Monday, April 14, 2008

Axiom presents: Audio Fiction

About a month ago, Axiom hit me up to discuss a new label he was about to start. We chatted a bit more and he mentioned he was interested in getting me to do some words for it (label bio, press sheets and future promo texts) and I willingly agreed.

So I then see in a promo thread by his booking agency, This Way Up, that it was announced. So I figured I'd post about it here, now. :)

Axiom presents: Audio Fiction

Audio Fiction is a brand new drum and bass imprint oot of Berne, Switzerland, owned and operated by breakout producer, Axiom. Its main focus is to release a signature selection of aggressive, hard edged neurofunk and tech step beats. It is under the strict guidance and respectable eye of Axiom that this label will flourish with a wealth of quality releases, starting from 001 and into the future. Distribution handled by Triple Vision NL and S. T. Holdings UK.

AudioFiction001 - Double Axle ~ AUDIO is known for his originality and extreme high quality when it comes to production. The Hungarian native is seen as a seminal leader in forward thinking and future origin beats, showing his ideas stretch far and beyond the normal grasps of the mind. His latest production, 'Double Axle', is an extra large offering of power, aggressiveness and hostility. Hard, chugging beats combined with an intimidating dialogue lead to an intrusive affair between producer and listener, with the former coming oot alive after the vicious battle.

Jade & Matt-U - Dread Moon ~ AUDIO
Sticking with the Hungarian theme, two of the countries highly coveted producers team up to deliver an infectious and raucous arrangement of beats and basslines in the haunting case of 'Dread Moon'. Led with likes of a psycho echo synth, some monster filth ridden mid lines, a nasty funk swing and an evil creeping bassline, the dancefloor is no place for weak souls as the moon is in full flight on this twisted night.

Luke also has a new mix out that i suggest everyone download if you don't have already!

Axiom - New Dawn Fading - April 08

Axiom - Sexdrive - Uprising
Apex - Hench - Lifted
Nocturnal - Nightvision - Syndrome Audio
Jade - Bitch [Audio Remix] - Citrus
Prolix - Bad Blood - ??? - Double Axle - Audio Fiction
Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Animal - BSE
Jade & Matt-U - Dread Moon - Audio Fiction
Prolix - Southern Funk - ???
Future Signal - Ghost In The Machine - Audio Fiction & State Of Mind - Hoodoo - SOM Music
Cause 4 Concern - Catch 22 - Renegade Hardware
Katharsys - Scraper - Breed 12''
Axiom - Nightwatch - Syndrome Audio
Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Red Velvet VIP - ???
Axiom - Emokiller - Citrus
Axiom & Dementia & Rregula - untitled - ???
Kano & Paperclip - Invisible War - ???
Rregula - Eyes Turned Red - Climate
Prolix - On The Shoulders Of Giants - ???
Cause 4 Concern - Phatcap [Phace Remix] - C4C
Axiom - The Big Spanking - Uprising
Spor & Ewun & Evol Intent - Levitate - Lifted
Apex - Motion - Lifted

(And I realise I'm late on this post, but I just got back from the UK, so stfu!) :D

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