Friday, May 23, 2008

Full Force 013

Next up on Full Force Recordings:

Misha - Bugs 2 Sequel
Bursting onto the scene like an unsuspecting SWAT raid, Misha unleashes a fury of vigor and havoc in his destructive debut, 'Bugs 2 Sequel'. The Stateside Maryland native caused quite a stir online last year, when the early stages of the 'Bug' morphosis were first exposed. Forum heads were calling for it's immediate release and the word was now out on this new aged mad scientist. The final to his epic experiment has spawned a creation of dark defiant vibes, full of rugged, chugging bassline-midline combos and tense skin crawling synths. This is the kind of debut knockout that leaves a bold impression in your memory and a permanent indent on your skull!

Nphonix - Ephyra [Dose Remix]
New Zealand has quickly become dnb's 'next' breeding pool, spawning some of the most technical and forward thinking producers in the game today. Christchurch native, Dose, steps in on the remix tip to take the 'Ephyra' vessel on a deeper journey into another celestial dimension. Adding key atmospheric elements, running drum lines and a larger, warmer bassline, the tune has undoubtedly received a significant upgrade from the Nphonix original to become an instant floor friendly, funk heavy beat!

Full Force, into the future of drum and bass.

words by me ;)

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