Thursday, November 30, 2006

Teebee. Abstract. Review!

Last night, we in Toronto had the ultimate privledge of witnessing a 3 hour set by the Norwegian assassin, Teebee. Any time he comes to town, you're guarenteed a mind bending set. But this was something different. This was something special. 3 hours of relentless beats, mixed by one of the sickest dj's to ever don the decks. Opening with some of the classics from the Virus catalogue, 'Wormhole and 'The Creeps' had tunes featured in the set. Subtitles artists played a big part in the masterpiece, Misanthrop's 'Factory' 'Bullhead' 'Viper Fish' 'Centrifuge' were dropped, as well as the Teebee remix to 'Perfect Happiness'. Phace tunes included, 'Reservoire' 'Fingerfood' 'Hot Rock' '3002' and I'm sure i heard another one which name escapes me at the mo. One of the biggest tunes dropped on the night was N.Phect's massive (MASSIVE!) 'Crisis', and it got the rewind! oh yes it did! One of the sickest mixes on the night, and there were many, was 'Telepathy' to the 'Buried Alive Remix'. HUGE! and needless to say, the Catacomb boys went nuts. lol. There were also a bunch of new bits from the forthcoming Calyx and Teebee album dropped on the night. No title names, but you could easily pick out the collab work of those 2 beasts. 'Exodus' by Noisia & Mayhem made 2 appearances on the night. First time played, no vocal. Second time played, KRS-ONE Vocal Edit. [!!!] Hearing it twice, in one night, on that system..priceless. Now surely Im missing a lot here, I was drinking and things do slip your mind when intoxicated, we all know. But just an amazing night. I was in heaven. and drunk. So excuse the shaky pics. But man was it ever a memorable night for beats in the city.

Also, recorded this video half way through the set. Check the drop on Phace's 'Fingerfood' at the end of the clip. (you will also notice why I no longer have a voice today.) ;) Check the master in the mix. He owns his craft.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Triple Vision Music Group

Just a little something I think everyone who reads this page should be aware of.
The Triple Vision Music Group is a established organization situated in Rotterdam, Holland that has devoted most of its time to promoting and releasing drum & bass music. Originally set up to promote & sell drum & bass in the Netherlands, Triple Vision has slowly evolved in a worldwide distribution centre that now carries some of the biggest labels in both the Techno and the Drum & Bass scene. Besides the In-house drum & bass labels Citrus, Fokuz/LTD, Syndrome Audio, Celsius & Love, Triple Vision is responsible for running Noisia's Vision label alongside some other interesting labels like Avalanche, PRSPCT, Darkitek, Syncopix and Shady Brain to name a few. Including the running of a vinyl distribution and a record store, Triple Vision has also started a online record shop. So do yourselves a favour and check out everything involved with Triple Vision. They are quickly setting the standard in quality.

Original DOA Thread
Dubplate Digest Support

Monday, November 27, 2006

Birthday Blog

Ahhhh Birthdays..gotta love em. MEH! >:(
Nah jus messin. With good people around you, it makes your day that much more enjoyable. <3 Anyways, I have the whole week off work and am looking forward to it! After a wikked weekend, my girl has some good things planned for todays festivities and I;m positive it will be a blast! More on that, including pics, to come later in the week...

Wednesday brings Teebee to town for a special 3 hour set engagement put on by the good crew from Abstract. Really looking forward to that as most of you know that when Teebee comes to town, he takes no prisoners and ALWAYS leaves the club in a devastation. \m/

So that's all from me, time to get ready and head out for the day/night. Excited no doubt! But, in closing, "Would you eat the Moon if it were made of Ribs?"

(Jeff Goldblum is lost in space...) lol!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

TV On The Radio

TV On The Radio is a New York City avant-garde indie rock band formed in 2001, whose music spans genres as diverse as freeform jazz, a cappella, psychedelia and trip-hop. The core members are Tunde Adebimpe (vocals/loops), Kyp Malone (vocals/guitars/loops) and David Andrew Sitek (music/guitars/keys/loops) but when live they are accompanied by a full band and on their records they are joined by additional musicians such as Jateel Bunton (drums), Gerard Smith (bass) (Both of whom have become official members since 2006's Return To Cookie's Mountain) Katrina Ford of the band Celebration (vocals), Martin Perna (flute/bari/alto) and Nick Zinner (guitar) of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. David Bowie also sang backup vocals on the latest album Return to Cookie Mountain.

