Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Quadra - Based On A True Story

Finally. The loooooooong awaited debut album by the Vancouver based duo Quadra, see's the light of day. Marc Soo and Matt Cox originally started out on the journey to explore the vast pallete of music and what became of an experiment led to a discovery that is finally being published for the world to see. " 'Based On A True Story' is a rich, ten page chronicle of yearning restraint and brutal elegance. Creating an ever changing atmosphere that closely matches the one outside [Vancouver, B.C., Canada], the songs on the album weave a gorgeously warm and melodic story, while it's dynamics are counterbalanced by the obsessive worship of low-end friction and understated detail."

I've had an advanced copy for a while now and i must say it is every bit of amazing as one could expect. Brilliant downtempo tracks with soothing strings and keys, add in some essential deep rolling basslines and the album is just a thing of beauty. Strongly recommended.

Dont forget to checks the CBC archive of their live preformance from November 2004. I was fortunate to catch it live while it was streaming and the beats just took off. Total journey off into the deep end.

Quadra @ Myspace

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