Friday, September 12, 2008


LEGENDARY cutting edge drum and bass label No U-Turn Records has opened up a mp3 store via

I'm sure most of you know the history behind this label, owned and operated by techstep pioneer and living legend, Nico Sykes. No U-Turn is responsible for discovering and releasing some of the darkest, most experimental dnb producers of the early 90's, helping to shape the scene and push the limits on musical progression. Ed Rush, Trace, Ryme Tyme, Fierce, Future Forces Inc., Sinthetix, Break and Silent Witness all got their start here and grew in strength as artists from working together within this camp.

Many more titles to be added to the store in the future, including exclusive, previously unreleased tracks and alternative mixes of label classics, aswell as music from a variety of No U Turn affiliated projects (Saigon, Nu Back and Turn U On).

I know where I'll be spending my money in the very near future. ;)

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