Another Daniel Cyanide recomendation.. Bought the album recently and it's been on repeat ever since. Brilliant work. Like nothing I've ever heard.. Very impressive. 'Wolf Like Me' is the first single and it's a bangin lick. Full of energy, passion, aggression and edge. Check the vids for proof! [One live on Letterman, the other is the official video to the single]

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fanu Samuari - Focussed Mind LP

It looks like the long awaited, highly acclaimed downtempo album from the Finnish drum assassin, Fanu, is finally about to see the light of day. Promo's of the CD album are scheduled to release December 1st, the album will also available for purchase through iTunes on that date aswell. Preview audio clips below. Exciting stuff!

Fanu Samurai - Focussed Mind [Pauze]
My Beautiful Paranoia
Painajaisista Todellisuuteen
Dreams Are Like Water
Snow People
The Missing Element
Dream Of Something Gone
Something Violent For Me And You
Autumn's Child
Angel In Flesh And Blood
Outro: I Dream Too Much


*edit: Mary Morris has had her interview with Fanu just published on DOA. Also included are production notes from the 'Focussed Mind' album.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Catacomb Bio

Just wrote the bio for Catacomb. Check it!

[Citrus / Cyanide / Darkitek / Full Force / PRSPCT / Syndrome / Shadybrain]

The production dou of Larry Miller and Andrew Paquet, known as Catacomb, originally formed in early 2005 in a small studio just outside of Toronto, Canada. The 3 founding members, Kevin Cameron is also involved, met at local nights around the GTA and quickly developed a tight bonding friendship that shared a common intrest and love for drum and bass.This quickly led to the studio, where hours upon hours were spent pressing keys and turning out twisted sounds. Drawing on influences from classic metal and hardcore,the crew set out to harness and develop their sound, ultimately spawning a unique blend of raw, aggressive, rolling futuristic funk.

In 2006, Catacomb's tireless and diligent efforts in the studio started to pay off. The boys would see their debut vinyl release on Darkitek Recordings out of Puerto Rico. A collaborative effort with Identity, 'Sadist', was the flip to the monsterous Noisia remix of 'Pressure'. From there, the Catacomb really started to turn some heads. Not only were their tunes being rinsed by some of the biggest DJ's in the game, but more labels came knocking on the crypt door. Signings and releases by Citrus and Shadybrain, as well as their first solo 12'' on PRSPCT Recordings, highlighted a breakout year for the 'Combs. And the hard work doesnt stop there. With all of this buisness going on, they still continue to keep an ear to the ground and help run one of the web's top Drum and Bass resource sites,, which they recently relaunched this past September.

2007 already sees some great promise for the boys, with much more starting to surface from the tomb. Their remix to Misanthrop's 'Strange Planet' kicks off the inaugural vinyl edition release of Shadybrain Recordings in January of the new year. Misanthrop provides the massive remix to Catacomb's 'Buried Alive', on the flipside. More announcements are to come shortly, as the lads already have some big things lined up at 2 major labels.

Heed the warning. The crypt is calling.
Your soul will succumb, to the depths of the Catacomb.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Amon Tobin - Foley Room - Trailers

"For the past eight months I've been collecting field recordings for work on a new album. It's the first time I've ever done this. The process is completely at odds with how I normally do things (strictly from vinyl) and involves machines and animals as well as people, none of which I can claim to fully understand." - Amon Tobin [May 2006]

Trailer #2 from the upcoming documentary "Foley Room" to be released in March, 2007 along with his new album!

for more and all infos, check Amon Tobin's Myspace page.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

'Outsource' REMIX !?!?!??

