Tuesday, August 28, 2007

ASC Poland Rinse

Tidy little video from ASC's gig in Sopot, Poland, on his recent European Tour. (shot by Maciek.)

(Damn we need to get James to the east coast! Toronto show is a must!)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Apparatus Recordings

Recent New York transplants, Glitch and SST (formerly of Orlando, FLA) have finally stabilized their studio and are moving forward with the launch of their own imprint, Apparatus Recordings. Focused on catering to their solo works and collaborations respectfully, AR001 debuts on digital format September 1st through Beatport, with possible vinyl releases down the road.

I love to see this kinda action. Two vastly underrated artists making some big time drum and bass, taking full control of their creative output, offering it to the public at a small cost and in a much more desired format. True they might not be well known as of yet, but with this news, I expect a lot more deserving attention to be thrown their way.

To commemorate the launch, they've done an outstanding promo mix featuring previously unreleased works and forthcoming releases on Apparatus. Check it!

Apparatus Recordings Promo Mix
-SST & Glitch - In Gods Eyes
-SST & Glitch - The Architect
-SST - Fear Inside
-SST & Glitch - Swelling Bodies
-Glitch - Underoath (Remix)
-SST - Just Can't
-Glitch - Open Valve
-SST & Glitch - Ten Plagues
-Glitch - She's Smoking Again
-SST & Glitch - Intake
-Glitch - To Set Fire
-SST & Glitch - A Better Day


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sounds [August]

Been a while..

An aray of killer sets kickin around the net at the moment.
Choice audio not to be missed. If you ain't gots, I suggest you gets. ;)

Calyx - Live On 1Xtra

Calyx & Teebee feat MC Verse – Dual Processed (Momentum)
Phace – Hotrock (V.I.P) (Dub)
N Phect – Encryption (Subtitles Dub)
Calyx & Teebee – The Divide (Momentum)
Spor – Bitten (Lifted Dub)
Noisia & The Upbeats – Unknown (Dub)
Break & Silent Witness – Kickback (Quarantine Dub)
Mindscape & Safire – Heatstroke (Dub)
Calyx & Teebee – Telepathy (Momentum Dub)
Andy C, Ant Miles & Shimon – Cause ‘n Effect (Ram)
Calyx & Teebee – Vortex (Momentum)
Apex – Nowhere To Run (Lifted Dub)
Noisia – Concussion V.I.P) (Dub)
Phace & Rawtekk – Life Goes On (Dub)
Calyx & Teebee – All That Remains (Momentum)
Spor – Knock You Down (V.I.P) (Dub)
The Sect – Axon (Audio Remix) (Obscene Dub)
Spor, Ewun & Evol Intent – Levitation (Lifted Dub)
Icicle – You Know It (Dub)
Calyx & Teebee – Warrior (Momentum)
Noisia & Phace – Cannonball (Dub)
Calyx & Teebee – End Yourself (Dub)
Alix Perez – Resolution (Shogun Audio Dub)
N Phect – Slices (Subtitles Dub)
Break – Submerged (Calyx & Teebee Remix) (Subtitles Dub)
Lomax – Metal Flanger (Subtitles Dub)
Calyx & Teebee – Make Your Choice (Momentum)
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Damages (Technique Dub)
Calyx & Teebee – Confession (Momentum)
Calyx & Teebee – Enygma (Momentum)
Calyx & Teebee – Follow The Leader (V.I.P) (Dub)


