thermal Recordings, the label encountered numerous distribution problems and ultimately went defunct, so the team at Covert Operations took formidable matters into their own hands and released the damn thing themselves!

This album is pure quality at it's finest. 12 stunning soundscapes drawing on multiple angles of dance floor damage to beard stroking reclinement. This album is an absolute must and available only from the Covert Operations Store.

For audio previews, click the links below.

1 Atoms
2 Curvature
3 Space Device
4 All In The Mind
5 Gravity Shift
6 Inside
7 Flatline
8 Mobius Ring
9 The Breach
10 Nova Scotia
11 Relay
12 Arctic Circle

Love it!


In case you've been living under a rock the last couple of days, you've missed the drop on one of the better online articles + mixes as of late. khal from DOA and RTD fame, caught up with the German space funk daddies of the newly minted Neosignal, to talk shop and unleash a promo mix of epic proportions showcasing the monstrosity the mad scientists are renowned for. Check it!

Phace & Misanthrop - Neosignal Promo Mix for DOA

1. Misanthrop - Moon Clouds [Neosignal]
2. Phace & Noisia - Sore Point [Neosignal]
3. Phace - Alive [Subtitles]
4. Misanthrop - Factory 5 [Neosignal]
5. The Green Man - Berlin (Phace Remix) [Basswerk]
6. Misanthrop - Black Rain [Neosignal]
7. Phace & Misanthrop - Hyzer [Subtitles]
8. Mayhem - Injection [SLR]
9. Phace - Cold Champagne [Neosignal]
10. Calyx & Teebee - Warrior VIP [???]
11. Noisia - Crank [Vision]
12. Phace & Misanthrop - Fortune [Subtitles]
13. Misanthrop - Viperfish VIP [Subtitles]
14. Phace & Misanthrop - Offcenter (Vocal VIP ft. Mecha) [???]
15. Phace & Misanthrop - Mammoth [Neosignal]
16. Phace - Astral Projection [Neosignal]
17. Bulletproof, Cern, Misanthrop & Phace - Vulcan [Cyanide]
18. Noisia, Sabre & Icicle - Quarters [???]
19. Noisia - Strange Owl [Metalheadz]
20. Spor - Claret's March [Lifted]
21. Noisia - Stigma [Vision]

READ the article + DOWNLOAD the mix.

This is an absolute must.

Show support by purchasing NSGNL001 from various online stores as Juno, Chemical, RedEye and Triple Vision, who also is responsible for worldwide distribution.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Industrial Decay

The Industrial Decay Network is proud to announce their first book. IDN01, represents two years of explorations by 25 photographers from 11 countries. This book is dedicated to the study of Industrial Ruins.

More info + order details found here at indecay.com

Big shouts to Toronto's own graphic arts legend, sigma7.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Axiom All Artist Mix

Axiom - All Axiom Mix

Axiom - End In Tears [Citrus]
Axiom - Emokiller [Citrus]
Axiom - The Tardis [Habit]
Axiom - From Another World [Hostile]
Axiom - Moscow Nights [???]
Axiom - Air Raid [Syndrome Audio]
Axiom - Ulysses [Close2Death]
Axiom, Optiv & Psidream - Break In [DSCI4]
Axiom - High Noon [???]
Axiom - Phalanx [Close2Death]
Axiom - Sputnik [Close2Death]
Axiom & State of Mind - Deadzone [SOM Music]
Axiom - Fallout [Disturbed]
Axiom - The Big Spanking [Uuprising]
Axiom - Funky Fucker [Habit]
Axiom & Chris.SU - Euroneuro [Audio Fiction]
Axiom - Dead Souls [Citrus]
Axiom - Sexdrive [Uprising]
Axiom - Rock n'Roll, Baby! [Citrus]
Axiom - Soulscavenger [Renegade Hardware]
Axiom & Optiv - Borderline [Citrus]
Axiom, Dementia & Rregula - Untitled [Audio Fiction]
Axiom & Psidream - Shadowpath [Shadow Law]

*shouts to biene with the linkage!*

Friday, November 07, 2008

Amon Tobin Foley Room Live

Amon Tobin - Foley Room Live in Brussels

1 Amon Tobin - In the Dark (Intro)
2 Amon Tobin - Horsefish (Live Mix)
3 Cardiacs - The Alphabet Business Concern (Home of Fadeless Splendour)
4 Two Fingers - TBA
5 Spank Rock - Bump (Switch Remix)
6 Two Fingers - TBA
7 Amon Tobin - Esthers
8 Amon Tobin - Throwback (a.k.a. Intro to Solid Steel Live 1)
9 King Cannibal - Aragami Style
10 Kelis - Aww Shit
11 Two Fingers - TBA
12 Amon Tobin - Kitchen Sink (Live Mix)/Ms. Jade - Jade's A Champ
13 Amon Tobin - Big Furry Head
14 Tech Itch - Know
15 Amon Tobin - Verbal (Acapella)
16 Two Fingers - TBA
17 Boxcutter - Grub
18 Autechre - Doctrine
19 Amon Tobin - Foley Room
20 Amon Tobin - Untitled
21 Dom & Roland - Ritual
22 Amon Tobin & Noisia - Untitled
23 Konflict - Messiah (Noisia Remix)
24 Spank Rock - Get On the Floor (Disco D Production)
25 Nice Nice - Uh Oh
26 Amon Tobin - Straight Psyche
27 Autechre - Second Bad Vilbel
28 Noisia - B.R.E.E.Z.E.
29 Noisia - Concussion
30 Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - No Remorse
31 Amon Tobin - Keep Your Distance

Download includes mix, a .pdf booklet and an image file for your mp3 library.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kid Koala New Home On The Web

Koala has a new home on the web. Check out Nufonia.com for the goods. Design by Noyz319.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Polar - In The End

Polar - In Th End [Warm Communications]

WARMLPS001 12''
A. High Voltage
AA1. Almost And Beyond (Sampler Version)
AA2. In The Middle Of Somewhere

WARMPLP001 2x12''
A. I Don't Remember
B1. Uneven
B2. Stepping Out
C. Nothing Personal
D1. Another Time
D2. End Of The Story

1. Almost And Beyond
2. End Of The Story
3. Another Time
4. Nothing Personal
5. I Don't Remember
6. Rendition
7. High Voltage
8. In The Middle of Somewhere
9. 3 Liter
10. Static
11. Stepping Out
12. Uneven
13. Lo-fi Epilogue

12'' Sampler available October 27/2008
2x12'' LP and CD available November 2008

For more info and audio, check the following links:
Warm Communications Myspace
Polar Myspace

Artwork by Khoma
Distributed worldwide by S.T. Holdings LTD

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Clever - BBS Bookings Podcast

Clever - BBS Bookings Podcast October 08

Polar - Uneven [Warm Communications]
Hi-Lar - Back on Trip (LXC Remix) [Offshore]
Instramental - The Dead Zone [Darkestral]
Physics - Dreamworld (D Bridge Remix) [Blindside]
Thee Darkestral - Remote Value [???]
Ed Rush, Trace, and Nico - Mad Different Methods [Nu Black]
Martsman - Disharmonic Anti Anthem [Offshore]
Calibre - Sokitume [Signature]
Dissident & Engage - LHC [???]
Polar - High Voltage [Warm Communications]
Martsman - Klikoucha [Offshore]
Sileni - Twitchy Droid Leg [Offshore]
Martsman - Untitled [???]
Deep Blue - Soho Code Version X [Offshore]
Dissident - Society of Silver Skeletons [Hotshore]
Martsman - Some Minimal Business (LXC Refix) [Subtle]


The science!

