Saturday, July 14, 2007

Noisia @ Loaded Review

Noisia played a special last minute gig at Inside last night, put on by the good people from Loaded. A mini tour set up because of a festival booking in Edmonton, Alberta on the 14th, other cities included Los Angeles, Chicago and of course, Toronto. (NICE!)

Anyways, it's been 3 years since Thijs was last here. Back in July of 2004, Earwaks threw a killer jam at Starlight in Waterloo that featured Noisia & Pacific for the first time in Ontario. (Neither were booked in Toronto for that tour) At the time, they were just starting to make a name for themselves and this was their first ever tour on North American soil. (Thijs was djing that tour) Now, as the years have past, they've gone on to achieve massive success and are in constant demand to tour all over the world for one-off gigs and summer festivals. With Martijn already booked in Holland and Hungary for the weekend, Thijs got the call. It was great to see him, catch up on things, share some drinks, and watch him kill it..Toronto dead.

Now let's get into the set. Stepped up about 1am. First 3 tracks sounded like some signature Noisia and Phace collabs along the lines of 'The Feed', baring some strong resemmblences to Tech Itch's Diagnostics LP. Heavy experimental drum and bass, borderline industrial. I was loving it! From there, moved into some hot hits of now, Teebee & Calyx - Confession, Phace - Hot Rock Remix, Spor's Toxic Shock Remix all killed the floor and T and Calyx's Submerged Remix got the rewind! Then into the breaks and the crowd was loving it! Total dancefloor smack job. 'Gutterpump' ' Yellow Brick' 'Lekker' 'Raar' and some sick new Upbeats housey/breaks thing. Slick and slippery grooves! About 20-30 minutes left, started to finish things off with some classic Noisia bits, 'Facade VIP' 'The Tide' 'Subdue' 'Bad Dreams' 'Messiah Remix' and 'Block Control VIP' (Fight Music Intro) all before 'Exodus' brought the house down. FIN. But the crowd called for more and they would not be disappointed. That long lost Noisia Remix of Pendulum's 'Masochist' was the final nail in the coffin and Toronto was layed to rest.

Fuckin baaaaaaaad!

And check this short video recorded half way through the set. No idea on the track ID, but god damn it was sick!

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Anonymous said...

ez srix :>
that tune in the vid is our remix of hadouken's 'liquid lives'. nice one on the review :)