Nocturnal - Live On Pyro Radio

Sabre & Icicle - Sentry (Hardware)
Prolix - The Last Hour (GanjaTek)
Sabre & Survival - Wiretap (Hardware)
Nocturnal - Paralyzed (PRSPCT)
Stakka & Skynet - Decoy (Underfire)
Prolix & Nocturnal - Bad Blood (GanjaTek)
Vicious Circle - Between The Lines (Hardware)
Prolix & Nocturnal - Crater (Hardware)
EBK - Retina (Hardware)
Nocturnal - Nightvision (DSCI4)
Konflict - Roadblock (Hardware)
Nocturnal - Cross The Line (Freak)
Bulletproof & Optiv - Camouflage (1210)
Nocturnal - Musk Up (Hardware)
-> break
Icicle - Weak Moments (Subtitles)
Limewax - Golden Path (Freak)
Demo & Cease - Ladies Night VIP (Human)
Teebee & Calyx - Telepathy (Momentum)
Vicious Circle & Nocturnal - Welcome To Shank Town VIP
Bloc Party - The Prayer (Silent Witness & BreakDNAudio) Instrumental Mix)
Verse & SP - Lost Souls (Crunch)
Cause 4 Concern - Never Acid Again (C4C)
Jade - Unexist (BSE)
The Sect - Axon (Audio RMX) (Obscene)
EBK - Skatter (Hardware)
Nocturnal - 3rd Rail (Hardware)
Phobia - Singularity (Hardware)
Noah D & Focus - Submerge (Idiom)
Current Value - Fear & Ecstasy (Future Sickness)
Subtone & Stalker - Vindictive (Resolute)
Limewax - PRSPCT EP001
Gremlinz - Annexed VIP (NVBR?)


Axiom - Sanctuary Mix

Axiom - Soulscavenger [Unsigned]
Jade - Ready [Unsigned]
Axiom - Phalanx [Cyanide dub]
Nphect - The Sphere [Shadybrain dub]
Catacomb - Arms in Reach [Syndrome Audio dub]
Axiom - From Another World [Hostile dub]
Cerebral Productions - Meltdown [Unsigned]
Rregula - Corner Hash Man [Unsigned]
Axiom - Recoil [Cyanide dub]
Bulletproof & Optiv - Camouflage (2007 Remix) [Cyanide dub]
Axiom & State of Mind - Deadzone [SOM Music dub]
Optiv - Brainworm [BSE dub]
Axiom - Last Singapore Sling [Hostile dub]
Vicious Circle - Welcome To Shanktown VIP [Unsigned]
Rico - Mr. Freeman [Unsigned]
Catacomb - Foul Matter [Syndrome Audio dub]
Cern - Satellites [Unsigned]
Chook - Descend [SLR dub]
Concord Dawn - Chloroform (State of Mind Remix) [Uprising dub]
Chook - Retrograde [Unsigned]
Dementia & Rregula - Slicey [Unsigned]
Verbal - Exorcist [Symptom dub]
Chris SU & Mindscape feat. MC Ryme Tyme - Planet X [Citrus]
Axiom - Air Raid [Syndrome Audio dub]
Cause4Concern - Pandemic [C4C dub]
Subtone & Stalker - Tonne de Brique [DSCI4 dub]
Rregula - Shits Dope [Unsigned]
State of Mind & Black Sun Empire - Red Velvet [BSE dub]
Rregula & Dementia - City of Dogs [Unsigned]
State of Mind & The Upbeats - Fuck Knows [Uprising dub]
Axiom & Psidream - Shadowpath [SLR dub]
Chris.SU & State Of Mind - Flawless [SOM Music dub]
Axiom & Dementia - Continuum [DSCI4 dub]
Bulletproof - Smoke & Mirrors [Unsigned]
Axiom & Optiv & Psidream - Break In [DSCI4 dub]
Vicious Circle - Bleak [Unsigned]
Nphect - Ultraviolet [Shadybrain dub]
Bulletproof - Made in Detroit [Unsigned]
Cause4Concern - Dreamkillers [C4C dub]
Jade & Cell D & M-Tech - Synth City [Unsigned]
Mindscape - No Escape (Noisia Remix) [Citrus dub]
Cause4Concern - Control Freak [C4C dub]
Dementia - Unnamed [Unsigned]


