Tuesday, March 06, 2007

St. Lucia Recap

Well, it was back to reality today, the cruel harsh world of the frigid north. -21 first thing in the morning and a fierce wind that pierced my entire body all day. Not cool.

So on to something that already brings me warmth, and breathes a little life into this frozen vessel of a body.. recapping St. Lucia. We left on the Sunday, February 25th just before the GTA got a big dump of snow [hehe] so we were ecstatic about the getaway. Five hour flight, and upon arrival, 1 hour shuttle to the resort. After a ridiculous ride through the tight knit roads and the insane elevation changes, we make it to the resort, alive. From then on, 7 days in absolute paradise. Maxin an relaxin all week. Tons of good times. Returned to Toronto Sunday, March 4th and we both 100% certain that we'd much rather be back in St. Lucia, livin it up. ( for now atleast, until spring arrives. ;] )

Check some pics y'all!

The best time ever!

Some notes...

-We stayed at the luxurious, Sandals Regency St. Lucia Golf Resort and Spa. It was paradise.

-The sun in the West Indies cuts through SPF30 Sunblock at ease. We got scorched early, but no bad burns. So remember kids, re-apply every few hours or so..

-The ocean was just a dream. The warmest natural body of water I've ever been in. I actually wish i was in it right now!

-Ocean kayaking is the illest. Tons o fun.

-Soundtrack for the trip went as accordingly:

* Amon Tobin - Foley Room
* I.N.I - Beast Of The East Mix
* ASC - Deep Space 7 Mix
* Axiom - Winter Mix 06
* Tokyo Police Club - Live In Soho
* TV On The Radio - Return To Cookie Mountain
* Catacomb - Live On DCS905 Radio - Parts 1 & 2
* Circa Survive - Juturna
* Kid Koala - Your Mom's Favorite D.J.
* Quadra - Live At CBC Radio
* Redeyes - DOA Mix
* Shawn Lee - Ubiquity Records Podcast
* Tool - 10,000 Days
* Quadrant Tunes
* Motion Tunes
* Phace Tunes
* Mayhem Tunes
* Ministry - Select Tracks Off 'Psalm 69' 'The Mind Is A Terrible Thing..'and Filth Pig'

-Reading Material on the trip included, Dwell Magazine, Rolling Stone and the book 'Big Shots - The Men Behind The Booze' by A.J. Baime.

-Beverages on the trip included, Mimosa's with breakfast, Piton Beer [The country's signature lager], Heineken Beer, Pina Colada's, Miami Vice's, No Pressure's, Rum Punch Mix Drinks, Tons of Rye & Ginger's, Red Bull, OJ and AJ, and the H20.

-Speaking of alcohol, I suffered through one hell of a hangover on Friday, but that's ok cause Thursday night was worth it! Thanks to my 2 partners on the night, Rye and Ginger. ;)

-The breakfast buffet was probably the best thing about the food there. They had just massive amounts of fresh fresh foods. We loved it!

-They had a ping pong table on site, and we had some serious battles go down. Serious son. Ultra competitive drunk matches inside the table tenni arena!!!

-I found MY hammock early in the trip. I always plan to find one every exotic trip im on and lounge out for multiple hours. He was best friend on the hung over Friday. :D

-And a great big shout to the love of my life, Judy Mac. This trip was our best yet and I can't wait till our next! Love you lots girl! <3

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