Friday, October 24, 2008

Polar - In The End

Polar - In Th End [Warm Communications]

WARMLPS001 12''
A. High Voltage
AA1. Almost And Beyond (Sampler Version)
AA2. In The Middle Of Somewhere

WARMPLP001 2x12''
A. I Don't Remember
B1. Uneven
B2. Stepping Out
C. Nothing Personal
D1. Another Time
D2. End Of The Story

1. Almost And Beyond
2. End Of The Story
3. Another Time
4. Nothing Personal
5. I Don't Remember
6. Rendition
7. High Voltage
8. In The Middle of Somewhere
9. 3 Liter
10. Static
11. Stepping Out
12. Uneven
13. Lo-fi Epilogue

12'' Sampler available October 27/2008
2x12'' LP and CD available November 2008

For more info and audio, check the following links:
Warm Communications Myspace
Polar Myspace

Artwork by Khoma
Distributed worldwide by S.T. Holdings LTD

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