Friday, February 16, 2007


ASC & Mav - Too Deep For Ya / Sceptical [Covert Operations 024]

A. Too Deep For Ya
As the title suggests, this tune takes you on an epic journey into outer space. Setting an instant tone of ambient bliss, it's progression is something to marvel at. Beautiful pads enlighten the mind and prepare the senses for the voyage, with ASC and Mav piloting the vessel, you're in for a smooth ride. Half way into the trip and you're ready for something more. A welcomed encounter of laser-like synths shake things up and get on the funky side, all the while maintaining that key dream-like atmospheric state that has become the signature mark for the two artists.

AA. Sceptical
Intro the mystery, the vast exploration into the sounds of science. ASC & Mav don the lab coats and initiate the experiment to craft a moody intelligent roller. Navigating thick layers of thoughts, rich basslines and waves of funk, these 2 are relentless when it comes to the quest for advancement. Non stop til the formula is complete.

Essential beats from the Covert Operations camp.
This is the next release coming from Cov Ops through Nu-Urban. Test Presses are in and sounding good, so they'll be going to promo any day now!!

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