Saturday, April 07, 2007

Cov Ops Ltd

Covert Operations are proud to announce their new offshoot, simply titled Cov Ops Ltd, which I'm sure you don't need a masters to realise that it stands for Covert Operations Limited. With the recent problems we ran into with our Limited Edition Vinyl Series, we were left with a few options, one being, scrap the series altogether, another being move all the tunes to CD release only, and the third try and get a distribution deal for a new label to cater for the music we were putting out on this.

So we are pleased to confirm Cov Ops Ltd will be distributed by Nu Urban Music, along side parent label, Covert Operations. We plan to release, in order, the 4 12" singles we had scheduled for our limited edition vinyl series 5, and then more of the quality you have come to expect from us.
So I just finished up the promo write for this release, which means you can look for it in the stores next week or the following week. Click track title for audio.

Covert Operations Limited
CLV001 - ASC
Datastream / Aftershock / Starbeams

Datastream - Heavy steppin intro leads the way to a bridge of a tribal like breaks, combined with an interstellar atmosphere, as only ASC can create. Once it breaks and gets into groove, its guaranteed to get the floor moving and the minds thinking. Brilliant in thought, an epic ambient roller.

Aftershock - Light and steady, giving you a little knock as it drops. Large warming basslines with soothing atmosphere provide the perfect medium. Running glitches add a significant edge to the steppy synths as they fall in line. Always bringing it back to the beautiful atmosphere. Signature staple in the ASC arsenal.

Starbeams - Bouncy uptempo track, its first impression will last a lifetime on dancefloors. Fusing big bounce basslines, waves of clashing synths and intricate tech like attacks, it'll put your senses on high alert and give your reflexes an ultimate test.

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