Just announced today by the good dutch crew at Syndrome Audio, there is a Misanthrop remix to the massive Noisia & Phace collab that originally came out on Citrus, 'Outsource'. [!!!]
Amazing. The original was such heavy, intoxicating funk roller, I could not wait to hear what the German Bossman had done to it. And you just knew he was going to kill it.
And whadyaknow...SLAUGHTERHOUSE style!

And since I'm writing about the tune, I'll take you back to 2004, when Noisia really started to break out and the OG to 'Outsource' was doing rounds on dub. Teebee came to town, and this was when he first got hooked onto Noisia, so we knew he'd be rockin this. Looking back on the night, (and I feel like an dummy now but,) during his whole set, I.N.I and myself kept yelling in his ear on stage, "Outsource!!" "Outsource!!", in hopes he'd play it for us. lol. No luck, as he actually said to us, "Nah, didn't bring it man."

"WHAT!????" we replied...

Now, Teebee is the man. Hugely respected label boss [Subtitles rules the world] and one of the most coveted big name dj's..and he would only bring out the best! So we were honestly in shock that he did not only not drop this in his set, but that he "didn't bring it". heh.

Retarded I know, but to a couple of beat junkies, was a shocker at time. :P

The .mp3 file seems to be streaming funny on here. Not exactly sure whats up, but if track name is clicked on, it will play tune at proper speed in another window.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Toronto Cityscape

We got treated to a great [FREE!] dinner at the CN Tower on Friday night. (Thanks Laurie!!) Here's the view from Horizons Restaurant... It was such a clear night. :O Ceasar Salad, Prime Rib Dinner, Chocolate Espresso Cake, Martini's and Beer. IZ NIZE..I LIKE. 8)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Warm Communications Update

Brand-spanking-new audio for your ears, courtesy of Angelzero, forthcoming on Warm Communications. Paranoia On The Rocks is fresh out the oven and the stellar flip to already exposed, Recess. A brilliant piece of wax, both finals have been sent off for mastering and pressing and promos will more than likely be available before Christmas! Good things from your friends @ Warm Communications. ;)

OH! and don't forget.. Warm T-Shirts are back in stock and now available for purchase. Shirts are black with white print, on Gildan 50/50 Ultra Blend and all sizes are available. $20USD if you live in the States, $25USD everywhere else.

To order, hit EHL on paypal at

Be sure to include your shipping address & size w/ your total!


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Genki - Exit Dub

Genki Creates Senses of Differing Momentum
01. Vex'd - 'Bombardment Of Saturn' [Planet Mu]
02. Skynet - 'Swamp' [Argon]
03. Ekaj - 'Tesla' [Unreleased]
04. MathHead - 'Skyjacker' [Ruff]
05. luke.envoy - 'Gamma' [Hotflush]
06. Technical Itch - 'One Of Us' [Ascension]
07. luke.envoy - 'Honour Kill' [Hotflush]
08. Protocol X - 'Future World' [Storming]
09. Si Begg - 'My Style' [Noodles]
10. Technical Itch - 'Distort' [Ascension]
11. N.Phect vs Dizplay - 'Campaign' [Syndrome]
12. Kemal - 'Pitch Black' [Cryptic Audio]
13. Limewax - '1/2 Pound' [Avalanche]
14. Amit - 'Roots' [Commercial Suicide]
15. Noisia - 'Omissions' [Vision]
16. Photek - 'Ni Ten Ichi Ryu' (TeeBee RMX) [Photek]
17. Prolix vs EBK - 'Vacuum' [Industry]
18. Unknown Error - 'Exit' [Renegade Hardware]


Saturday, November 04, 2006

.shadybrain now on vinyl !

.shadybrain, the leading mp3 label, has officially hooked up a vinyl distro deal [ with much and many thanks im sure to andyslim ;) ] and will soon see the first pressing out soon! SHB001 continues their 'Anniversary Remix Series' with the talents of German powerhouse and man of the hour, Misanthrop, and the new tech kids on the scene (and my partners in crime!) Catacomb. The 2 flipped remix duties on their releases @ .shadybrain, with Misanthrop rinsing out the 'Buried Alive' remix, and the Cata smoothing out 'Strange Planet' remix. Sure to be a hot item, don;t forget to check the audio out first at the .shadybrain myspace page.