Sunday, June 18, 2006

Loft Update ---> Pics!

Finally got back into the loft to take some pics and some measurements.
So fuckign excited..end of July can not come soon enough!
Here we go...

Front Hall
Looking through the kitchen
Going up..
Master Bedroom
Looking over bedroom wall
Top to Bottom
Rooftop Patio View



mechanic said...

looks dope! sweet new home!!!

khal said...

sick, just sick.

Ana Banana said...

Holy Jebus @ Ryan's!!!

element said...

dreamloft. jealous.
congrats, bro.

Dan J said...

So it is true!! A Hamiloid in the making I see. You couldn't of picked a better spot though, just far enough from King St, but nice and close to Hess Village.

(You do not want to be on King like I am, I find crackheads in my laundry room and worst of all always stealing the god damn cables going into my place for my net/tv connection to smoke rock with. (I hear it's perfect for the extreme temperatures needed when smokin the rock!))

Funny thing is you can see my apartment window in the last pic!

(I sent the pic to your email with an arrow pointing to my crumby apartment)