Thursday, March 16, 2006

Catacomb - From The Womb To The Tomb - MIX


A new mix from the best buds, featuring some of the sickest tracks of now, by artists such as Noisia, Mayhem, Corrupt Souls, Counterstrike, Phace, Psidream, Desimal, Evol Intent and of course, the Catacomb.


Malkav said...

Hi Srix, do you happen to have this mix in your HD? would you be able to reup it somewhere? there's a topic called cyberfunk on dsci4 where we're talking about the 'combs but the original mirrors for this one are now broken. thanks in advance and big up for the blog!

Ryan.Srix said...

Yes Malkav!
Here for you, new DOWNLOAD LINK.
(also updating post with new link)
Glad you digs the blog, man. Respect!