Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Darkestral For Days

Instra:mental and Darkestral Recordings, if you haven't heard the names as of yet, listen up. These artists, and their label, have quickly become a big part in a core of similar individuals, responsible for restoring the faith and musicality back into drum and bass.

Deep, honest, reflective emotions ring clear and evident upon listening to the tracks they breed. A welcomed breath of fresh air, gives us old geezers something to smile about and trust in the fact that there still are "musicians" alive and kicking, turning out unique ideas/sounds in this split world of soulless noise and over engineered producers.

The next release scheduled on Darkesrtal is the extended player entitled, 'Sepia Tones'. Already recieving a wealth of good press and forum feedback, I couldn't describe the pack any better than the boys did themselves...

Featuring the much talked of 'Photograph' by Instra:mental (currently residing as the closing track on the Commix Fabric Mix cd, and garnering reviews that place it among the finer tracks of said release), 'The Dead Zone', a dystopian future vision worthy of any respectable science fiction movie soundtrack, and then the two synergistic partnerships with another of dnb's other renegade thinkers, D-Bridge .. 'Translucent' is a psychedlic rush of beatific bliss and close relative to the 'Photograph' essence whilst rounding off with 'Detuned' where the machines start to think for themselves and spew out further pre-echoes of a edgier forthcoming time...


Also set to spark, a new imprint aiming to expose the "deep space anti-gravity soundtrack beats", Darkestral Excursions. This label see's it's inaugural release christened by none other than, Sabre, who has steadily made a mark for himself in the world of forward thinking drum and bass. This plate is no different, as he takes a trip off the map and explores the edge of deep-end experimental soundscapes. An absolute must!


magda o said...

& Yes.

The first time I heard Comanche my whole world changed and shifted to a parallel I hadn't realized could even exist ya know? It's difficult for me to discuss Instra:mental & D-Bridge, but specifically Instra:mental without some celestial references because they don't make me feel like regular music does, something inside my cells gets activated when i hear it.

Did you see D-Bridge when he rolled through Toronto? It was one of the most intense moments... hearing Blush Response as clear and sharp as can be. I cried & cried. But not as much as the first time I heard Wonder Where in October, the last song on the first Instra:mental set to ever be online from Star Warz.
Maybe it's for the best I am not where the music scene lies in Europe.. I'd probably blow myself up being exposed to such magic on the regular. But then again, maybe I should be blowing myself up on the regular. No growth without destruction...

Maybe that's why there had to be a lull in the scene, for all this to happen?

Ryan.Srix said...

I feel you on this!
Unfortunately, was out of town when D-Bridge passed through..was gutted. :(