Sunday, October 01, 2006

Blue Man Group

It was my girl's 24th birthday yesterday and i decided to take her out for a fun evening full of goodness. One of the highlights of our night was seeing the Blue Man Group at the Panasonic Theatre in downtown Toronto. WHAT A SHOW! Full interactive stage/crowd preformance, incorporating music, art, animation, television, signs, paper towels, was absolutely amazing. All the while these 3 blue guys are starring about at each other, the crowd and the props in the oddest exploritive way, making it both amusing and interesting as fuck to watch. lol. I really enjoyed it. If it's in your area, check it out. It's definately worth it.


Oh, and, how many of you have blown a tire on the highway doing 120 km/h and had to change it, in the rain, on the side of the highway, while dressed in nice gear, hair gelled up, and done it in 10 minutes...? Yes that was me on the way downtown yesterday. Escaping only with a minor wet shirt and some dirt scuffs on teh hands. Everyting else, okey day! ;)

I dodge raindrops and change tires like quick.

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