Monday, October 06, 2008

The Future Is: Grimm

And now on to something that will become a regular monthly feature here at Sci & Pro (inspired by this thread and it's sinking demise), a head's up and profile on a new edge producer I feel is deserving of more notice and coverage. For the first installment, I'm staying local and shedding light on a Toronto MC turned budding producer, Grimm.

I was first introduced to Grimm back in December of 2007, when Make:Shift released his track 'Getting Deep' on their mpFREE compilation, 'Bassbored'. A tidy little mp3 indie album, looking to bring in some new artists and showcase some older friends of the label. Fast forward to May of 2008, he really caught my attention with his dark haunting number, 'Etched In Stone'. A gripping evil edged tune that makes your skin crawl. A real moody piece of music that makes you feel something when listening to it (to this day I can't understand why it hasn't been signed). From there we linked on AIM and he's been passing me tunes ever since, a fair amount too I should note. This guy does some serious work in the studio, crankin out solo works and collabs by the bunch (all quality!). In turn, label heads have started to recognize his talents and sign his tracks. Most recently Future Thinkin out of London UK, snatched him up for a release. And those notable collaborations I mentioned earlier, featuring the talents of Mutt, Nusense and Stanza, well it's almost certain that they'll find reputable homes in the coming weeks and secure a slot for release in 2009, no doubt. With a lot to look forward to and plenty to be patient for, this is merely the tip of the iceberg for the Grimmful One. Take note!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Widestream - September Mix Special

Widestream - September Mix Special for DNB.IN.UA

1. Cryo - She VIP [Covert Operations]
>> Bop - Time & Space [???]
2. Bop & Dephecta - Autumn Melancholy (Widestream Remix) [Misspent]
3. Oak - Nu Sunrise [Brand:Nu]
>> Bop - Zakoulki Soznaniya [???]
4. Marso - Autist [Covert Operations]
5. Derrick - Azau [???]
6. Receptor - Romb [???]
7. Calculon - Relapse [???]
8. Nookie - Get Down (P.B.K feat. Miss Drop Remix) [Camino Blue]
9. ICR & Pazta - Stand Up (Remix) [???]
10. Paul SG & Calculon - Part of Me [???]
11. Sky & Hemule feat. Gibson - Southern Star VIP [Deformed Soundz]
12. Grinda & ZigZag - Colours of the Night (Jebar Remix) [Liquid Brilliant]
13. ICR - Then Just Say Hello [Deformed Soundz]
14. Peerj - Not With You [TAM Records]


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Buck 65 + Symphony Nova Scotia

"It was something that could only happen in Halifax" says Halifax Chronicle Herald critic Stephen Pedersen.

Back in April of this year, Canadian hip hop artist and poet extraordinaire Buck 65 did a special intimate concert engagement with the classical ensemble of Symphony Nova Scotia, at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium in Halifax, Nova Scotia. What transpired over the next hour and a half was something so mind bending, so awe inspiring, a small concert in tiny Eastern Canada turned into a galactic 'experience' in the world of music. Here were two worlds on opposite ends of the spectrum, thrust together in a bizarre collision, producing a phenomenal soundclash for the ages.

The full concert is available for streaming ONLY on CBC Radio 2, but discussions are currently ongoing between Buck and CBC about acquiring the rights in hopes for a future digital release.

Check the set and stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ringing In Autumn...

Liam Tallon - The Idle Sessions (Final Chapter)

1. Billain - Intrusion [Breed12Inches]
2. Evol Intent & Ewun - Reality Check [Evol Intent]
3. Kubrak - Force Of Mind [???]
4. Spor & Ewun - We Dominate [Lifted]
5. Cause4Concern - Moongerm [C4C]
6. The Sect - Voices [Position Chrome]
>> Photek - Age Of Empires [Metalheadz]
7. Skyence - Extraordinary Grace [???]
8. Dieselboy, Evol Intent & Ewun - Midnight Express [Human Imprint]
9. Apex - Locked On [???]
10. Geier - Solar (Relick) [???]
11. Commix - Talk To Frank (Break Remix) [???]
12. Insideinfo - Is This On? [???]
13. Spor - Stoppit [Lifted]
14. The White Stripes - Icky Thump (The Upbeats Booty) [???]
15. Ewun - My Name Is Fame [Evol Intent]
16. Receptor - Rhyno [Breed12Inches]
17. Prolix - Crust [???]
18. Vicious Circle - Welcome To Shanktown [Renegade Hardware]
19. Spor - Claret's March [Lifted]
20. Limewax - Agent Orange [L.B.]
21. Hive - Neo (VIP) [Violence]
22. Ewun - Take That [Evol Intent]
23. Evol Intent - Middle Of The Night [Evol Intent]

Sendspace Download

Friday, September 12, 2008


LEGENDARY cutting edge drum and bass label No U-Turn Records has opened up a mp3 store via ithinkmusic.com.

I'm sure most of you know the history behind this label, owned and operated by techstep pioneer and living legend, Nico Sykes. No U-Turn is responsible for discovering and releasing some of the darkest, most experimental dnb producers of the early 90's, helping to shape the scene and push the limits on musical progression. Ed Rush, Trace, Ryme Tyme, Fierce, Future Forces Inc., Sinthetix, Break and Silent Witness all got their start here and grew in strength as artists from working together within this camp.

Many more titles to be added to the store in the future, including exclusive, previously unreleased tracks and alternative mixes of label classics, aswell as music from a variety of No U Turn affiliated projects (Saigon, Nu Back and Turn U On).

I know where I'll be spending my money in the very near future. ;)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Newest In New

Engage - Brainfunk Mix

The Prana - Black Hole [???]
Maztek - Tantrax [Subculture]
Engage - Echo [???]
Paperclip - Molecula [???]
Engage - Breath [Aesthetics]
Misha - Bugs2 [Full Force]
Engage & Scud - Concentrate [Aesthetics]
Pulsar41 - Saturation Depth [???]
Engage - Blackout [???]
Dj Quest & Eskmo - Speakers Corner (Sunchase Remix) [Cyberfunk]
Error - Devastation [???]
Dementia & Rregula - Loose Control (Chook Remix) [???]
Billain - Intrusion [Breed12Inches]
Cruel Culture & Skyence - Authist [Shadybrain]
Inside Info - The Verge [Horizons Music]
Quadrant - Manipulated Living [Renegade Hardware]
Spor - Claret's March [Lifted]
Engage - As you wish [???]
Skyence - Extraordinary Grace [???]
Engage - Injection of Passion [Trust In Music]


