Sunday, August 24, 2008

Telemetrik - Exit Civilization - Video


..and don't forget, Marcio's debut LP 'My Lightyear' is now out in all formats. Pick up the CD LP and support a brilliant cutting edge artist.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Burn After Reading

I want to take more stabs at movies here on Sci & Pro, as I am a film nut, and I'm gonna start in this direction with the next film by the Coen Brothers, Burn After Reading. I've always been a big fan of their work and ever since last years No Country For Old Men, anything they now touch is a guaranteed WIN imo. The assembled cast is pretty stacked too with heavyweights like Malkovich, Pitt and Clooney, aswell as female Oscar winners, McDormand and Swinton. Burn After Reading hits theatres September 12th aannnnnnd I'll be catching it that weekend.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chook & Phace - FF014

Finished the press write last night for ZeroOneFour on Full Force, featuring Chook and Phace. Brother Radic threw it up on a couple of forums, so it goes live here too! Have a looksee..

Full Force Recordings is proud to present a collaboration of collosal proportions featuring the mighty talents of label boss Chook and the German space punks, Phace. High quality production and phenomenal audio engineering has quickly become the standard at FF and 014 follows suit in the form of two extra large cyber funk rollers. In the grand scheme of things, this release puts a final stamp and seal of approval on an epic year at Full Force Recordings.

A chilling introduction gives way to dreamy sedative state where slippery funk grooves trip back and forth coating airwaves with thick honey-like sweetness (makes you crave delicious!). Senses shiver feverishly in a hypnotic gaze and bones bounce like bowling balls on trampolines as this track flexes hard and rolls deep into the midnight light.

Forward into the ominous setting, tension fills the air as the script unfolds. True to form, Chook and Phace combine some of their darkest funk breaks with their signature style of space age progression, adding key sci-fi stabs, haunting atmospherics and a rugged bassline one has come to expect from these masters of nueropunk.

Dig it? Audio can be heard on Chookspace or FFspace links above.
Promos hit stores in October, with mp3 release to follow one month later.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mix Times Three

Three mixes of note this Monday afternoon..

ASC - August Studio Mix

01 - Lm1 - Blue Mountain [Covert Operations]
02 - Alaska & Nucleus - Aufeis [Arctic]
03 - ASC - Lightyears [Horizons: Inside]
04 - ASC - Space Technique [Horizons: Inside]
05 - Probe-One - Voyage [Covert Operations]
06 - Seba - Crockett [Combination]
07 - Lm1 - Renaissance [Covert Operations]
08 - ASC - Logical Regression [Horizons: Inside]
09 - Klute - Property Is Theft [Commercial Suicide]
10 - Seba feat. Krister Linder - Blaze and Fade Out [Combination]
11 - ASC - Zero Gravity [Horizons: Inside]
12 - Intense - 1st Contact (ASC Remix) [Vibez]
13 - Method One - Sunset Over Sutro [Unreleased]

Download + visit DeeperSounds

Trei - August Studio Mix

01. State Of Mind & Trei - Dirt [SOM Music]
>> D Bridge & Vegas - True Romance [Metalheadz]
02. Tiki Taane - Now This Is It (State Of Mind Remix) [TikiDub]
03. Drumsound & SBS - Belly Dancer [Technique]
04. Trei - Shame [Samurai Music]
05. Concord & BSE - Crimeside [Uprising]
06. Trei - Sound Down [???]
07. Subwave - Think [Shogun Audio]
08. State Of Mind - Spacesurfer [SOM Music]
09. Trei - Shine On [ShogunLtd]
10. Upbeats - Will Shatner [Non Vogue]
11. Dose - Back to Normal [Commercial Suicide]
12. Origin Unknown - Believe [RAM]
13. Break - Lead The Way [Commercial Suicide]
14. Lynx & Alix Perez - Randy [Soul:R]
15. Camo - So Far Apart [Uprising]
16. Trei - Mindless [Uprising]
17. Chase & Status - Judgement [RAM]
>> Total Science - Jungle Jungle [Metalheadz]
18. Zero Tolerance ft. Bailey - Robots [CIA]
19. Subwave - Dreamcatcher [Metalheadz Platinum]
20. Isotone - Trip [Obsessions]
21. Trei - No Vacancy [???]
22. Trei - Too High [Critical]
23. Dose & Menace - Pickup [Samurai Music]
24. Trei - Justify [Commercial Suicide]
25. Noisia & BSE - Infusion [BSE Recs]
26. D Fiance - Fast Lane (Shock One Remix) [Sudden Def]
27. Dose & Trei - Hotfoot [Critical]
>> Dylan & Ink - Need You Now [Renegade Hardware]


