Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ASC Announces New Album

Big news today on a new album project by the Covert boss, ASC. Forthcoming this September (yes that soon!) on Horizons Music out of the UK, a 6 track triple vinyl + 10 track CD release of the yet to be named drum and bass LP.

Originally signed as a 12'' single (Lightyears b/w Logical Regression) things have rapidly transformed into a full out artist album. Six of the ten tracks are already complete and posted on the myspace as previews. Check 'em out!

This will be the second album of 2008 for James, with the breathtaking ambient techno soundscapes of 'The Aeon Expanse' already released in March under the Mindspan moniker. (I highly recommend picking this up!)

Nothing but sheer brilliance defining cutting edge.

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