Cern - Scatter The Ashes Tour Mix

Bulletproof, Cern & Teknik - Scatter the Ashes [Cyanide]
D-Bridge - Creatures of Habit [Exit]
Cern - Sparrowhawk (For Manaia) [Revolution]
Sabre - Global [Subtitles]
Cern - Godsong [Deep Soul Music]
Teknik & Menace - Rise & Fall [Renegade Hardware]
Mayhem - Injection [Project 51]
Cern feat. Charlie B - Trinity [Renegade Hardware]
Phace & Misanthrop - Hyzer [Subtitles]
Equivalent - The Machine [Aesthetics]
Dom & Sketch - Ritual [Dom & Roland Productions]
Konflict - Beckoning [Renegade Hardware]
Phace, Misanthrop, Bulletproof & Cern - Vulcanic [Cyanide]
Break - Meridian [DNAudio]
Mindscape - The Vulture (Dose & Menace Remix) [Citrus]
The Upbeats - Anti-Social [Cyanide]
Cern - Nerve Ending - Renegade Hardware [???]
Cern - Satellites (Phace Remix) [Syndrome Audio]
Optiv & Fierce - Surface Noise [Quarantine]
Break - Timeline V.I.P [Critical]
Cern - Timeslip - Samurai [???]
Cern - Dark Before Dawn [Cylon]
Ed Rush & Optical - Mystery Machine - Virus
Breakage - Rebel Creations [Critical]
Chook & Phace - Sculptured [Full Force]
Axiom & Optiv - Borderline [Citrus]
Spektrum - HotSteppa (Bulletproof Remix) [???]
Bulletproof - Taken [???]
Cern - Life's Curse [Renegade Hardware]
Luca - Eastern Highway - Red Seal [???]

DNBShare Download

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

c64 - Make:Shift Records Podcast

c64 is the man. srsly.

A long standing veteran and pioneer of Toronto's underground breakcore and drum and bass scenes, Chris Minifie is the definition of musicality, knowledge and respect (all rolled up into one). A dedicated DJ first, Chris has toured all over the world in support of his craft, showcasing his tastes and talents (and is taking bookings right now for an Oct/Nov trip to Europe). He also pilots two labels. His breakcore, experimental imprint Dross:tik Records and his dnb imprint, Make:Shift Records, which factors in a few local yocal heads aswell. Solid. If you needed more proof for your pudding, the man also runs a well respected promotional company under the name of Splinter Productions, which I'm sure all Toronto friends are aware of.

Make:Shift has gained a rep over time as "the little indie label that can (AND WILL!)", releasing music in all forms of media, including two luscious slabs of vinyl, two stellar CD albums (V.A. - On The Lam [CDx2] and Polska - Skeptic; I strongly recommend you pick these up so place your ORDER HERE) and one compilation album of budding producers (and a few old geezers) in digital download format. (get your MPFREE .zip file HERE!)

So without further adieu, here's the mix and what you clicked for, and as c64 said, it's runnin with "A little new, a little old and everything in between. Enjoy."

c64 - Make:Shift Records Podcast 2008

01. Martsman – Bluetone [Warm Communications]
02. Stranjah – Jah Dubified [???]
03. Fushara – Drift [Make:Shift Digital]
04. Rick Toxic – Modus Operandi [Make:Shift Digital]
05. ASC – Orbit [Red Mist]
06. Fanu – Jungle Got Ranks [Make:Shift]
07. Blame – Hindsight [Hospital]
08. Mutt – Blue (Logistics Remix) [Crisis]
09. Breakage – Come Out [Bassbin]
10. Stranjah – Assassinz VIP [???]
11. ASC – Lifeforce [Nu Directions]
12. Fushara - In The Shadows They Work [Make:Shift Digital]
13. DJ Hidden – Here Lies the Confusion [Ad Noiseam]
14. Instru:mental – Sakura [Darkestral]
15. Stranjah – Trance Out [???]
16. Dodz – Pensive (3am Hug A Stranger Remix) [Make:Shift]
17. Andy Skopes & Madcap - These Sounds [Renegade]
18. Tek Unlimited – Primal Drums [Inperspective]
19. dgoHo – Elle [Subtle Audio]
20. Martsman – Mars24 [unreleased]
21. Point Blank & DJ Sweetness – Drummers From Hell [Scientific Wax]
22. Klute – The Struggle [Commercial Suicide]
23. ASC – Resolution (Remix) [Warm Communications]
24. Omni Trio – Soul of Darkness (Promenade 96 Rollout) [Moving Shadow]
25. Mirra & Fay – The Sea [Make:Shift Digital]


Monday, September 08, 2008

The Bug - Skeng - Video

Official video for The Bug & Killa P (featuring Flowdan) - Skeng

"From The Bug's eye view of London Zoo, one rooftop with no concept one flashlight and three early morning hours becomes a hyper-real and very chilling story of the tools of survival in the London jungle below, as told by the lone and stoned mouths of Flowdan and Killa P. Shot by Anne-Marie Bergeron (Urler.tv), this video is seen best from the bed in your hearse, with a shot in your face like dart in a board" (source)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Telemetrik - Exit Civilization - Video


..and don't forget, Marcio's debut LP 'My Lightyear' is now out in all formats. Pick up the CD LP and support a brilliant cutting edge artist.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Burn After Reading

I want to take more stabs at movies here on Sci & Pro, as I am a film nut, and I'm gonna start in this direction with the next film by the Coen Brothers, Burn After Reading. I've always been a big fan of their work and ever since last years No Country For Old Men, anything they now touch is a guaranteed WIN imo. The assembled cast is pretty stacked too with heavyweights like Malkovich, Pitt and Clooney, aswell as female Oscar winners, McDormand and Swinton. Burn After Reading hits theatres September 12th aannnnnnd I'll be catching it that weekend.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chook & Phace - FF014

Finished the press write last night for ZeroOneFour on Full Force, featuring Chook and Phace. Brother Radic threw it up on a couple of forums, so it goes live here too! Have a looksee..

Full Force Recordings is proud to present a collaboration of collosal proportions featuring the mighty talents of label boss Chook and the German space punks, Phace. High quality production and phenomenal audio engineering has quickly become the standard at FF and 014 follows suit in the form of two extra large cyber funk rollers. In the grand scheme of things, this release puts a final stamp and seal of approval on an epic year at Full Force Recordings.

A chilling introduction gives way to dreamy sedative state where slippery funk grooves trip back and forth coating airwaves with thick honey-like sweetness (makes you crave delicious!). Senses shiver feverishly in a hypnotic gaze and bones bounce like bowling balls on trampolines as this track flexes hard and rolls deep into the midnight light.

Forward into the ominous setting, tension fills the air as the script unfolds. True to form, Chook and Phace combine some of their darkest funk breaks with their signature style of space age progression, adding key sci-fi stabs, haunting atmospherics and a rugged bassline one has come to expect from these masters of nueropunk.

Dig it? Audio can be heard on Chookspace or FFspace links above.
Promos hit stores in October, with mp3 release to follow one month later.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mix Times Three

Three mixes of note this Monday afternoon..

