Thursday, November 15, 2007

Catacomb November News Update

Lots of breaking news to pass on so listen up!
Larry has been in high demand and extremely busy over the last 2 months. Locked in the studio and focussed on production, djing has taken a back seat for the time being. He did however manage to make it out for the historic 10 year anniversary event where he played a prime time slot at 1:20-1:45pm. A live recording of the entire event should surface in a matter of days, so hold tight for that.
Now, let's get to the details.

Firstly, if you didn't know, Disturbed Recordings has been resurrected and has seen 3 new releases over the last 3 months. Their latest [DSTRBD011] features Catacomb - 'Euroballs' b/w Rregula & Dementia - 'City Of Dogs'

Next up, Cyanide Recordings has snatched up another Catacomb gem. This time, the rugged, high energy rocker 'Desert Storm' will share duties with a track by Kiwi futurists, Cern. Catalogue number not known at this time.

Over at the Syndrome Audio camp, a bunch of tunes have seen release over the last month. Rise From Ruin 12'', Syndrome Down LP featuring 'Foul Matter', and the soon to be Between The Bars EP, featuring Catacomb and Bulletproof.

PRSPCT Recordings has just seen the release of the Future Filth Ep, featuring the massively infectious 'Gut Wrench'. PRSPCT has also just signed 2 monsterous collabs featuring the Montreal fam, Subtone & Stalker. The 12'' will feature 'Battle Axe' and 'Overfiend'. No audio online atm.

Symptom is the new offshoot lable of Syndrome Audio, out of Holland. The first release see's Catacomb teaming up with Cern for the split 12, 'Bloodmuscle' b/w 'Shuddervision'.

And finally, Flatline Audio has signed 4 tracks for a forthcoming EP in the new year. 'Wipe Your Species' is an early highlight off the unfinished pack, and has become big favorite in Ed Rush's latest sets. Another collab with Kiwi Dave, aka Subtone, 'Stone Rose' also makes note. No audio online atm.

And now you're up to date.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Upbeats - Thinking Cap - Video

MOFRESH delivers a visually haunting interpretation of The Upbeats monstrously epic, 'Thinking Cap', featuring Georgie.

Their highly anticipated album, 'Nobody's Out There', is set to drop next week [November 12th] on Bad Taste Recordings.

For more info on the album, check the DOA thread. For more info on MOFRESH, check out their YouTube Page.