Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Bug Hits North America

Great news out of the Ninja Tune camp, The Bug is set to embark on a mini tour of North America this month in support of his forthcoming album, 'London Zoo' (out now!).

Thankfully, the Toronto collective, The Curb Crawlers, has graciously stepped up and secured a date with the man, July 24th at The Drake Hotel. And riding shotgun this stretch, Warrior Queen! (should be HYPE!)

To sample the selection of the London Zoo album, checks this minimix by Kode9.

Looking forward to some rumbling rupturous bass riddims like this:

1 comment:

magda o said...

Too bad The Bug's set was scatterbrained and only when Flowdan hit the stage did the party really begin.

And the sound... oh sound. When will people learn that louder from volume isn't better. Proper levels and bass bins that pack crisp bass are actually louder without turning that volume all the way up...