ASC - August Studio Mix

01 - Lm1 - Blue Mountain [Covert Operations]
02 - Alaska & Nucleus - Aufeis [Arctic]
03 - ASC - Lightyears [Horizons: Inside]
04 - ASC - Space Technique [Horizons: Inside]
05 - Probe-One - Voyage [Covert Operations]
06 - Seba - Crockett [Combination]
07 - Lm1 - Renaissance [Covert Operations]
08 - ASC - Logical Regression [Horizons: Inside]
09 - Klute - Property Is Theft [Commercial Suicide]
10 - Seba feat. Krister Linder - Blaze and Fade Out [Combination]
11 - ASC - Zero Gravity [Horizons: Inside]
12 - Intense - 1st Contact (ASC Remix) [Vibez]
13 - Method One - Sunset Over Sutro [Unreleased]

Download + visit DeeperSounds

Trei - August Studio Mix

01. State Of Mind & Trei - Dirt [SOM Music]
>> D Bridge & Vegas - True Romance [Metalheadz]
02. Tiki Taane - Now This Is It (State Of Mind Remix) [TikiDub]
03. Drumsound & SBS - Belly Dancer [Technique]
04. Trei - Shame [Samurai Music]
05. Concord & BSE - Crimeside [Uprising]
06. Trei - Sound Down [???]
07. Subwave - Think [Shogun Audio]
08. State Of Mind - Spacesurfer [SOM Music]
09. Trei - Shine On [ShogunLtd]
10. Upbeats - Will Shatner [Non Vogue]
11. Dose - Back to Normal [Commercial Suicide]
12. Origin Unknown - Believe [RAM]
13. Break - Lead The Way [Commercial Suicide]
14. Lynx & Alix Perez - Randy [Soul:R]
15. Camo - So Far Apart [Uprising]
16. Trei - Mindless [Uprising]
17. Chase & Status - Judgement [RAM]
>> Total Science - Jungle Jungle [Metalheadz]
18. Zero Tolerance ft. Bailey - Robots [CIA]
19. Subwave - Dreamcatcher [Metalheadz Platinum]
20. Isotone - Trip [Obsessions]
21. Trei - No Vacancy [???]
22. Trei - Too High [Critical]
23. Dose & Menace - Pickup [Samurai Music]
24. Trei - Justify [Commercial Suicide]
25. Noisia & BSE - Infusion [BSE Recs]
26. D Fiance - Fast Lane (Shock One Remix) [Sudden Def]
27. Dose & Trei - Hotfoot [Critical]
>> Dylan & Ink - Need You Now [Renegade Hardware]


Axiom - Carpe Noctem Mix

01. Axiom - End In Tears [Citrus]
02. Prolix - Watch Your Step [Ganjatek]
03. Chris.su - Double Axle [Audio Fiction]
04. Axiom - Dead Souls [Citrus]
05. Zero Method - Crispy Rolls [DSCI4]
06. BSE & SOM - Red Velvet VIP [???]
07. Axiom - Funky Fucker [Habit]
08. Prolix - Twisted Angel [Ganjatek]
09. Jade & Matt-U - Dread Moon [Audio Fiction]
10. Axiom - Untitled [Habit]
11. State Of Mind - Wake Up Call [SOM Music]
12. Cause4Concern - Phatcap (Phace Remix) [C4C]
13. Tripod - Humiliation (Treo Remix) [???]
14. Axiom - Ulysses [Close2Death]
15. Axiom & Chris.su - Euroneuro [Audio Fiction]
16. Prolix - Silverfox [Ganjatek]
17. Optiv - Chaostherapy [Redlight]
18. Axiom - Sputnik [Close2Death]
19. Cern - True Talk [Renegade Hardware]
20. Future Signal - Ghost In The Machine [Audio Fiction]
21. Axiom - Rock n' Roll, Baby! [Citrus]
22. Axiom & Optiv - Borderline [Citrus]


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Covert Operations News

Lotsa good news out of the Cov Ops camp early this week.

Firstly, and most noteworthy, Volume 4 from the now infamous Sci-Files series is out. This edition see's the production machine known as ASC carve your cranium a little deeper with 2 chilling tracks served cold on a block of ice. Check First Snow, paying homage to the film, The Fountain, and Holosphere, an impressive track "detailed and raw with lush minimal atmospheres punctuating throughout". This release is available now exclusively from the Covert Store and everywhere else late August / early September.

Next, the Global Connections series see's the release of Volume 5. Artists on this installment include, Method One, P.B.K., Intersidreal and rising artist Lm 1, plus a load of others. Quality and recommended.

And finally, for the vinyl lovers, COV028 Polar - Sudden Depth b/w Method One - Swing Shift. That's right, Mr. K makes his triumphant return to drum and bass this year with a forthcoming album on Warm Communications and this release on Cov Ops. Buy on sight!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


An exciting new prospect out of the Shadow Law stables is a new label dedicated to rising talents from across the globe. Aesthetics has been set up to break in new names that the common public might not yet be aware of, but will get to know FedEx fast!

Originally, this project was created in early 2007. 001 (Catacomb - Out Alive b/w Dose - Anoxia) was signed early last year, and then put on the back burner. Being as busy as the 'man in demand' is, Mayhem's ongoing workload restricted him from giving it the proper attention a "quality control" + "talent breaking" label deserves. Now with things in a more calm and collected state (and his debut album almost complete!) the time has come to open the flood gates and rinse out the beats.

With 3 official releases already concrete, Aesthetics look to break new boundaries with likes of Equivalent, Engage, Kodin and Scud, aswell as respective new school heads, Catacomb, Dose, Corrupt Souls and Cern making their mark.

AES001 is on test press right now and Mayhem has said things will now move at a speedy pace, so expect to see a consistent flow for the rest of the year. (and if not, send kick-in-the-ass emails to mayhem @ shadowlawrecordings . com HAH!)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Bro Safari

Check this out.

Knick of Evol Intent and Ludachrist fame, has a new outlet for glitch tricked dubstep/downtempo'd beats. Under his new guise of Bro Safari, he's graciously offered up 3 unsigned gems for free! (mirror by Mr. Frodo)

As you can see from the thread, the feedback has been pretty positive, and although he said he lost his motivation while writing, I'm betting this won't be the last we hear from his latest moniker.

Catacomb - The Zodiac (Misanthrop Remix)

By the beard of Zeus! Misanthrop has done it again on the remix tip.

The original has long been one of my favorites from the Catacomb catalogue, and in my eyes, was the first big tune where they really came into their own and identified 'their' sound. A large serving of filth ridden, gutter crawling, rugged chugging minimalistic future funk. (and that's how we like it!)

So if you've copped the two (1 and 2) Bulletproof sets I've recently posted, you would've recognized this track. (trust me) Obscenely powerful and aggressive, it grabs you by the scruff of your neck and throws you into a violent pit of rage and hostility where your sanity is put to the ultimate test.