Mayhem - 404 Audio Live

Fanu - Tears Of The Killer - Lightless Recordings
High Contrast - If We Ever - Hospital Records
Matrix + Futurebound - American Beauty VIP - Metro / Viper Recordings
Commix - Electric - Metalheadz
Break + Survival - Cronk - Exit Records
Culture Shock + Brookes Brothers - Rework - Ram Records
Matrix + Futurebound - Sandstorm - Metro / Viper Recordings
State Of Mind - Flashpoint - Uprising Records
SKC + Matt-U - Prime Evil - Timeless Recordings
The Upbeats + Teknik - Poison - Project 51 Records
N.Phect - Credo - Subtitles Music
Noisia - Exorcism - Moving Shadow
Misanthrop - Evacuate - Renegade Hardware
Spor - 103 Degrees - Lifted Music
Culture Shock - Vice Chase - Ram Records
Tactile - Can't Stop - Dispatch Recordings
Bachelors Of Science - Anytime She Goes Away - Horizons Music
Culture Shock - Asteroids - Ram Records
Redeyes - Hey Lover - Bingo Beats


Evol Intent - DOA Mix

Calyx & Teebee - Enygma
Audio - Missing
Apex - Breathe
Noisia & Phace - Cannonball
Lifted (Spor, Ewun, Apex & Evol Intent) - Untitled (Dirge)
Apex - In Motion
Calyx & Teebee - The Divide
C4C - Never Acid Again
Psidream - Roadrage 2007
Spirit - Scanners
Tech Itch - Alone
Audio - Non Human
Ewun - Untitled (Cop Killa)
Psidream - Tech 9
Gridlok & El Hornet - Hollywood
Noisia vs Black Sun Empire - Winter Wars
Apex - Nowhere to Run
Spor - Molehill
Ewun - Phone Tap
Evol Intent & Ewun - 8 Bit Bitch (Spor remix)
Spor - 1up
Hive & The Upbeats - Dresden
Unknown Error - Same Old Blues


Did I miss any? Nope, don't think so. :D

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Future Forces - One In The Jungle - 97

A blast from the past!!!!

Just posted on DOA, this massive, classic tech step set from Future Forces. [D-Bridge & Maldini - pre Bad Company years] This is the exact shit I listened to and rinsed so many times in cars and at random house party's back in the day! I had the orig. on tape, until it went missing a year later, but god damn I;m so happy right now this is available in MP3!!


Future Forces - One In The Jungle - 5/12/97

01. Dj Kane & Future Forces - Morpheus
02. Dom & Matrix - Vandal
03. Dylan - The Kombat
04. ??? - ???
05. Nasty Habits - 4 Da Cause
06. Nemesis feat DJ Kane - System (Optical & Fierce remix)
07. Ed Rush & Optical - Funktion
08. Shogun - Slipstream (Technical Itch remix)
09. Dom & Optical - Anaesthetic
10. Future Forces - Dead By Dawn (Chapter 2)
11. Legion - Deeper Still
12. Genoforce - Germs
13. Future Forces - Strontium Jazz (Dillinja remix)
14. ??? - ???

Sendspace Link
Megaupload Link
Filefactory Link

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Catacomb Updates [8-2-07]

About a week ago now, I updated the Catacomb Virb and Myspace pages with some forthcoming audio. Tracks on Syndrome Audio, PRSPCT and Cyanide are featured in the update and are getting a bunch of good feedback on all fronts. (so go ahead and check any of those links for beats.) 'Farewell', which was unsigned at the time of the upload, was instantly snatched up by Marco and Benino at Syndrome Audio. Good lookin out guys! :)

Also, 2 monster collabs have been completed with good buds from MTL, Subtone and Stalker. Interest has been instigated and a few big names have them in their hands. They'll hopefully find a good home in the upcoming weeks, so look for them in the future.

And Finally, Catacomb is now an official resident of DCS905 Toronto Drum and Bass Radio. They've recently restructured their team and weekly schedule to feature residents on a 6 week rotation. So great news, the Cata will be inside CIUT studios, every month and a half! Big up Ty and the crew!!