Monday, December 08, 2008

More Fanu For You

Here it is in all is 'preview' glory, the new Fanu longplayer entitled, 'Homefree'.

And I Find Her There
Where It Rains Blood
Bringing Out The Evil
Burning The Bridge
Cry 4 U (feat. Swervez/BBA)
End Of An Era
For Those Who Dream (Vector Burn Remix)
Silentium - Hangman's Lullaby (Fanu Remix)
Killer Boys and Black Balloons
The New Law - Showdown (feat. Fanu)
Sleeping Beauty
You May Fall But Don't Hide Your Face
Vector Burn - 1000 Thrones (Fanu Remix)

With a tentative release planned for early 2009, the album will see an all formats release, 3 x 12'' Vinyl / CD / mp3's.

In 'Homefree', Janne says this album has been a detailed culmination of dedication, determination and perseverance to the fullest,

"Making music's never been the easiest job for me, and I throw a lot of the songs I try to write into the bin, and I must say writing this album's been a pretty damn long road as well, but here it finally is.
I'm more proud of this album than any other Fanu music package ever released before."

and from following the early workings on part of this project, it's nice to see that after 2 years of tracking down Vector Burn the effort will finally be rewarded with this release.

Well done Fanu!

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