Sunday, May 28, 2006

R.I.P. Graham March aka Desimal

Some extremely sad news has been haunting me these last couple of days.. so much so I could not bring myself to be around my computer at all this weekend because of a great sadness that flowed thru me. Graham March aka Desimal, recently commited suicide and is no longer with us.

I came to know him about 3 years ago, when Armada Recordings was being assembled. Daniel Cyanide, who is credited with discovering Graham's musical talents and exposing his sound to the world of drum and bass, and Evan I.N.I were the ones who initially linked me to him and his music. So from introductions to conversations, we chatted many times about music and a little bit about Canadian life. In some of our most recent [and memorable] conversations, we worked closely together to help edit and wrap up his interview/article for, originally written by DNBN Family member, Eric E-Dub.

He was always kind and friendly when we spoke and he was always very generous in giving his tracks out to friends. His sound was such an innovative and unique brand, no one will ever come close to touching it. A true legend has passed, and although his life has ended his music will carry his memory and live on forever. Rest in peace Graham March, you will be missed.

In his honour, 2 tribute mixes have been made and are available to download.
First up, Desimal - A Tribute Mix by I.N.I
Desimal - Afterlife
Desimal - Arcana
Desimal - Voidwalkers
Desimal - Circle of Nine 2005 (tease)
Desimal - Voidwalkers
Desimal - Hyperboria
Desimal - Promist
Desimal - Mantra
Desimal - Sundecay
Desimal - Continuum
Desimal - Earthling
Desimal - Zero Searcher (Sundecay pt2)
Desimal - Promist 2005
Desimal - Sunsignal pt2


Next up, The Repercussion - Desimal Tribute Mix by Rusher

Desimal - Fallen Man
Desimal - Earthling
Desimal - Zero Searcher
Desimal - Voidwalkers
Desimal - Sun Destroyer
Desimal - Hyperboria
Desimal - Mantra
Desimal - Circle of Nine
Desimal - Continuum
Desimal - The Guardian
Desimal - The Promist
Desimal - After Life


Also, his Dnbnation Mini Mix, that he did for his article for us,

Desimal - Dnbnation Mini Mix

Desimal - Afterlilfe
Desimal - Arcanna
Desimal - Voidwalkers


And finally, he did and Ambient/Dub mix that we hosted for him.

Desimal - Ambient / Dub Mix

Global Communication - Epsilon Phase
shpongle - Around the World in a Tea Daze (Ott remix)
Shpongle - Once Upon the Sea of Blissful Awareness (Esion Jim remix)
Ott - Smoked Glass and Chrome
Younger Brother - Crumblenaut
Younger Brother - Bedtime Story
Shpongle - Flute Flute
Shpongle - Around the World in a Tea Daze (original)
Shpongle - A New Way to Say Hooray
Global Communication - 14-31
Ministry of Sound - Cafe Del Mar - (Michael Woods Remix)
Liquid Morphine - Confrontatie
Liquid Morphine - The Tone T(h)ree - Part 1
Autechre - Vietrmx21


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Phace in Atlanta - TONITE!

Those lucky southern punks get the big gig, and one of only 3 in North America this year, of Florian's Tour this side of the pond in 06. Wishing i was there.... >:(

Phace Website

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Kode9 @ Dubstep Basics

Subtrac is a group that's devoted to paying homage to a frequency register of 100hz and below.Dead set on transforming the GTA and southern Ontario area into a North American hotbed for Dubstep music, subtrac promotes the sound on a monthly basis at Blue Moon (725 Queen Street East).

First, pardon the lack of pictures. The quality in them was very much lacking as the drunk kid was operating the camera for most the night.. anyways, checked the monthly dubstep night put on by the good people @ Sub:trac this past friday. Kode9 in town from the UK, came equipt with some heavy, heavy dubs. Bit of an amplifier problem throughout the night, caused the system to clip out at times..kinda annoying. But when the shit was on point, heavy rolling basslines coated the venue nicely. A great turnout inside and some good buds on hand made the eve real fun.

Subtrac Website
Kode9 Website

also, check out the video for Kode9 & Spaceape's '9 Samurai' here:

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Warm008 - ASC

Finished up the press release write up to Warm008 late last night. I've been stuck on the writing of 'Kismet' for some time now...finally pushed it out of my brain. yay woooooo! Also, if you're viewing this and the month of release on the artwork still reads "March", f.y.i. that is being fixed up at the moment. The pressing plant has been having issues which is why this release has been delayed.

The first plate of the 06 year, Warm Communications delivers a massive single from the master of diversity, ASC. Knowing no boundaries when it comes to creativity, ASC let's loose with 3 very incomparable pieces. Original, inspiring and addictive.

