Saturday, September 30, 2006

So Goldie laid the beats to Redeyes...

Earlier this week, news broke of a major altercation inside Swerve London where it seems one, Goldie, confronted and threw one, Redeyes, down 5 stairs and then gave him the boots while he was down. And it seems what it all spawned from was the 'unofficial' remix/bootleg of 'Inner City Life' done by Redeyes [confession on page 3], and first gained notice from Fabio's radio show back in January06. This then led to Redeyes appologizing to Goldie in front of the dnb world on DOA. Well it seems as Goldie finally caught up to Mr. Redeyes and gave him a little piece of his mind. So blah blah blah, it's all over the net, Goldie writes a response and we got more drama. It happens..

my personal opinion...Goldie handeled his buisness, in his fashion and did things right. He's a man from the old school and no doubt was feeling that the lined got crossed. The guy did not ask permission to rework tune. Once completed, the guy passed the tune out to other people, those people, NOT GOLDIE! [WTF] Those said people had apparently not informed Goldie of the tune, which only adds another spark to the fire. Redeyes was apparently warned "not to come to London". He plays Swerve..does not make effort to seek out Goldie at event and shake hands / smooth things over [Goldie is infact the one who does]..then does not talk to him after and is apparently "smug" in his actions towards Goldie. Things add up, and in Goldies eyes, beats come down.

Unless commissioned to do a remix, or asked by the producer himself, leave it alone. Especially when we're talking about a tune as monumental as 'Inner City Life' !?@?! Why would you ever want to retouch that one???!?! Are you fucking mad man?

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