Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday Report... [5/8]

the weekend recovery is's some random thoughts and bits of intrest for you lot to read while the world turns the party out.

-> 'Munich' is out on DVD now, we decided to watch it on Saturday. A great movie, chronicling the 72 Olympics and the actual hostage event that took place at the Munich Olympics. Directed by Steven Speilberg and starring Eric Bana..A bit on the long side, but the story told is definetly one to watch and will keep you intrested throughout.

-> The leading 'left feild / experimental' drum and bass label,Offshore Recordings, has released a bunch of new mp3 bits with The new batch includes the choice remix by Graphic of Sileni's 'Twitchy Droid Leg' and an exclusive EP, mp3 only, release by Graphic under the MegaDynasty moniker. Quality.

-> in NHL news, the Eastern Confrence finals are set and will see the Carolina Hurrincanes vs. Buffalo Sabres in what should be and exciting, but unexpected battle to head to the Cup. Out in the West, Edmonton is up 3-2 on San Jose and could close the series out tomorrow in Edmonton. [!] The winner will face Anaheim who spanked Colorado 4-0. Exciting hockey at its finest.

-> in Catacomb news, the boys have just finished up a special remix project to Misanthrop's 'Strange Planet' on Shadybrain Recordings. The tune is absolutely huge and bangs the fuck out the speaker box! Look for it to drop next month, if all functioning aspects of go according to plan. Also, another tune of notice to be on the look out for, 'FFF' or 'Filthy Fucking Faces'. Another mosterous tune that will be getting some mega play throughout the scene.

-> Weekend Dinner;s at the magnificent Mandarin rule the school yard. The huge buffet caters to absolutely everyones needs and you;re sure to leave with the biggest gutt you;ve ever had. filling, no doubt. and the fresh sushi is soooooooo fucking good.

-> My Mortgage Application was approved by the bank today, so that's a good thing!

-> Thank god for no longer working the midnight shift. 2 weeks was long enough and will not be done again till next year. [total throw off of schedule and body reaction]

-> The past weeks playlist reads as follows:

Albums/Mixes/Live Sets
Hive - Live @ Funktion
Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere
ICR - Empty Pages
Jurrasic 5 - Power in Numbers
Mindscape - May Mix
Skream & D1 on Rinse FM

Motion - Elements of Truth [?]
Catacomb - FFF [?]
Resound - Spiral Web [Warm Communications]
ASC - Kismet [Warm Communications]
Subtone - Duality [Revolution]
Noisia - Flicker [?]
Signal - Chuyen [?]
Misanthrop - Strange Planet (Catacomb remix) [Shadybrain]

-> A very happy mother's day shout to all the mother's/ladies of the world who make our warm hearts beat day in and day out for you. We are all so ever greatfull to you and what you've made us in life. <3

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biene said...

holy shit!!!! a catacomb remix of strange planet? that sounds really huge! i can`t wait to hear it and i`m so sure that they did a great job <3

i love your blog :D