ASC - Resolutions [Remix]
Intro of the calm..(the world is watching and awaits it's fate) Tension builds, forcing barriers to bend (and essentially break), releasing a full on assault and tear out session. A relentless ripper filled with ASC signature style edits and large grungy basslines. Key melodic interludes is something ASC does like no other and it's no diffrent here as the atmosphere is controlled and calmed once again. Yet only for the moment..for the tearer returns upon the second drop to devistate in awe.

ASC - Kismet
Sliding in on smoothness, this cut starts out light and relaxing, then gets with the grit and sharpens up the edge as the track rolls on. Decked out in a dream like setting, it's almost unexpected when the heavy synth comes ripping into frame to darken the mood. Some deep digging material, the devilsh combo of synth lines and eerie pads take the journey to the down to the core.

ASC - Highbrow
A deep slice into the ASC palette reveals this hidden gem. A soothing cut, 'Highbrow' delivers a deep feeling emotion and atmosphere. Defined by the sharp piano break, the track conjures up thoughts of hope and passion, yet brings a melancholy feel to mind at breaks end.

Click on track title for audio courtsey of
Also, received the artwork for 009 plate [Resound - Spiral Web / Under Ground] last night. Has a large retro feel..vintage, kinda funny, all quality. I'll preview it here in the next couple of days. BIG things for Warm Communications in 2006 and beyond. Some great news to share with all you soon. stay tuned. :)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday Report... [5/8]

the weekend recovery is's some random thoughts and bits of intrest for you lot to read while the world turns the party out.

-> 'Munich' is out on DVD now, we decided to watch it on Saturday. A great movie, chronicling the 72 Olympics and the actual hostage event that took place at the Munich Olympics. Directed by Steven Speilberg and starring Eric Bana..A bit on the long side, but the story told is definetly one to watch and will keep you intrested throughout.

-> The leading 'left feild / experimental' drum and bass label,Offshore Recordings, has released a bunch of new mp3 bits with The new batch includes the choice remix by Graphic of Sileni's 'Twitchy Droid Leg' and an exclusive EP, mp3 only, release by Graphic under the MegaDynasty moniker. Quality.

-> in NHL news, the Eastern Confrence finals are set and will see the Carolina Hurrincanes vs. Buffalo Sabres in what should be and exciting, but unexpected battle to head to the Cup. Out in the West, Edmonton is up 3-2 on San Jose and could close the series out tomorrow in Edmonton. [!] The winner will face Anaheim who spanked Colorado 4-0. Exciting hockey at its finest.

-> in Catacomb news, the boys have just finished up a special remix project to Misanthrop's 'Strange Planet' on Shadybrain Recordings. The tune is absolutely huge and bangs the fuck out the speaker box! Look for it to drop next month, if all functioning aspects of go according to plan. Also, another tune of notice to be on the look out for, 'FFF' or 'Filthy Fucking Faces'. Another mosterous tune that will be getting some mega play throughout the scene.

-> Weekend Dinner;s at the magnificent Mandarin rule the school yard. The huge buffet caters to absolutely everyones needs and you;re sure to leave with the biggest gutt you;ve ever had. filling, no doubt. and the fresh sushi is soooooooo fucking good.

-> My Mortgage Application was approved by the bank today, so that's a good thing!

-> Thank god for no longer working the midnight shift. 2 weeks was long enough and will not be done again till next year. [total throw off of schedule and body reaction]

-> The past weeks playlist reads as follows:

Albums/Mixes/Live Sets
Hive - Live @ Funktion
Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere
ICR - Empty Pages
Jurrasic 5 - Power in Numbers
Mindscape - May Mix
Skream & D1 on Rinse FM

Motion - Elements of Truth [?]
Catacomb - FFF [?]
Resound - Spiral Web [Warm Communications]
ASC - Kismet [Warm Communications]
Subtone - Duality [Revolution]
Noisia - Flicker [?]
Signal - Chuyen [?]
Misanthrop - Strange Planet (Catacomb remix) [Shadybrain]

-> A very happy mother's day shout to all the mother's/ladies of the world who make our warm hearts beat day in and day out for you. We are all so ever greatfull to you and what you've made us in life. <3

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

N-Type at DMZ

Dubstep basslines to blow your mind!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Big week for new music...

Well, this week there is some brand spankin new bits being released to the publics. Firstly, and most important..Catacomb see's their debut vinyl release on the first edtion of new imprint, Darkitek Recordings. Coming out of Puerto Rico, their first plate includes the massive Noisia remix to Atom & Cell's 'Pressure'. Then on the flip see the Catacomb vs. Identity - Sadist. [initially was a remix by Catacomb of BTK & Spleen's 'Destruction', but the original was signed to another some changes had to be made.]

A. Atom & Cell - Pressure [Noisia remix]
B. Catacomb vs. Identity - Sadist

Secondly, the highly anticipated debut album from Gnarls Barkley drops officially in the US tomorrow! The duo of producer Danger Mouse and singer/rapper Cee-Lo became the first artists ever to hold the #1 spot on the UK charts due to downloaded sales alone. [!] HUGE.

