Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New TVOTR Album

(I don;t know why I lack on posts, it just happens that way...)

Last week, Pitchfork Media had the first details on TV On The Radio's upcoming album, Dear Science,. It got me rather excited, as 'Return To Cookie Mountain' was quite possibly my favorite album from 2006. Then today, I catch this stellar review over at Rolling Stone, and I'm doing fucking headspins on my desk!!1

So they touring in September, but no stop in Toronto. Do us a favour? Check their show and tell me how it was. Cheers.

Album is out Sept. 23rd, GIT IT!

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James said...

This comment might be a few months late but a comment nontheless. Dear science is yet another triumph for the spectacular TVOTR. Following from an exceptional album "return to cookie mountain" which some bloggers regard be in the same class as the "beatles revolver", Dear science offers TVOTR fans and real music listener out there a rather satisfactory continuation of truly creative and dynamic lyrics and sounds.........James Musyoka