Friday, July 21, 2006

Some Thoughts..

Friday finally made it..and not soon enough. I'm beat. Looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend, before it gets really hectic up in heer. Moving next weekend, then a big wedding the following weekend. Just get me through it, so we can chillax.

Some things im looking forward to next week [along with my move :D]...

:The new Jurrasic 5 album 'Feedback' drops next week. There first single features the Dave Mathews Band, titled 'Work It Out'. Sounds pretty smooth from the first couple of listens. Easy to get into. Anyways, I'm lookin forward to grabbing it on Tuesday. You should too.

:The Beastie Boys feature film 'Awesome! I Fucking Shot That' also drops next Tuesday. A quick overview for those who dunno..The Boys handed out 50[!] cameras to their fans at a show in October of 2005 @ MadisonSquareGarden, NYC. They then compiled all the footage into a film and debut it at the Cannes Film Festival and got rave reviews from the critics.

:I have a favorite commercial of now, it's the new NikeBauer 'Earn Your Ice Time' ad. Takes me back to my Rep Hockey days and spending so much time in the summers training off ice, for the winters on ice. It gives me chills watching it. Check the NikeBauer Website to watch. [Click 'Training' when is on the right side of screen.]

and a couple shouts to some special people i know...
:Firstly, a big congrats to my girl Judy, who got her drivers license on Wednesday. So happy for her. Legally entitled to more dodging and sneaking. ;p

:Secondly, the Catacomb [andy & larry] are on a plane as i type this, on their way to KansasCity Missouri, to play what im sure will be an maaaaad show. Andy has been there once before and said the vibe is off the hook and add the wild man 'Milo Of KC' and that's a sure fire recipe for insanity. >:)

And finally, a little audio I'd like to point in your direction..

:sek - moodstep mix

future prophecies - trolls and fairytales
teebee - revelations
special touch - let me count the ways
digital - lower depths
teebee - into submission
teebee - stolen dokuments
nos - free us
teebee - intelligence unknown
teebee - dynasty warriors
omni trio - the angels and shadows project (higher ground mix)


An older mix, but has some of the deepest selection ever! Essential. Has been the #1 play in the iPod this week. Download and enjoy! :)

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