Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sketches of Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry is that rare kind of architect who has garnered both critical acclaim and popular recognition. His designs dramatically blur the line between art and architecture; his sketches and models are the basis for dynamic structures and unpredictable interiors. Gehry's friend, Sidney Pollack, directs this film; akin in nature to Gehry's own impromptu, free-hand style, the two men appear on film together, capturing this shy, elusive artist and illuminating his innovative process--including expansive depictions of Gehry's most important architectural wonders across the globe. -



Went to see his exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario last month.
all massive models of his creations..from the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, The Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park Chicago, the DG Bank Building in Berlin and The Ray and Maria Stata Center at M.I.T. also some intresting videos/interviews with Gehry giving insight into his world of creation.

Looking forward to checking this film. (Now own it on DVD)

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