Wednesday, August 06, 2008


An exciting new prospect out of the Shadow Law stables is a new label dedicated to rising talents from across the globe. Aesthetics has been set up to break in new names that the common public might not yet be aware of, but will get to know FedEx fast!

Originally, this project was created in early 2007. 001 (Catacomb - Out Alive b/w Dose - Anoxia) was signed early last year, and then put on the back burner. Being as busy as the 'man in demand' is, Mayhem's ongoing workload restricted him from giving it the proper attention a "quality control" + "talent breaking" label deserves. Now with things in a more calm and collected state (and his debut album almost complete!) the time has come to open the flood gates and rinse out the beats.

With 3 official releases already concrete, Aesthetics look to break new boundaries with likes of Equivalent, Engage, Kodin and Scud, aswell as respective new school heads, Catacomb, Dose, Corrupt Souls and Cern making their mark.

AES001 is on test press right now and Mayhem has said things will now move at a speedy pace, so expect to see a consistent flow for the rest of the year. (and if not, send kick-in-the-ass emails to mayhem @ shadowlawrecordings . com HAH!)

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