Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Been a while...

hey HEY! It's been a while since i posted on here. Been so busy and all, so heres some updates as to whats been happenin and whats goin down in the next couple o days:

We finally got our couch + chair. It's been the final piece to our puzzle and we've been missing it dearly. It is soooo amazing to sit and lounge in it;s comfort...i have longed for it since last month when all we had were crappy beer style camping chairs. heres the goods:

Also, one of my best buds had his first child born this past Sunday. Gage Elliot Paquet was welcomed into this world by his proud papa, Andy and lovely moma, Jen. I can not wait to mee this lil guy!

A big announcement in the Toronto dnb club scene... Abstract is set to launch some wikked events this upcoming fall/winter..and kickin it off in fine fashion, Matrix. FOR 3 HOURS!!! This is the stuff that legends are made. I can not wait.

Also this Friday, Masheen is in town for a special event at Apothecary. Tearout boast a heavy local lineup featuring the best producer/dj lineup that ive been intrested in, in a long time. [big up dubcomm for hooking this jam] Masheen/Catacomb/NC-17/Target in the main room and also a rooftop patio Breaks session going down.

Expect some pics and full review.

and i just want to send a special shout out to my youngest cousin, Kevin. Thinking about you buddy.. i hope you pull out of this and get back on the feild sooner then laters. see you on Saturday bud.

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