Monday, June 25, 2007

New Addition - Part 2

What a great way to start the week!

Mr. Nicon hit me up this morning to talk a little shop. (He runs Celsius Recordings, based out of Holland and part of the Triple Vision Music Group) Seems he was talking to a good friend of mine, the lovely Biene, and she was wondering why most of the TV labels did not have press write ups for their past releases. I guess somewhere in there as well she also mentioned me and my writing (<3), and Nicon himself knows I do words for labels and we had spoke briefly just before my departure from Anyways, long story short, he offered me a position to write the press for a majority of the TV labels!! Citrus, Fokuz and Fokuz Limited, Love and Disturbed (which was recently taken over this year by Triple Vision after the infamous Souru abandoned the label) will now be penned by my hand. (And in case you were wondering, press for Celsius and Syndrome Audio is handled in-house at TVMG)

How could I say no?! These guys are the epitome of class and professionalism, committed to continually delivering the highest quality of product to the masses (in both sounds and art). When the Catacomb boys signed on with them, I knew they were in good hands and I was quite glad to know that their output image would be well taken care of. (in terms of vision and presentation)

I am absolutely elated to be a part of this great music organization. There is a ton of outstanding releases coming up featuring some best raw talents in the game. The Mindscape album, 'Black Lotus', also including two samplers [S1 and S2] is going to be a HUGE, the New Zealand EP, a new Rawtekk much more!


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khal said...

big up yaself man! good news.