Saturday, March 10, 2007

Chris Simon What Were You Thinking?

I was going to post on here and defend Simon's actions, as the original footage I had seen on TSN ['Highlights: NYR 2, NYI 1' if you want to see yourself] had shown an angle where it looks almost as if he was trying to crosscheck him hard and his hands were just back a bit on the stick, therfore it looked like a chop at his chest. But, after seeing the angles at the end of the ESPN footage above ^, it's plain to see he did swing his stick in a manner where he was deliberately trying to hurt Ryan Hollweg. Not so much at his head, but more at his chest.

Now, Hollweg isn't 100% innocent in this at all. I've watched him in sevral games this year and he's running all over the ice and finishing his checks with force. And that's his job understandably. But, he's very wreckless out there and his hit on Simon is questionable as to being a 'clean hit'.

I'm kinda sad for Chris Simon. He was having a great year under Ted Nolan and they were making a strong push into the playoffs since the trade deadline. Now this almost clouds all their hardwork and could ultimately effect the Islanders over this last month of the season.

Simon has been suspended indefinitely since the incident, and today met with NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell for his hearing. No decision has been announced yet.
Chris Simon has been suspended for the remainder of the season and the playoffs.

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