Step into the mind of a killer.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bulletproof - Bullet Time Radio

Bulletproof - Bullet Time Radio 7/31/08

1. Sabre - Ash -?
2. The Upbeats - Anti Social [Cyanide]
3. Vicious Circle - Relapse ?
4. Nphonix & Enei - Spacecraft [Cyanide]
5. Mindscape - The Vulture (Dose & Menace Remix) [Citrus]
6. Survival & Break - Sick ?
7. Hive, Dom, Gridlok & Ryme Tyme - Futureslip [Violence]
8. Konflict - Maelstrom [Renegade Hardware]
9. Sabre - Global [Subtitles]
10. D-Bridge - True Romance VIP [NR]
11. Mayhem - Injection [Project 51]
12. Bulletproof, Impact & Survival - Black Rose [Revolution]
13. Dose & Menace - Pickup [Commercial Suicide]
14. Soul Intent - Hysteria [Samurai]
15. Spektrum - Hot Steppa (Bulletproof Remix) ?
16. Cause4Concern - Sound Clash [Violence]
17. Bulletproof, Cern & Teknik - Scatter The ashes [Cyanide]
18. Sabre - Penny Black ?
19. State Of Mind - Space Surfer [Samurai]
20. Survival & Alix Perez - Untitled ?
21. Future Forces - Stronium Jazz (Dillnja Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
22. Break - In My Head ?
23. Cause4Concern - Droids [C4C]
24. Phace & Noisia - Alive [Vision]
25. Cern - Kiss The Sky [Syndrome Audio]
26. Phobia - Guillotine ?
27. Catacomb - The Zodiac (Misanthrop Remix) [Syndrome Audio]
28. Usual Suspects & Fierce - Sawnoff [Renegade Hardware]
29. Bulletproof & Teknik - Visions [Cyanide]
30. Phace, Misanthrop, Bulletproof & Cern - Vulcanic [Cyanide]

Sendspace Download


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New TVOTR Album

(I don;t know why I lack on posts, it just happens that way...)

Last week, Pitchfork Media had the first details on TV On The Radio's upcoming album, Dear Science,. It got me rather excited, as 'Return To Cookie Mountain' was quite possibly my favorite album from 2006. Then today, I catch this stellar review over at Rolling Stone, and I'm doing fucking headspins on my desk!!1

So they touring in September, but no stop in Toronto. Do us a favour? Check their show and tell me how it was. Cheers.

Album is out Sept. 23rd, GIT IT!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Amon Tobin Dot Com

There are run-of-the-mill artist websites where nothing ever changes and flash looks disguise lack of content. That’s around 90% of them accounted for. Then there are those few where you get stuff you’re not getting anywhere else.

Once a month for the next six months, Amon Tobin will be releasing one exclusive track (not previously released on any album) made available for sale directly through his web site. But not only is there exclusive material, there’s the chance to generate your own exclusive material. Site users are being invited to submit videos for these songs for compilation on an eventual DVD release.

Tobin’s web site already features a community element. The Fans’ Videos section of the site provides a platform for people to submit their own films for his tracks. Tobin’s music is known for being cinematic and providing a perfect accompaniment to moving pictures (as evidenced in his score of films such as 'Taxidermia' and games such as 'Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory'). You only have to look at the list of his scored and licensed works (also on the site, in the Media section) to see that. Amon Tobin has decided to embrace this marriage of music and image and see what results are forthcoming.

Don’t get us wrong, though – Tobin’s site has enough bells and whistles to keep any midget-attention span satisfied. Check out the game that’s prominently featured - through a 360 degree search and a series of clicks, you can unlock the creatures that live within the site to witness a unique demonstration of 3D animation in synch with Amon’s scores. Set up the right speakers and note that the whole experience is in surround sound.

In addition to the exclusive tracks in the coming months, Tobin will be offering a digital release of his soundtrack to 'Taxidermia', live mixes, ringtones and ringbacks, as well as new designs for t-shirts, hats, posters, desktops, CDs and vinyl. You can stay posted by grabbing the Amon Tobin Gydget.

So stop reading, log on, enjoy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kid Koala's Montreal

XLR8R.TV on Revision 3 catches up with turntablist legend, Kid Koala, for a personalized tour of his hometown Montreal, Quebec.

Man, I love that city. Seeing the sites in the vid, even for only a brief period of time, reminds me I have to make that trek up the 401 for another weekend of culture and debauchery sooner than later!

Friday, July 11, 2008

R.I.P. Jonny Cern

Sad news today out of New Zealand, Jonny Beck from the high praised production duo Cern, has passed away.

2008 was a real breakout year for Cern after a number of prized tracks released on various Triple Vision in-house labels. Their latest on Syndrome Audio ('Voodooguru' b/w 'Tense Passed') was exceptional, drawing stunning comparrison to the early work of Ed Rush & Optical on Virus.

This is a great loss for dnb and humanity itself. He will be sorely missed.


For highlights from the Cern catalogue, check this mix done alongside Bulletproof on Bullet Time Radio in April.

1- Bulletroof Gridlok & Mc Dino - Desperate Measures - [Cyanide]
2- Bulletproof - Submission - [Reegade Hardware]
3- Bulletproof & Teknik - Visions
4- Teknik & Menace - Guilty as charged [Renegade Hardware]
5- Catacomb - The Zodiac (Misanthrop Remix) [Syndrome Audio]
6- Apex - Emo Funk [Cyanide]
7- Nphonix - SpaceCraft [Cyanide]
8- Break - No Going back [Revolution]
9- Bulletproof - The Nephilim (Kemal & Rob Data Remix) [Cyanide]
10 - Misanthrop - Viperfish [Subtitles]
11 - Dose & Menace - Pick Up [Commercial Suicide]
12 - Infiltrata - 56 Fusion [Infiltrata]
13 - Spor Ewun & The Upbeats - A-TOWN [Non Vogue]
14 - Gridlok & Mayhem - Untitled [Project51]

Cern in the mix.
1- Cern - Untitled [Unsigned]
2- Cern - Juggernaught w/ Loxy [TBC]
3- Cern - Dark Before Dawn [Cylon]
4- Cern - December [Basswerk]
5- Cern - Lucid State [Critical]
6- Cern - For Manaia [Revolution]
7- Cern - Eye Dream [TBC]
8- Cern - Dirt Bag [Unsigned]
9- Cern - Through Your Eyes [TBC]
10- Cern - The Blood Moon [Smptm]
11- Cern - Satellites (Phace Remix) [Syndrome Audio]
12- Cern - Salvador [Unsigned]
13- Cern - Down and Out [Unsigned]
14- Cern - Wasabi w/ Teknik [TBC]
15- Cern - Lock Stock [Roll]
16- Cern - Tense Passed (Chook Remix) [Smptm]
17- Cern - Satellites [Smptm]
18- Cern - Godsong [Deep Soul Music]
19- Cern - Non Fiction [Unsigned]

Sendspace Download

And finally, this interview from Serious Buisness TV in 2007.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Bug Hits North America

Great news out of the Ninja Tune camp, The Bug is set to embark on a mini tour of North America this month in support of his forthcoming album, 'London Zoo' (out now!).

Thankfully, the Toronto collective, The Curb Crawlers, has graciously stepped up and secured a date with the man, July 24th at The Drake Hotel. And riding shotgun this stretch, Warrior Queen! (should be HYPE!)

To sample the selection of the London Zoo album, checks this minimix by Kode9.

