Monday, May 01, 2006

Sports Monday

ok..think i've decided to do a weekend sports wrap writeup from here on in, as there was plenty going on this weekend.

Firstly, the NFL had it's draft on Saturday. The Houston Texans held the first pick overall and with it they drafted NorthCarolinaState's DE Mario Williams. A huge surprise, as the announcement came thru the wire on the Friday and there was a nationwide shock that they had passed on Heisman Trophy winner, Reggie Bush. Another big surprise on the day, Bush's teamate and USC Quaterback, Matt Leinart, fell to 10th and was picked by the Cardinals. ..and the fucking Bills could've picked him up at 8! My favorite pick of the whole draft was A.J. Hawk going 5th to the GreenBayPackers. The Pack have been in such need of a defensive leader for some time now, and Hawk has all the potential in the world to become that guy. His situation reminds me of a Brian Urlacher with the Chicago Bears. They were in desparate need of someone to fill that roll of Captain on the D and he also ended up being their first overall draft pick in 2000 and earned Defensive Rookie Of The Year then and has since played in 4 of a possible 5 ProBowl games and

Next, the NHL playoffs continue to roll at some series have already come to a conclusion. First, the Devils swept the Rangers. NewJersey is clicking at the right time and Marty Broduer is on fire! Look for them to go far. Ottawa ended up ousting the defending Stanley Cup Champs Tampa Bay Lightning in 5 games. And on Sunday two western battles came to an end as the Colorado Avalanche, who are flying under the radar, upset the 2nd seeded Dallas Stars in 5 games, and the SanJose Sharks ended up being the dominant team many thought they'd be, and whopped the Preds in 5. The other 2 series out in the west, Detroit/Edmonton and Calgary/Anaheim are turing out to be some of the most exciting playoff hockey battles in reccent memory. Back and forth relentless action, overtime games and brilliant plays. Its worth the wait and to stay up late to watch this hockey.

And finally, a fun bit in light of the NFL draft that took place on Saturday, Jason Sobel @ 'The Weekly 18' over at ESPN.COM compiled a list of the best talent in the game and what would be taken to build a golfing powerhouse for years to come. If you are a golf fan, is an intresting read. TigerWoods is of course the first pick overall.

1.Tiger Woods

"Too easy? Not exactly. After all, with 10 years of full-time PGA Tour experience and 10 major championships to his credit, there's already plenty of tread on the tires. Despite that, he's only 30 years old, and we could certainly see Tiger still winning green jackets at, say, 46, which just happens to be the same age Jack Nicklaus was when he won his sixth Masters in 1986. Speaking of Jack, Woods not only wants to break his record of 18 major victories, he wants to put it out of reach for the next generation's Best Golfer of All-Time. With Tiger's stringent workout regimen, there are no signs of any slowing down, at least not in the next decade."

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