Monday, July 03, 2006

Warm Communications NEWS

Heath finally made the announcement that Warm has been snatched up, and is to be distributed from 009 and on, by the good crew @ S.T. Holdings. If you dont know, S.T. is the daddy of all Vinyl Dist. and offers the highest of quality in pressings and packaging and also ships to more locations worldwide. So good! Well done Heath.

So, I recently posted the ASC info [Warm008] on here, and heres the next couple of releases set to go. Warm009 is by Resound, 'Underground' b/w 'Spiral Web'.

"Third time is a charm and comes from none other than the Finnish badman Ilpo Karkkainen or in the drum & bass field Resound. Having already had a couple of vinyl releases with Warm Communications, we think it's time to deliver another slice of unique, underground funk to the masses! Resound has released quite a slew of tracks in the past couple of years, but we feel this 12'' is some of his best work yet & showcases his unique take on drum & bass. 'Underground' starts off with a looped vocal of the title of the track followed quickly by bongos that build and build leaving you waiting for the drop. A start/ stop like amen break crashes through the vocal and bassline going for the jugular. The tune is filled out by a melodic atmosphere that keeps everything together and never leaves you bored. 'Spiral Web' is pure funk that only Resound can bring. A ominous atmosphere opens the track and gets right into it with a steppy break with rolling drums sprinkled on top for added punch. Additional effects perfectly placed atop a super deep bassline that carries the tune up to the breakdown where afterwards, everything gets funky. These 2 tunes definitely showcase Resounds' talent and ability to keep things very interesting while maintaining classy production."

Audio clip

There's that old school art i mentioned

The next release inline comes from the original Finnish drum funkster, Fanu. Such fresh drum patterns always comes with the unique styles. a 3 tracker 12'', this release also features a nice downtempo track, 'The Face Of The Man Who Killed You'.

Circle Of Sycamore Trees
Footsteps Concealed
The Face Of The Man Who Killed You

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