Looking forward to some rumbling rupturous bass riddims like this:

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Portishead Interview With Last.FM

Last.FM just upped a tidy little interview with the men behind the music of the dynamic Portishead. In the video, Geoff and Adrian talk about their early experiences and influences in "music", those which have helped shape and mold the Portishead legend into what it is today.

(Love this type of interview, very personal and full of insight.)


NME Mag reports today that the band expects to record their fourth album later this year.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Hobzee July Studio Mix

Enjoy your summer days with this gem.

Hobzee - July Studio Mix

1. Calibre - Into The Groove (Signature)
2. Spectrasoul - The Tube (Shogun)
3. System - Near Miss (Digital Sounboy Dub)
4. Soul Intent- Cyber Groove (Mac II Dub)
5. Zero T - Reasonable Doubt (CIA)
6. Survival & Chris Inperspective - Day Light (Audio Tactics Dub)
7. D Bridge & Calibre - Ponderosa (Exit)
8. Eveson - Brooklyn (Influence Dub)
9. Hobzee, Zyon Base & Brother - 125th Street (Dub)
10. Calibre - Lectro (Signature)
11. Alix Perez - Stray (Shogun)
12. Eveson & Henree - Lomo (Dub)
13. Hobzee & Zyon Base - Red Letter/Survival Remix (Diverse Products Dub)
14. Calibre - Ringtone (Samurai Music Dub)
15. Sabre & Survial - Wiretrap (Renegade Hardware)
16. Soul Intent - Orbit (Dub)
17. Zero t & Alix Perez - Threads (CIA)
18. Hobzee & Zyon Base - Black & White Movie (Diverse Products Dub)


Friday, July 04, 2008

Martyn at Stella Sessions

Running a little late on this, but it's mighty worth it!

Martyn took a guest spot on Skream's Stella Sessions at Rinse.FM back in April. What transpired over that 30 minute spot has had my mind locked in a seductive luscious state for the last two days!

1. Martyn - Natural Selection (3024)
2. Slaughter Mob - No Snare (?)
3. Skream - Trapped in a Dark Bubble (?)
4. Martyn - Suburbia (Applepips)
5. Geiom - Reminissin' (Kode9 Remix) (Berkane Sol)
6. TRG - Broken Heart (Martyns DCM Mix) (Hessle Audio)
7. Horsepower Productions - Hand of Death (Tempa)
8. Benny - Jahroel (?)
9. Pantha du Prince - Florac Juswan (Remix) (Tube)
10. Martyn - Vancouver (3024)
11. Shut Up And Dance - Epileptic (Martyns No Strobe Mix) (Suadrecs)


Take a hit.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hyx & Houston - EXBC Mix

Hyx & Houston - Expansion Broadcast - 6/20/08

Telemetrik & Hyx - Rougue City
Evol Intent, Ewun & DSL - Midnight Express
The Upbeats & Teknik - Poison
State Of Mind - Dune
Chris.SU & Concord Dawn - Scream To The Stars
Cause4Concern - Eggplant (Black Sun Empire Remix)
Matrix & Futurebound - Skyscraper
Genr8 & Koldfront Feat Illy Emcee - Broka
State Of Mind - Real McCoy (Black Sun Empire Remix)
Corrupt Souls & Hyx - Brood X
Axiom & Chris.SU - Euroneuro
Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Animal
Telemetrik - Cosmos
Ryme Tyme - We Enter (Optical Remix)
Staka & Skynet - Decoy
Telemetrik - My Lightyear
Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Red Velvet (Black Sun Empire VIP)
Misha - Bugs
Brookes Brothers - Crackdown
SKC - Cold Sweat
Black Sun Empire - End of Me
Stakka & Skynet - Altitude (Dom & Gridlok Remix)
Universal Project & Vicious Circle - Hell Razor
Bulletproof & Teknik - Visions
SubFocus - Airplane
Hyx - Mind Erase
Gridlok & El Hornet - Hollywood
Corrupt Souls & Hyx - 1138
Telemetrik & Hyx - The Bane
JMajik - Space Invasion
Matrix & Futurebound - Womb
Sub Focus - Timewarp
Evol Intent, Spor & Ewun - Levitate
Computer Club - Load Rocket
Proxy - Dancing in the dark
MSTRKFT - Neon Knights
DIE!virgence - The Bind
Atlantic Connection - Rocksteady (LA Riots Remix)
Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock (Staka & Skynet Remix)


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ASC Announces New Album

Big news today on a new album project by the Covert boss, ASC. Forthcoming this September (yes that soon!) on Horizons Music out of the UK, a 6 track triple vinyl + 10 track CD release of the yet to be named drum and bass LP.

Originally signed as a 12'' single (Lightyears b/w Logical Regression) things have rapidly transformed into a full out artist album. Six of the ten tracks are already complete and posted on the myspace as previews. Check 'em out!

This will be the second album of 2008 for James, with the breathtaking ambient techno soundscapes of 'The Aeon Expanse' already released in March under the Mindspan moniker. (I highly recommend picking this up!)

Nothing but sheer brilliance defining cutting edge.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Deeper Than Deep

Bop - Deeper Than Deep MiniMix

1. Bop & Despot - Microfunk [Counter Intelligence dub]
2. Bop - Deep Inside [Counter Intelligence dub]
3. Bop - Kosmos [Covert Operations]
4. Bop - Searching The Truth [Brand Nu dub]
5. Bop - Chaosmos [dub]
6. Bop - Space Abyss [Kos.Mos.Music dub]
7. Bop - Time & Space [dub]
8. Bop & Dissident - Somnambula [dub]
9. Bop - Universum [dub]
10. Bop - Cogito Ergo Sum [Subtle Audio]


The title says it all.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Amon Tobin - Taxidermia Digital EP

In 2006, Amon Tobin wrote the original score to the Hungarian film, Taxidermia. Now I've never seen the film, but judging from the trailer above, it's something of the dark, obscene, bizarre nature that one might expect from a movie with such a title. One might also say, it's the perfect canvas for a composer of such stature to explore freely and turn out something equally engaging as the film itself. Right?!!

Here's the press write for the EP:

"The score takes an old school approach to music for cinema with recurring themes set in various contexts guided by the narrative. A musical depiction of some truly bizarre imagery, this EP includes previously unreleased full length versions of music from the film alongside short pieces made for specific scenes. As a bonus we included the epic 'Here Comes The Moon Man' heard here in it's original context. The music for 'Taxidermia' was written during the making of 'Foley Room' and shares elements from the albums lovingly crafted source material."

The EP is available NOW and ONLY from the Amon Tobin Online Store.

Also, some sample clips from the movie featuring Amon's score. (shouts to Sadr!)

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Evol Intent - Maybe We'll Dance Tomorrow - Video

Just posted by Mr. Khal on DOA, 'Maybe We'll Dance Tomorrow' receives the first offical video treatment off the critically acclaimed debut album, Era Of Diversion, by those fine southern gentlemen, Evol Intent.

Project by Formwandler Productions out of Germany.


Friday, May 30, 2008

Mayhem Forthcoming Debut LP

Atlanta's first son, Mayhem, recently spilled the beans on his forthcoming debut album, Into Oblivion.

