Sunday, July 08, 2007

Full Force Write Ups

Finished up the press for the next 2 releases on Full Force Recordings. Originally pegged to be the imprint's first EP, it has been split into two 12'' singles. A sad fact as it would have been a nice mark in the catalogue (to celebrate the label's 10th release with a stormin EP like this one) but alas, shops and distributors do have a say in the matter. So two singles up next, and a substitution (plus massive addition!) to the flip of 011. Not sure I can announce details at this time, but it might slip out sooner than later.


A. Mayhem & Phace - LoveSexPain
AA. State Of Mind - Quantum Leap

Mayhem & Phace - Love Sex Pain

A space age intro with an aggressively uncomfortable atmosphere starts things off, setting the stage for what will become a bad trip to the moon.When that skin crawling mid line drops, the descent into the filth begins. Hard, relentless pressure, face grinding beats and twisted ideas, rock the speaker box til only splinters and cones are left. As the grime chugs along, knock off warped notes concuss reality and remind you of your twisted journey (just in case you might have forgot) Take it down to the break, the pause, the melt. The brain is on overload and the sludge begins to drain. But not for long, as you're forcefully thrust head first into the descent again. Like a scum tunnel that gets deeper and darker, straight to the core of the gutter, this is one punishing filth cleansing you'll wish to take again!

State Of Mind - Quantum Leap
Twisted horns lay the foundation with a dream to enter into madness. Over time and creation, a steady influx in basslines, punchy stabs and funky midlines band together as the mighty machine assembles. The drop is almost concealed within the build, a careful constructive design, making the mix ride smooth and effortlessly into the break, which is a "break down" in itself. Seems the machine malfunctioned and deconstructed it's own circuitry. With time ticking and the unknown lurking, your attention is then surprisingly commanded. The horns revive, summoning life to the beast as the Resurrection initiates. Ultimately setting the stage for jump to begin again, as the drums key the lift, the the funk snaps back and rolls on. Forward, into the future.

A. Chook - Sound Of Time

Chook - Sound Of Time

Hazy eyes awake to a dark, mysterious setting. Suspense lingers as the introduction begins. Static invades and mutates the airwaves, opposing a major threat to recovery. Sharp, skin cutting percussion sets the senses on high alert, preparing the body for the breaks. Thick, grungy midlines shiver feverishly in cold textures, while an edgy rolling bassline coats the walls of the chamber. The white noise regains control of the vessel, paralyzing all running systems and thus forbidding any chance of outside contact. The signal is set, the fate is sealed. The rugged, minimal funk has polluted another mind and executes it's venomous destiny.

So yeah, unfortunately for Nate, his scheduled vinyl debut has been bumped and will now be an mp3 release only. Look for it on Beatport in the next month or so.

Aqua-tek - Shades Of Orange
A warm, delectable intro leads in with elegant atmospheric harmonies, easing the senses for the awakening. Like the anticipation of sunrise on the horizon, color is eminent. A devilish bassline appears and warps maliciously inside itself before the synths screech in to distort, exposing a bold, radiant vision of the future. Tidy drum lines, warped bass and scorched midlines, embrace the essence of the color and set off an auditory onslaught that affects nations worldwide. Deep progression and uplifting vibes own the airwaves, as 'Shades Of Orange' proves to be both a dynamic and stunning debut from this future production force, Aqua-tek.

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