Tuesday, September 09, 2008

c64 - Make:Shift Records Podcast

c64 is the man. srsly.

A long standing veteran and pioneer of Toronto's underground breakcore and drum and bass scenes, Chris Minifie is the definition of musicality, knowledge and respect (all rolled up into one). A dedicated DJ first, Chris has toured all over the world in support of his craft, showcasing his tastes and talents (and is taking bookings right now for an Oct/Nov trip to Europe). He also pilots two labels. His breakcore, experimental imprint Dross:tik Records and his dnb imprint, Make:Shift Records, which factors in a few local yocal heads aswell. Solid. If you needed more proof for your pudding, the man also runs a well respected promotional company under the name of Splinter Productions, which I'm sure all Toronto friends are aware of.

Make:Shift has gained a rep over time as "the little indie label that can (AND WILL!)", releasing music in all forms of media, including two luscious slabs of vinyl, two stellar CD albums (V.A. - On The Lam [CDx2] and Polska - Skeptic; I strongly recommend you pick these up so place your ORDER HERE) and one compilation album of budding producers (and a few old geezers) in digital download format. (get your MPFREE .zip file HERE!)

So without further adieu, here's the mix and what you clicked for, and as c64 said, it's runnin with "A little new, a little old and everything in between. Enjoy."

c64 - Make:Shift Records Podcast 2008

01. Martsman – Bluetone [Warm Communications]
02. Stranjah – Jah Dubified [???]
03. Fushara – Drift [Make:Shift Digital]
04. Rick Toxic – Modus Operandi [Make:Shift Digital]
05. ASC – Orbit [Red Mist]
06. Fanu – Jungle Got Ranks [Make:Shift]
07. Blame – Hindsight [Hospital]
08. Mutt – Blue (Logistics Remix) [Crisis]
09. Breakage – Come Out [Bassbin]
10. Stranjah – Assassinz VIP [???]
11. ASC – Lifeforce [Nu Directions]
12. Fushara - In The Shadows They Work [Make:Shift Digital]
13. DJ Hidden – Here Lies the Confusion [Ad Noiseam]
14. Instru:mental – Sakura [Darkestral]
15. Stranjah – Trance Out [???]
16. Dodz – Pensive (3am Hug A Stranger Remix) [Make:Shift]
17. Andy Skopes & Madcap - These Sounds [Renegade]
18. Tek Unlimited – Primal Drums [Inperspective]
19. dgoHo – Elle [Subtle Audio]
20. Martsman – Mars24 [unreleased]
21. Point Blank & DJ Sweetness – Drummers From Hell [Scientific Wax]
22. Klute – The Struggle [Commercial Suicide]
23. ASC – Resolution (Remix) [Warm Communications]
24. Omni Trio – Soul of Darkness (Promenade 96 Rollout) [Moving Shadow]
25. Mirra & Fay – The Sea [Make:Shift Digital]


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