Wednesday, February 21, 2007


It's the end of February and we're deep in winter, yet oddly enough, we were blessed with a glorious 'spring-like' day. Bright, full sun, high of plus 5, no wind, just warmin up it up. Lovely! And there's nothing like goin for a rip cross the 407 on a sun soaked day, with the sun roof open and some choice audio in the air. My selection for such a day... ICR's timeless Empty Pages album. No hesitation.

I can not express enough admiration for Zoltan's work. He has the uncanny ability to create such rich and inspiring soundscapes, filled with key melodic moments and undeniable soul. A unique blend of dnb, stamped with a hungarian signature of authenticity.

Catacomb European Tour Review

The boys returned home from Europe this past Monday safe and sound. After a couple days of rest and recouperation, Andy has written this brilliant review of the entire trip! Keep an eye out for the pictures... ;)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Friday, February 16, 2007


ASC & Mav - Too Deep For Ya / Sceptical [Covert Operations 024]

A. Too Deep For Ya
As the title suggests, this tune takes you on an epic journey into outer space. Setting an instant tone of ambient bliss, it's progression is something to marvel at. Beautiful pads enlighten the mind and prepare the senses for the voyage, with ASC and Mav piloting the vessel, you're in for a smooth ride. Half way into the trip and you're ready for something more. A welcomed encounter of laser-like synths shake things up and get on the funky side, all the while maintaining that key dream-like atmospheric state that has become the signature mark for the two artists.

AA. Sceptical
Intro the mystery, the vast exploration into the sounds of science. ASC & Mav don the lab coats and initiate the experiment to craft a moody intelligent roller. Navigating thick layers of thoughts, rich basslines and waves of funk, these 2 are relentless when it comes to the quest for advancement. Non stop til the formula is complete.

Essential beats from the Covert Operations camp.
This is the next release coming from Cov Ops through Nu-Urban. Test Presses are in and sounding good, so they'll be going to promo any day now!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sick And Snow

Been sick these last 2 days... chest cold + sore throat. Bleh. Anyways, over the last 24 hours, Ontario has seen a mega dump of snow! The first MAJOR winter storm of the year. The entire GTA is covered in white. And it's still coming down!!! Crazy.

Couple pics from outside my building, that's my girlfriend's car under the snow.

Joe Rogan vs. Carlos Mencia

Joe Rogan for Prez!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Catacomb Tour Update

Spoke with the boys today, said the Saturday PRSPCT gig went off large. 600+ people inside going nuts. Proper sound system noted aswell. Dylan Nocturnal bussed in from London to chills with them and Simon VC at Gary PRSPCT's pad. Sounding like good times all around. Some plans have changed tho, no trip to Germany unfourtunately. Train tickets too expensive. The boys play a gig in Amsterdam's Red Light District tonite, updates to follow.

Andyslim now reps Dutch ink! :O

Saturday, February 10, 2007

'Teargas & Plateglass'

Little promo video circulating the net.
Forthcoming tune from The Riot [Castor and Vector Burn] & Infiltrata on Renegade Hardware. (Possibly on the highly anticipated 'Above The Game' LP... ?)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bon Voyage Brothers

The Catacomb European Tour starts today! As I type the boys are enroute from Toronto, Canada to Rotterdam, Holland where they'll be meeting up with the PRSPCT family for their first ever gig on european soil. Over the 10 days, the boys are playing 2 shows in Holland the traveling to Germany for a meet with Phace, then off to Switzerland for a meet with Axiom and the final gig. Stay tuned here for tour updates, details of debauchery, and exclusive photos.

Safe travels boys, enjoy the experience and slay europe dead!, Switzerland's drum and bass resource, recently did an Interview with Andy and it's now been published online. Checks.

Monday, February 05, 2007

I.N.I - Beast Of The East

Well well well. Looks like Evan still has a little intrest in dnb. Who woulda thought. :P Check;s the long awaited 'return to drum & bass' mix from the partner in crime, I.N.I

I.N.I - Beast Of The East [DNBN Studio Mix Volume 2]

N.phect + Dizplay - Bot Funk - Shoota Remix [Shadybrain]
Vicious Circle - Contagious - [Avalanche]
Spinor, Eskalation - Refractor - [Crossfire]
Tunnel Vision - Jackal - [Cymbalism]
Phace + N.phect - Cavity - [Syndrome Audio]
Misanthrop - Bullhead - [SLR]
Phace - Fingerfood - [Subtitles]
Karl K, Jae K, Kaos - Houston - KC Remix - [Human]
EBK + Prolix - Vacuum - [Industry]
Break - Cold Sweat - [Critical]
Desimal - Sun Destroyer - [Barcode]
Optiv - Circa - [Quarantine]
N-Phonix - Transfix - [Full Force]
N.phect feat Complex - Mofo - [Basswerk]
Raiden - Infection - E-Sassin remix - [Hardware LTD]
Gridlok - Bottomfeeder - [Project 51]
Vicious Circle - Between The Lines - [Renegade Hardware]
RDS - Maoi - Dementia Remix - [Shadybrain]
Gridlok + Hive - Event Horizon - feat Calyx - [Violence]
Prolix - Exhile - [Ganja Tek]
N-Phonix - Ephyra - [Full Force]
Catacomb - Deadlights - [Prospect]
Usual Suspects - Get On Back - [Industry]
EBK - Powder People - [Industry]
Catacomb - Buried Alive - Misanthrop Remix - [Shadybrain]
Motion - Elements Of Truth - [BIOS]
N.phect - Shiftfunc - [Full Force]
Milo - Black Hawk Down - Sunchase remix - [Shadybrain]
Morebeat - In Coma - [Citrus]
Prolix + Nocturnal - Condemned - [Renegade Hardware]
Noisia - Omissions - [Vision]
EBK - Blackboard Jungle - [Renegade Hardware]
Break & Survival - No I.D. - [Quarantine]
Silent Witness - California - [Critical]


And it's mamoth sized, running time: 1:44:45
snatch it up and play it loud!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Floor Kids

Floor Kids is a short animated piece done by Jonathan Ng and Kid Koala. The first 2 shorts introduced the B-Boys, Nugs and O-Live, while the main event battle was just released today. Check it!


Audio taken from his latest album, Your Mom's Favorite DJ. Highly recommend you all pick this one up, and any of his previous albums. He's a brilliant artist and spends a load of time perfecting his craft.

I'll also use this time to include my personal fave Kid Koala music vid, 'Fender Bender', taken from his 'Carpel Tunnel Syndrome' album. Koala responsible for the art and animation on this one.