Axiom - Carpe Noctem Mix

01. Axiom - End In Tears [Citrus]
02. Prolix - Watch Your Step [Ganjatek]
03. - Double Axle [Audio Fiction]
04. Axiom - Dead Souls [Citrus]
05. Zero Method - Crispy Rolls [DSCI4]
06. BSE & SOM - Red Velvet VIP [???]
07. Axiom - Funky Fucker [Habit]
08. Prolix - Twisted Angel [Ganjatek]
09. Jade & Matt-U - Dread Moon [Audio Fiction]
10. Axiom - Untitled [Habit]
11. State Of Mind - Wake Up Call [SOM Music]
12. Cause4Concern - Phatcap (Phace Remix) [C4C]
13. Tripod - Humiliation (Treo Remix) [???]
14. Axiom - Ulysses [Close2Death]
15. Axiom & - Euroneuro [Audio Fiction]
16. Prolix - Silverfox [Ganjatek]
17. Optiv - Chaostherapy [Redlight]
18. Axiom - Sputnik [Close2Death]
19. Cern - True Talk [Renegade Hardware]
20. Future Signal - Ghost In The Machine [Audio Fiction]
21. Axiom - Rock n' Roll, Baby! [Citrus]
22. Axiom & Optiv - Borderline [Citrus]


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Covert Operations News

Lotsa good news out of the Cov Ops camp early this week.

Firstly, and most noteworthy, Volume 4 from the now infamous Sci-Files series is out. This edition see's the production machine known as ASC carve your cranium a little deeper with 2 chilling tracks served cold on a block of ice. Check First Snow, paying homage to the film, The Fountain, and Holosphere, an impressive track "detailed and raw with lush minimal atmospheres punctuating throughout". This release is available now exclusively from the Covert Store and everywhere else late August / early September.

Next, the Global Connections series see's the release of Volume 5. Artists on this installment include, Method One, P.B.K., Intersidreal and rising artist Lm 1, plus a load of others. Quality and recommended.

And finally, for the vinyl lovers, COV028 Polar - Sudden Depth b/w Method One - Swing Shift. That's right, Mr. K makes his triumphant return to drum and bass this year with a forthcoming album on Warm Communications and this release on Cov Ops. Buy on sight!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


An exciting new prospect out of the Shadow Law stables is a new label dedicated to rising talents from across the globe. Aesthetics has been set up to break in new names that the common public might not yet be aware of, but will get to know FedEx fast!

Originally, this project was created in early 2007. 001 (Catacomb - Out Alive b/w Dose - Anoxia) was signed early last year, and then put on the back burner. Being as busy as the 'man in demand' is, Mayhem's ongoing workload restricted him from giving it the proper attention a "quality control" + "talent breaking" label deserves. Now with things in a more calm and collected state (and his debut album almost complete!) the time has come to open the flood gates and rinse out the beats.

With 3 official releases already concrete, Aesthetics look to break new boundaries with likes of Equivalent, Engage, Kodin and Scud, aswell as respective new school heads, Catacomb, Dose, Corrupt Souls and Cern making their mark.

AES001 is on test press right now and Mayhem has said things will now move at a speedy pace, so expect to see a consistent flow for the rest of the year. (and if not, send kick-in-the-ass emails to mayhem @ shadowlawrecordings . com HAH!)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Bro Safari

Check this out.

Knick of Evol Intent and Ludachrist fame, has a new outlet for glitch tricked dubstep/downtempo'd beats. Under his new guise of Bro Safari, he's graciously offered up 3 unsigned gems for free! (mirror by Mr. Frodo)

As you can see from the thread, the feedback has been pretty positive, and although he said he lost his motivation while writing, I'm betting this won't be the last we hear from his latest moniker.

Catacomb - The Zodiac (Misanthrop Remix)

By the beard of Zeus! Misanthrop has done it again on the remix tip.

The original has long been one of my favorites from the Catacomb catalogue, and in my eyes, was the first big tune where they really came into their own and identified 'their' sound. A large serving of filth ridden, gutter crawling, rugged chugging minimalistic future funk. (and that's how we like it!)

So if you've copped the two (1 and 2) Bulletproof sets I've recently posted, you would've recognized this track. (trust me) Obscenely powerful and aggressive, it grabs you by the scruff of your neck and throws you into a violent pit of rage and hostility where your sanity is put to the ultimate test.

Step into the mind of a killer.