Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Amon Tobin - Taxidermia Digital EP

In 2006, Amon Tobin wrote the original score to the Hungarian film, Taxidermia. Now I've never seen the film, but judging from the trailer above, it's something of the dark, obscene, bizarre nature that one might expect from a movie with such a title. One might also say, it's the perfect canvas for a composer of such stature to explore freely and turn out something equally engaging as the film itself. Right?!!

Here's the press write for the EP:

"The score takes an old school approach to music for cinema with recurring themes set in various contexts guided by the narrative. A musical depiction of some truly bizarre imagery, this EP includes previously unreleased full length versions of music from the film alongside short pieces made for specific scenes. As a bonus we included the epic 'Here Comes The Moon Man' heard here in it's original context. The music for 'Taxidermia' was written during the making of 'Foley Room' and shares elements from the albums lovingly crafted source material."

The EP is available NOW and ONLY from the Amon Tobin Online Store.

Also, some sample clips from the movie featuring Amon's score. (shouts to Sadr!)

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