Friday, November 14, 2008

Solar Empire

With the over abundance of new music circulating my head these days, I almost forgot about the stellar release of Solar Empire's debut album, The Secrets Of Time.

The release of the ASC : Ezeekil collaborative effort has been a long time coming, originally signed 2 years ago to Thermal Recordings, the label encountered numerous distribution problems and ultimately went defunct, so the team at Covert Operations took formidable matters into their own hands and released the damn thing themselves!

This album is pure quality at it's finest. 12 stunning soundscapes drawing on multiple angles of dance floor damage to beard stroking reclinement. This album is an absolute must and available only from the Covert Operations Store.

For audio previews, click the links below.

1 Atoms
2 Curvature
3 Space Device
4 All In The Mind
5 Gravity Shift
6 Inside
7 Flatline
8 Mobius Ring
9 The Breach
10 Nova Scotia
11 Relay
12 Arctic Circle

Love it!

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