Tuesday, January 09, 2007

404Audio's Retail Store

404Audio now has a retail store. The newly opened shop is Atlanta's only store dedicated to the culture of drum & bass music. Designed by the SLR daddy, Anthony Rotella, his longtime friend (and good buddy of mine) Dana Topley and his partner in architecture, Emanuel Admassu. The store is conveiniantly located in the heart of the downtown core and is only blocks away from The Georgia Aquarium. It officially opened it's doors for buisness on January 4th, 2007.

Im sure you'll agree that it's one impressive store. Design wise, you;ve got to love the strong contrast in the texture throughtout it. Smooth walls and furniture, clean lines and a warm setting, mixed with the harsh brick outcroppings. Nice atmosphere with sick halogen track lighting. High ceiling, open concept and large ventilation AC system. Four in-wall mounted computers with full access to the 404 Audio catalogue of merchadise [which will be available worldwide soon!] and a friendly knowledgable staff to help all customers with questions and needs.
Well done Anthony, Dana and Emanuel .

387 Marietta St NW
Atlanta, GA 30313


Malkav said...

Wow this shop looks amazing indeed!

Love the decks & speakers set-up.. here in Italy it has happened a few times that dnb djs went to play at night in shops like Carhart's or Stussy's.. def kewl!

inaya said...

Thanks for the exposure and always for your support. :D

Hopefully sometime you can come to visit us? And meet creepy uncle Dana :)