Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Warm008 - ASC

Finished up the press release write up to Warm008 late last night. I've been stuck on the writing of 'Kismet' for some time now...finally pushed it out of my brain. yay woooooo! Also, if you're viewing this and the month of release on the artwork still reads "March", f.y.i. that is being fixed up at the moment. The pressing plant has been having issues which is why this release has been delayed.

The first plate of the 06 year, Warm Communications delivers a massive single from the master of diversity, ASC. Knowing no boundaries when it comes to creativity, ASC let's loose with 3 very incomparable pieces. Original, inspiring and addictive.

ASC - Resolutions [Remix]
Intro of the calm..(the world is watching and awaits it's fate) Tension builds, forcing barriers to bend (and essentially break), releasing a full on assault and tear out session. A relentless ripper filled with ASC signature style edits and large grungy basslines. Key melodic interludes is something ASC does like no other and it's no diffrent here as the atmosphere is controlled and calmed once again. Yet only for the moment..for the tearer returns upon the second drop to devistate in awe.

ASC - Kismet
Sliding in on smoothness, this cut starts out light and relaxing, then gets with the grit and sharpens up the edge as the track rolls on. Decked out in a dream like setting, it's almost unexpected when the heavy synth comes ripping into frame to darken the mood. Some deep digging material, the devilsh combo of synth lines and eerie pads take the journey to the down to the core.

ASC - Highbrow
A deep slice into the ASC palette reveals this hidden gem. A soothing cut, 'Highbrow' delivers a deep feeling emotion and atmosphere. Defined by the sharp piano break, the track conjures up thoughts of hope and passion, yet brings a melancholy feel to mind at breaks end.

Click on track title for audio courtsey of Dogsonacid.com
Also, received the artwork for 009 plate [Resound - Spiral Web / Under Ground] last night. Has a large retro feel..vintage, kinda funny, all quality. I'll preview it here in the next couple of days. BIG things for Warm Communications in 2006 and beyond. Some great news to share with all you soon. stay tuned. :)

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