Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dubstep Basics : Toronto

Subtrac is a group that's devoted to paying homage to a frequency register of 100hz and below.Dead set on transforming the GTA and southern Ontario area into a North American hotbed for Dubstep music, subtrac promotes the sound on a monthly basis at Alto Basso (718 College St). For those who are familiar, Alto Basso is a warm and intimate environment that's perfectly sized for such an event. It's sound system is crisp yet boasts a wickedly warm low end.

With that in mind, friday night was goods! The lot of us met up for some eats at Everest on Queen and then hualed it up to Alto Basso on College. A nice little eatery itself that hosts a lounge in the back and a nice sized room downstairs with bar. Thick basslines were the theme of the night and the sound was heavy. Wild drunk times upon the end of the night, Spherix found out just how the Canadian crew gets down! lol.. "i was borrrn in the pub!"

Sub.Trac Website

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