Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Interpol Single

"The men of Interpol have kept us waiting three years for their third album, Our Love to Admire. 'Pioneer to the Falls', the disc's moody (what else?) opener, doesn't rush to make its point, either. Nor does it disappoint. A dark, brittle guitar line similar to pre-Turn on the Bright Lights live rarity 'Cubed' (also known as 'Mascara') joins sparse piano and melancholy strings before Paul Banks' harrowed, Jim Morrison-like voice comes in, again beseeching patience: "The soul can wait." Interpol's rhythm section enters a verse later, then drops to a heartbeat on a bridge that floats in space-- "You fly straight into my heart," Banks croons, distant yet vulnerable-- until at last a trilling guitar solo soars above it all, for an emotional effect similar to the one generated by the solo on Radiohead's 'Creep'. "I felt you so much today," Banks concludes, as rumbling toms and rising orchestration contrast with that stately opening riff, betraying impatience, perhaps, but no hurry." [source]

I love it!

Now this is already shaping up to be a very promising and memorable album, as the first single, 'Heinrich Maneuver' is currently at radio and getting some decent play. [check it on their myspace if you haven't heard it yet] But it's not so much the popular play on airwaves that is encouraging, it's the fact within these two singles, they've evidently written some outstanding and timeless music during that lengthy time off. The album, Our Love To Admire, comes out July 10th. Can't wait!

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