Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kid Koala New Home On The Web

Koala has a new home on the web. Check out for the goods. Design by Noyz319.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Polar - In The End

Polar - In Th End [Warm Communications]

WARMLPS001 12''
A. High Voltage
AA1. Almost And Beyond (Sampler Version)
AA2. In The Middle Of Somewhere

WARMPLP001 2x12''
A. I Don't Remember
B1. Uneven
B2. Stepping Out
C. Nothing Personal
D1. Another Time
D2. End Of The Story

1. Almost And Beyond
2. End Of The Story
3. Another Time
4. Nothing Personal
5. I Don't Remember
6. Rendition
7. High Voltage
8. In The Middle of Somewhere
9. 3 Liter
10. Static
11. Stepping Out
12. Uneven
13. Lo-fi Epilogue

12'' Sampler available October 27/2008
2x12'' LP and CD available November 2008

For more info and audio, check the following links:
Warm Communications Myspace
Polar Myspace

Artwork by Khoma
Distributed worldwide by S.T. Holdings LTD

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Clever - BBS Bookings Podcast

Clever - BBS Bookings Podcast October 08

Polar - Uneven [Warm Communications]
Hi-Lar - Back on Trip (LXC Remix) [Offshore]
Instramental - The Dead Zone [Darkestral]
Physics - Dreamworld (D Bridge Remix) [Blindside]
Thee Darkestral - Remote Value [???]
Ed Rush, Trace, and Nico - Mad Different Methods [Nu Black]
Martsman - Disharmonic Anti Anthem [Offshore]
Calibre - Sokitume [Signature]
Dissident & Engage - LHC [???]
Polar - High Voltage [Warm Communications]
Martsman - Klikoucha [Offshore]
Sileni - Twitchy Droid Leg [Offshore]
Martsman - Untitled [???]
Deep Blue - Soho Code Version X [Offshore]
Dissident - Society of Silver Skeletons [Hotshore]
Martsman - Some Minimal Business (LXC Refix) [Subtle]


The science!

Monday, October 06, 2008

The Future Is: Grimm

And now on to something that will become a regular monthly feature here at Sci & Pro (inspired by this thread and it's sinking demise), a head's up and profile on a new edge producer I feel is deserving of more notice and coverage. For the first installment, I'm staying local and shedding light on a Toronto MC turned budding producer, Grimm.

I was first introduced to Grimm back in December of 2007, when Make:Shift released his track 'Getting Deep' on their mpFREE compilation, 'Bassbored'. A tidy little mp3 indie album, looking to bring in some new artists and showcase some older friends of the label. Fast forward to May of 2008, he really caught my attention with his dark haunting number, 'Etched In Stone'. A gripping evil edged tune that makes your skin crawl. A real moody piece of music that makes you feel something when listening to it (to this day I can't understand why it hasn't been signed). From there we linked on AIM and he's been passing me tunes ever since, a fair amount too I should note. This guy does some serious work in the studio, crankin out solo works and collabs by the bunch (all quality!). In turn, label heads have started to recognize his talents and sign his tracks. Most recently Future Thinkin out of London UK, snatched him up for a release. And those notable collaborations I mentioned earlier, featuring the talents of Mutt, Nusense and Stanza, well it's almost certain that they'll find reputable homes in the coming weeks and secure a slot for release in 2009, no doubt. With a lot to look forward to and plenty to be patient for, this is merely the tip of the iceberg for the Grimmful One. Take note!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Widestream - September Mix Special

Widestream - September Mix Special for DNB.IN.UA

1. Cryo - She VIP [Covert Operations]
>> Bop - Time & Space [???]
2. Bop & Dephecta - Autumn Melancholy (Widestream Remix) [Misspent]
3. Oak - Nu Sunrise [Brand:Nu]
>> Bop - Zakoulki Soznaniya [???]
4. Marso - Autist [Covert Operations]
5. Derrick - Azau [???]
6. Receptor - Romb [???]
7. Calculon - Relapse [???]
8. Nookie - Get Down (P.B.K feat. Miss Drop Remix) [Camino Blue]
9. ICR & Pazta - Stand Up (Remix) [???]
10. Paul SG & Calculon - Part of Me [???]
11. Sky & Hemule feat. Gibson - Southern Star VIP [Deformed Soundz]
12. Grinda & ZigZag - Colours of the Night (Jebar Remix) [Liquid Brilliant]
13. ICR - Then Just Say Hello [Deformed Soundz]
14. Peerj - Not With You [TAM Records]


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Buck 65 + Symphony Nova Scotia

"It was something that could only happen in Halifax" says Halifax Chronicle Herald critic Stephen Pedersen.

Back in April of this year, Canadian hip hop artist and poet extraordinaire Buck 65 did a special intimate concert engagement with the classical ensemble of Symphony Nova Scotia, at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium in Halifax, Nova Scotia. What transpired over the next hour and a half was something so mind bending, so awe inspiring, a small concert in tiny Eastern Canada turned into a galactic 'experience' in the world of music. Here were two worlds on opposite ends of the spectrum, thrust together in a bizarre collision, producing a phenomenal soundclash for the ages.

The full concert is available for streaming ONLY on CBC Radio 2, but discussions are currently ongoing between Buck and CBC about acquiring the rights in hopes for a future digital release.

Check the set and stay tuned!