Finally, the long awaited album from Tool, 10,000 Days, also see's light tomorrow.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sketches of Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry is that rare kind of architect who has garnered both critical acclaim and popular recognition. His designs dramatically blur the line between art and architecture; his sketches and models are the basis for dynamic structures and unpredictable interiors. Gehry's friend, Sidney Pollack, directs this film; akin in nature to Gehry's own impromptu, free-hand style, the two men appear on film together, capturing this shy, elusive artist and illuminating his innovative process--including expansive depictions of Gehry's most important architectural wonders across the globe. -



Went to see his exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario last month.
all massive models of his creations..from the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, The Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park Chicago, the DG Bank Building in Berlin and The Ray and Maria Stata Center at M.I.T. also some intresting videos/interviews with Gehry giving insight into his world of creation.

Looking forward to checking this film. (Now own it on DVD)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Interlock and more...

Got a nice little interlock project going on at the house right now. All the interlock is laid, new sod laid..all thats left now is the archway, fence around AC unit and new gate added to fence. Looks really sharp, we're all happy with it.

Also, I'm now the proud new owner of a loft in Hamilton, Ontario. My girlfriend and I purchased the property yesterday and take possession of it at the end of July. So happy right now! Pics will follow shortly. :)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Massive Attack & Portishead Live @ Bristol Academy 2005

Back in February of 2005, Massive Attack and Portishead shared the stage for the first time ever whilst preforming live as a part of the fund raising concert for the Tsunami Crisis in Asia @ the Bristol Academy. It was Portishead's first live show in 7 years at the time. [!] I recently got the set from a good friend and have have been diggin the vibes large off the live performance. Without further adue...
Setlist for the night

01. Massive Attack - Intro
02. Massive Attack - Karmacoma
03. Massive Attack - Black Milk
04. Massive Attack - Teardrop
05. Massive Attack - Future Proof
06. Massive Attack & Portishead - Improvisation & Glory Box
07. Portishead - Wandering Star
08. Portishead - Sour Times
09. Portishead - Mysterons
10. Portishead - Encore Break
11. Portishead - Roads



Monday, May 01, 2006

Sports Monday

ok..think i've decided to do a weekend sports wrap writeup from here on in, as there was plenty going on this weekend.

Firstly, the NFL had it's draft on Saturday. The Houston Texans held the first pick overall and with it they drafted NorthCarolinaState's DE Mario Williams. A huge surprise, as the announcement came thru the wire on the Friday and there was a nationwide shock that they had passed on Heisman Trophy winner, Reggie Bush. Another big surprise on the day, Bush's teamate and USC Quaterback, Matt Leinart, fell to 10th and was picked by the Cardinals. ..and the fucking Bills could've picked him up at 8! My favorite pick of the whole draft was A.J. Hawk going 5th to the GreenBayPackers. The Pack have been in such need of a defensive leader for some time now, and Hawk has all the potential in the world to become that guy. His situation reminds me of a Brian Urlacher with the Chicago Bears. They were in desparate need of someone to fill that roll of Captain on the D and he also ended up being their first overall draft pick in 2000 and earned Defensive Rookie Of The Year then and has since played in 4 of a possible 5 ProBowl games and

Next, the NHL playoffs continue to roll at some series have already come to a conclusion. First, the Devils swept the Rangers. NewJersey is clicking at the right time and Marty Broduer is on fire! Look for them to go far. Ottawa ended up ousting the defending Stanley Cup Champs Tampa Bay Lightning in 5 games. And on Sunday two western battles came to an end as the Colorado Avalanche, who are flying under the radar, upset the 2nd seeded Dallas Stars in 5 games, and the SanJose Sharks ended up being the dominant team many thought they'd be, and whopped the Preds in 5. The other 2 series out in the west, Detroit/Edmonton and Calgary/Anaheim are turing out to be some of the most exciting playoff hockey battles in reccent memory. Back and forth relentless action, overtime games and brilliant plays. Its worth the wait and to stay up late to watch this hockey.

And finally, a fun bit in light of the NFL draft that took place on Saturday, Jason Sobel @ 'The Weekly 18' over at ESPN.COM compiled a list of the best talent in the game and what would be taken to build a golfing powerhouse for years to come. If you are a golf fan, is an intresting read. TigerWoods is of course the first pick overall.

1.Tiger Woods

"Too easy? Not exactly. After all, with 10 years of full-time PGA Tour experience and 10 major championships to his credit, there's already plenty of tread on the tires. Despite that, he's only 30 years old, and we could certainly see Tiger still winning green jackets at, say, 46, which just happens to be the same age Jack Nicklaus was when he won his sixth Masters in 1986. Speaking of Jack, Woods not only wants to break his record of 18 major victories, he wants to put it out of reach for the next generation's Best Golfer of All-Time. With Tiger's stringent workout regimen, there are no signs of any slowing down, at least not in the next decade."