Friday, April 06, 2007

New Delhi FM

Over the last week I came across this brilliant artist New Delhi FM out of Cologne, Germany. Now I've always been a huge fan of German producers, with the likes of Phace, Kabuki, T.G.M., Misanthrop, Simon V and the brothers, Nphect and Diz:play, constantly polluting my airwaves since I got involved with dnb. [ when I say polluting, I mean it in a good way :) ]

So to come across this guy who creates some phenomenal abstract soundscapes that fall in line with some of the stunning German producers I am so fond of..I was hooked. He has 2 albums out, surprisingly available for free, 'Daylight Confusion', which i can't stop listening to atm, and 'Far From Yesterday' which, unfortunately, I haven't been able to get into because of the forementioned statement. :)

Anyways, strongly recommend checking the albums, you won't be disappointed.

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