Thursday, August 02, 2007

Catacomb Updates [8-2-07]

About a week ago now, I updated the Catacomb Virb and Myspace pages with some forthcoming audio. Tracks on Syndrome Audio, PRSPCT and Cyanide are featured in the update and are getting a bunch of good feedback on all fronts. (so go ahead and check any of those links for beats.) 'Farewell', which was unsigned at the time of the upload, was instantly snatched up by Marco and Benino at Syndrome Audio. Good lookin out guys! :)

Also, 2 monster collabs have been completed with good buds from MTL, Subtone and Stalker. Interest has been instigated and a few big names have them in their hands. They'll hopefully find a good home in the upcoming weeks, so look for them in the future.

And Finally, Catacomb is now an official resident of DCS905 Toronto Drum and Bass Radio. They've recently restructured their team and weekly schedule to feature residents on a 6 week rotation. So great news, the Cata will be inside CIUT studios, every month and a half! Big up Ty and the crew!!

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