Due out in September of this year on SLR, the release will be available in all formats (3 x 12'' vinyl, CD and mp3) and features solo works as well as some promising collabs with long time friends, Phace and Psidream, separately. There is also a Noisia remix included, so keep an eye on their Remix Page for a possible preview.

I'm expecting big things from this project, and you should too! Anthony has been long overdue for a release of this nature and we all know the amount of attention albums receive. So prepare yourself for nothing but the best in forward thinking, funk fuzed, southern fried drum and bass!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Time Patrol

Check this!

Graphic designer/director Jasmin Jodry projects a dark vision into a secret society of time agents who monitor and calculate life expectancy. Quite a haunting concept if you really think about it...
Music by Kode 9 and Spaceape.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Robert Muraine

Full Force 013

Next up on Full Force Recordings:

Misha - Bugs 2 Sequel
Bursting onto the scene like an unsuspecting SWAT raid, Misha unleashes a fury of vigor and havoc in his destructive debut, 'Bugs 2 Sequel'. The Stateside Maryland native caused quite a stir online last year, when the early stages of the 'Bug' morphosis were first exposed. Forum heads were calling for it's immediate release and the word was now out on this new aged mad scientist. The final to his epic experiment has spawned a creation of dark defiant vibes, full of rugged, chugging bassline-midline combos and tense skin crawling synths. This is the kind of debut knockout that leaves a bold impression in your memory and a permanent indent on your skull!

Nphonix - Ephyra [Dose Remix]
New Zealand has quickly become dnb's 'next' breeding pool, spawning some of the most technical and forward thinking producers in the game today. Christchurch native, Dose, steps in on the remix tip to take the 'Ephyra' vessel on a deeper journey into another celestial dimension. Adding key atmospheric elements, running drum lines and a larger, warmer bassline, the tune has undoubtedly received a significant upgrade from the Nphonix original to become an instant floor friendly, funk heavy beat!

Full Force, into the future of drum and bass.

words by me ;)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Going Waaaaaaaaaaay Back

AWOL Live At Ministry Of Sound

Darren Jay
Kenny Ken
Dr. S Gachet
Mickey Finn
MC Fearless

DJ Biggs - The Hunter
Splash - Babylon
Northenrn Connexion - Reel Funk AWOL VIP Mix
P Funk - P Funk Era VIP
Randall & Andy C - Sound Control AWOL VIP
Cool Hand Flex - Melody Madness VIP
Darkman - Dis Sound Ruff
Kenny Ken - The Pied Piper AWOL VIP Mix
D-R-S (feat. Kenny Ken) - Everyman AWOL VIP Mix
Dr. S. Gachet & Audio Maze - The Dreamer (Aphrodite Remix)
Prizna (feat. Demolition Man) - Fire Dr. S. Gachet VIP Mix
Dr. S. Gachet - Touch My Toes (The Dream Team VIP Mix)
Aladdin - Mash Up Yer Know (VIP Mix)
Aphrodite & Mickey Finn - AWOL (VIP Mix)
Asylum (feat. MC Bassman) - Da Bass II Dark (Mickey Finn Special Mix)


Old school steez, an absolute classic set.

Had this on cassette back in the day. Rinsed it so many times the tape wore thin and sound quality failed hard! lol

Amazing to have this on mp3, get it while it's hot!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Kid Koala Drunk Trumpet In San Antonio

Footage from Kid Koala's first ever appearance in San Antonio, Texas.

I thought he had retired the Drunk Trumpet routine, seems he bust it out for the gracious Texas crowd.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tokyo Police Club - Debut LP

Tokyo Police Club drops their highly anticipated debut long player, Elephant Shell, today!

This little band from Newmarket, Ontario has rocketed to Indie fame with 2 hugely successfull EPs (A Lesson In Crime from 2006 and Smith EP from 2007) selling over 30,00 copies and recieving multiple amounts of praise and accolades along the way from such outlets as Rolling Stone, Blender, Entertainment Weekly, Interview, and The New York Times.

They're playing Letterman tomorrow [Wednesday the 23rd] and about to embark on a big Spring/Summer tour.

Get the album and catch them live!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Welder - Purple & Orange - Video

Check the debut music video by San Fransisco based beat freak, Welder.

The video was shot, edited and produced by Scott Pagano at Neither-Field.

The 'Purple & Orange Remix EP' on Cyberset is also now available on iTunes. Remix duties by Bluetech, Fanu, Dov, Audiovoid and Welder himself.


New footage of the man live inside the dance!


Monday, April 14, 2008

Axiom presents: Audio Fiction

About a month ago, Axiom hit me up to discuss a new label he was about to start. We chatted a bit more and he mentioned he was interested in getting me to do some words for it (label bio, press sheets and future promo texts) and I willingly agreed.

So I then see in a promo thread by his booking agency, This Way Up, that it was announced. So I figured I'd post about it here, now. :)

Axiom presents: Audio Fiction

Audio Fiction is a brand new drum and bass imprint oot of Berne, Switzerland, owned and operated by breakout producer, Axiom. Its main focus is to release a signature selection of aggressive, hard edged neurofunk and tech step beats. It is under the strict guidance and respectable eye of Axiom that this label will flourish with a wealth of quality releases, starting from 001 and into the future. Distribution handled by Triple Vision NL and S. T. Holdings UK.


Chris.su - Double Axle ~ AUDIO
Chris.su is known for his originality and extreme high quality when it comes to production. The Hungarian native is seen as a seminal leader in forward thinking and future origin beats, showing his ideas stretch far and beyond the normal grasps of the mind. His latest production, 'Double Axle', is an extra large offering of power, aggressiveness and hostility. Hard, chugging beats combined with an intimidating dialogue lead to an intrusive affair between producer and listener, with the former coming oot alive after the vicious battle.

Jade & Matt-U - Dread Moon ~ AUDIO
Sticking with the Hungarian theme, two of the countries highly coveted producers team up to deliver an infectious and raucous arrangement of beats and basslines in the haunting case of 'Dread Moon'. Led with likes of a psycho echo synth, some monster filth ridden mid lines, a nasty funk swing and an evil creeping bassline, the dancefloor is no place for weak souls as the moon is in full flight on this twisted night.

Luke also has a new mix out that i suggest everyone download if you don't have already!

Axiom - New Dawn Fading - April 08

Axiom - Sexdrive - Uprising
Apex - Hench - Lifted
Nocturnal - Nightvision - Syndrome Audio
Jade - Bitch [Audio Remix] - Citrus
Prolix - Bad Blood - ???
Chris.su - Double Axle - Audio Fiction
Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Animal - BSE
Jade & Matt-U - Dread Moon - Audio Fiction
Prolix - Southern Funk - ???
Future Signal - Ghost In The Machine - Audio Fiction
Chris.su & State Of Mind - Hoodoo - SOM Music
Cause 4 Concern - Catch 22 - Renegade Hardware
Katharsys - Scraper - Breed 12''
Axiom - Nightwatch - Syndrome Audio
Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Red Velvet VIP - ???
Axiom - Emokiller - Citrus
Axiom & Dementia & Rregula - untitled - ???
Kano & Paperclip - Invisible War - ???
Rregula - Eyes Turned Red - Climate
Prolix - On The Shoulders Of Giants - ???
Cause 4 Concern - Phatcap [Phace Remix] - C4C
Axiom - The Big Spanking - Uprising
Spor & Ewun & Evol Intent - Levitate - Lifted
Apex - Motion - Lifted

(And I realise I'm late on this post, but I just got back from the UK, so stfu!) :D

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gridlok - DOA Mix

Gridlok - DOA Mix - March 2008

Gridlok - Bring 'em Down
Gridlok - Sludge
Gridlok - Big Brother
Skitty - Victim
Mayhem & Gridlok - Untitled
Gridlok - Bottomfeeder
Gridlok - Lab Rat
Bulletproof, Gridlok, MC Dino - Dark Times, Desperate Measures
Gridlok - Skanka
The Upbeats & Teknik - Poison
Gridlok - The Media Is A Joke
Mayhem - Injection
Gridlok & Hive - Last Stand
Gridlok - Gutterfucker (Ground Down Mix)
Gridlok & MC Dino - Watching Us (In Da Hood)
Gridlok - This Is Illegal
Thinktank - Space Robot Man
Keaton, Hive, Echo & Gridlok - Violent Sound
Cause4Concern & Fierce - Carrier (Gridlok Remix)


View Article to Download Mix

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Telemetrik - KISS FM Drive By Mix

Telemetrik - KISS FM Drive By Mix

Telemetrik - Exit Civilization
>>Pendulum - Another Planet
Culture Shock - Zepplin
Matrix & Futurebound - Skyscraper vs. Radiohead - Weird Fishes [Telemetrik mashup]
Concord Dawn - Chlorofoam [State Of Mind Remix]
Quadrant & Cease - Rage & Rapture
Telemetrik - Cosmos
Hive & The Upbeats - Dresden
Telemetrik & Evancipation - Evil Exsists
Prolix & Nocturnal - Bad Blood
Telemetrik & Hyx - The Bane
Corrupt Souls - Machines
Black Sun Empire - Crash Bunny
Miusha - oot Of Mind [Implex & Tierz remix]
Logistics - Slow Motion
Telemetrik - Space Coke


The Spaceman takes flight!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Full Force 011

My press write for Full Force 011 is up at S.T. Holdings, and will of course be included with all promo plates once released in March. Have a look. :)

Chook - Trainpsot [Misanthrop Remix] German powerhouse, Misanthrop, steps up for his first contribution to the Full Force stable with a masterful remix of Chook's sinister roller, 'Trainspot'. Flexing his signature style of high voltage funk and chest rupturing bass, Misanthrop adds another layer to the legend in this "can't miss, must have" remix classic. Once again, Full Force proves to be one of the most respected outlets in the game for pure quality in future funk beats.

Chook - Sound Of Time Hazy eyes awake to a dark, mysterious setting. Suspense lingers as the introduction begins. The invasion of static mutates the airwaves, opposing a major threat to recovery. Sharp, skin cutting percussion sets the senses on high alert, preparing the body for the breaks. Thick, grungy midlines shiver feverishly in cold textures, while an edgy rolling bassline coats the walls of the sound chamber. The white noise regains control of the vessel, paralyzing all running systems and thus forbidding any chance of outside contact. The signal is set, the fate is sealed. The rugged, minimal funk pollutes another mind and executes it's venomous destiny.



Big up Radic, Chook and Misanthrop!

Friday, February 22, 2008

I Met The Walrus

I have this real keen interest to see this movie short, I Met The Walrus, directed by Josh Raskin from Toronto.

In 1969, a 14-year-old Beatle fanatic named Jerry Levitan, armed with a reel-to-reel tape deck, snuck into John Lennon's hotel room in Toronto and convinced John to do an interview. This was in the midst of Lennon's "bed-in" phase, during which John and Yoko were staying in hotel beds in an effort to promote peace. 38 years later, Jerry has produced a film about it. Using the original interview recording as the soundtrack, director Josh Raskin has woven a visual narrative which tenderly romances Lennon’s every word in a cascading flood of multipronged animation. Raskin marries traditional pen sketches by James Braithwaite with digital illustration by Alex Kurina, resulting in a spell-binding vessel for Lennon’s boundless wit, and timeless message.

Sounds good right?! Well, there's a bit of buzz about it as it's in the running for an Oscar this year in the 'Best Animated Short Film' category. Watch for it to win on Sunday and tune in to Bravo after the Oscars to see it for yourself!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Intex Systems - Dubstep Showcase

ASC / Intex Systems - Dubstep Showcase

Intex Systems - Cobalt [Unreleased]
Intex Systems - Destroy [Hot Flush]
Intex Systems - Point of Origin [Offshore]
Intex Systems - Empty Promises [Unreleased]
Gravious - Fall (Intex Systems Remix) [Unreleased]
Intex Systems - Cyclone [Unreleased]
Intex Systems - DS4 [Hot Flush]
Intex Systems - Break Away [Unreleased]
Intex Systems - Lies [Unreleased]
Intex Systems - Rhythm Method [Hot Flush]
Intex Systems - The Depths [Vaccine]
Intex Systems - Deadweight [Hot Flush]
Intex Systems - Spectral [Dubline]
Intex Systems - Radium [Unreleased]
Intex Systems & Ezeekil - Transfer [Vaccine]


You need this!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

ESB - Detuned Radio - MARTSMANia !

(Was fortunate to catch this set live!)

ESB rocks a radio show like no other!
The longtime running Jungletrain rep delivers a super spotlight on one of today's most intriguing talents in the game, Martsman. The man BLAZES a trail all to his own, highly original and vastly unique. Check the archive for proof!

Detuned Radio - Martsman Spotlight Edition

01 - Martsman - Bluetone [Warm Communications]
02 - Martsman - Road (Sileni Remix) [Exegene]
03 - Cycom - Kingsnake - (Martsman Remix) [cdr]
04 - Martsman - Halow [Med School]
05 - Martsman - The Hack [cdr]
06 - Martsman - Step Up (Berlin) [Hotshore]
07 - Martsman - Untitled [cdr]
08 - Martsman - Worst Case Scenerio [Hospital]
09 - Martsman - 8 Bit Bouncer [cdr]
10 - Martsman - Ago [Offshore/Commercial Suicice]
11 - Bad Matter & Martsman - Cold Love v2 [cdr]
12 - Martsman - Jumpfunk - Alphacut]
13 - Martsman - Kontamin [Trust In Music]
14 - Angelzero - Recess (Martsman Remix) [Warm Communications]
15 - Sileni - Twitchy Droid Leg (Martsman Remix) [Offshore]
16 - Martsman - Aeiro VIP [Breakin']
17 - Martsman - Antifunk [Counter Intelligence]
18 - Martsman - Klikoucha [Offshore]
19 - Macc - Boomer (Martsman Remix) [cdr]
20 - Hi-lar - Sunstate (Martsman Remix) [Plain:audio]
21 - Martsman - Assemblyp [cdr]


Large up all parties involved in this set!